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10 Best Self-Development Books That Will Change Your Life

self-development books

Self-Development Books: Today we want to share with you a selection of the 10 best books for your self-development.

Each book from this list is a storehouse of tips and techniques that, to an insistent reader, will open up a world of limitless possibilities and prospects.

Some of you have already read, some are heard for the first time, but one thing is true – you cannot miss a single book!


  1. 7 skills of highly effective people – Stephen Covey

    The book presents to a wide circle of readers a new integral “technology” for resolving problems arising in everyday life, in personal life, or in the course of the performance of official duties at the workplace.
    Having studied the principles underlying the proposed approach, and trained to practically apply them, every rational person will be able to correctly and safely respond to changing circumstances, master the wisdom and strength required to realize those favorable opportunities that open up under any such change.

  2. Trump: The Art of the Deal

    The book of one of the most successful developers in New York, Donald Trump, introduces the reader to the world of big business, showing how transactions are concluded and carried out, the construction of skyscrapers, gambling establishments, and how to overcome bureaucratic obstacles. Trump talks about large-scale projects that have left a significant imprint on the face of New York and Atlantic City, and against this background, he gives vibrant, ironic sketches from his own life, while revealing the secrets of the art of concluding major successful deals.

    The book is addressed to a wide range of listeners.

  3. How to Make Big Money In Your Own Small BusinessUnexpected Rules Every Small Business Owner Needs to Know

    Running your own business gives the entrepreneur enormous opportunities to realize his personal potential and material ambitions. No bank deposits, high salaries and bonuses can be compared in terms of their potential income with the results of their own successful business.

    The book of world-famous consultant Jeffrey Fox will help you achieve business success and avoid dangerous pitfalls. His recommendations are concise and easy to implement and will be useful to both experienced and novice entrepreneurs.

  4. Buffettology: The Previously Unexplained Techniques That Have Made Warren Buffett The Worlds

    This manual is not a new retelling of the contents of letters from Warren Buffet to the shareholders of Berkshire Hathaway or a biography of the greatest investor with popular Buffett jokes and personal stories. We will talk about the largest and most detailed study of Buffett’s investment method.

    The book will introduce the reader to Buffett’s highly successful “business investment” strategy, from basic concepts and mathematical formulas that helped Warren make investment decisions to concretized companies that attracted his considerable interest.

  5. Think and Grow Rich Book by Napoleon Hill

    If you want to learn how to overcome all obstacles and find success, read this wonderful book.

    For many years she was a bestseller in the United States and withstood 42 editions there.

    But even so far, Napoleon Hill’s book has been shaking life energy.

    In it you will find a clear plan on how to succeed in life. And this is useful to you in any business.

  6. The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari Book by Robin Sharma

    The best-selling book in many countries of the world by Robin Sharma tells us the extraordinary story of Julian Mantle, a millionaire attorney who has experienced a spiritual crisis.

    Immersion in ancient culture changes his life; he discovers for himself the effective, wise practical knowledge that teaches us:

    – think joyfully;
    – live according to their calling;
    – realize the power of your mind and act courageously;
    – save time is our greatest asset;
    – value relationships with other people;
    – live in the present.

  7. The Road Ahead (Bill Gates book)

    Bill Gates, former CEO of Microsoft, reflects on the amazing opportunities and challenges of the coming information age. He reveals to the reader his vision of the future, talks about the basics of computer science, the development of the global computer industry, the impact of computing on all aspects of society, including business and education.

    It pays a lot of attention to the past, present and future of the global Internet. Readers will learn about the famous house of Bill Gates, where he is going to move in late 1996. The book consists of a preface, 12 chapters, an afterword and an index; Designed for a wide readership.

  8. The Ten Commandments of Business and How to Break Them

    There are a great many books of manuals that open the way to success. Some more effective, some less. And when you’ll finally get tired of following in the footsteps of others, pick up the “Ten Commandments a Business Leader Should Break” from ex-Coca-Cola CEO Donald R. Kew. In his own opinion, becoming a loser in a business is much easier than it seems at first glance, even if the company is still full of financial prosperity. There are ten alarming signals of an impending collapse, ten serious miscalculations – they should have been carved in stone a long time ago – which are guaranteed to ensure complete failure in business.

  9. The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership

    21 “The Undeniable Law of Leadership” is a powerful and decisive proclamation of enduring laws that, if you want to become a great leader, you just need to follow – at home, at work, in the church – wherever you are called to lead people.

    In each chapter, the author reveals the essence of the next deep law of leadership, showing on the example of successes and failures of others, how you can apply this law in your life.
    If you are new to leadership principles and are new to this business, this book will serve as a springboard for you to begin your career.

  10. How to Win Friends and Influence People Book by Dale Carnegie

    The most famous book by Dale Carnegie – “How to Make Friends and Influence People” is an optimistic collection of practical tips and life stories under the general slogan “Believe that you will succeed and you will achieve it.”

    In more than 65 years of its existence, this greatest bestseller of all time has helped thousands of today’s famous people rise to the pinnacle of success and fame.

    And now, in the 21st century, the always up-to-date Dale Carnegie advice will allow each reader to reach his potential and finally make a big statement about himself.


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