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10 Best Jobs To Work Remotely: On-Demand List of Vacancies

Jobs To Work Remotely

Jobs to work remotely from home. Quarantine has made edits to our daily lives. Therefore, Jobzey offers 10 vacancies, thanks to which you can work without leaving your home.

10 Best Jobs To Work Remotely: On-Demand List of Vacancies


Jobs To Work Remotely: A company engaged in logistics in the US market is looking for an accountant. He must maintain control over payments, keep accounting records. Reporting is not required. Good Jobs To Work Remotely

The work schedule is not quite ordinary – from 14:00 to 23:00. But then you can work from any convenient place. For this they promise a salary of 14,000 UAH.

Online Sales Manager (Hot Calls)

Jobs To Work Remotely: JustKids Online English School for Kids is looking for a sales manager. You will need to process applications, assign trial lessons and collect feedback from customers.

They are looking for a girl who has the experience, loves children and thinks positively.

The work schedule is fixed: from 10:00 to 19:00, or from 11:00 to 20:00.

Salary depends on the level of sales – they offer a bet, bonuses and other ways of motivation.

Senior Unity Developer

Jobs To Work Remotely: A great quarantine side job for developers. The Multi-Programming Solutions company offers project cooperation for several months.

Looking for a person with experience in Unity game development, WebGL, Git. It is advisable to have a MacBook and know English.

English teacher

Jobs To Work Remotely: The EnglishDom online school of English is looking for a teacher. Work is completely remote, lessons are held on Skype.

We need people with knowledge of English at the level of Upper-Intermediate and above, with experience as a teacher and a great desire to develop.

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Flexible working hours, you don’t have to look for students on your own.

Salary depends on the number of lessons held, a system of bonuses.

SEO specialist

Jobs To Work Remotely: IncomFT is looking for a SEO specialist who will draw up development strategies and semantic kernels, study target audiences and competitors. The applicant must show his successful cases, have SEO tools, it is desirable to know HTML, CSS.

Salary: is discussed at the interview.

2D illustrator

Jobs To Work Remotely: Amazing Apps is looking for someone who can draw sketches and illustrations and make edits to existing ones.

You must own Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator, be able to draw by hand and use a graphics tablet.

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The schedule is standard, the salary is based on the results of the interview.

Questionnaire Corrector

Jobs To Work Remotely: The 4Service Group marketing company offers to become the proofreader of control checks.

You can apply for a job if you have no experience, but you are fluent in Russian, attentive, scrupulous and disciplined. You must have good internet and a working computer.

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The working day should last at least 5-6 hours a day from 7:00 to 21:00.

For such work promise 4 000 – 5 000 UAH.

Secretary, recruiter

Jobs To Work Remotely: To everyone who knows how to post vacancies, communicate with applicants and keep reports, TR Logic LLC offers the position of secretary, recruiter. The working day is part-time – from 15:00 to 19:00.

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They promise a salary of 250 euros, which will be paid weekly.


Jobs To Work Remotely: The Eva line of stores is looking for someone who can fill their site with content. You must fill out the product description cards in the online store.

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The applicant is required to have experience as a copywriter, a high level of literacy, it is advisable to be interested in the beauty field.

You can work at any convenient time.

Cabinet Designer

Jobs To Work Remotely: The interior and furniture studio “Podium Interior” is looking for a designer of furniture. It is possible to work both in the office and remotely – piecework projects. The applicant is required to know special programs, requirements and standards for the design of furniture and to understand the materials.

Jobs To Work Remotely

Salary for remote work: 3% of the cost of the product under the contract.

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