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10 of the happiest countries in the world in 2020

happiest countries

Happiest countries in the world. Rating criteria by which the happy countries of the world are determined are different in each of them. So, in Russia, the nation was proposed to determine the level of happiness on the basis of economic indicators and the level of satisfaction of the population with state decisions or adopted laws. #happiest countries

To date, data on the coefficient of happiness in Russia are not published. But presumably you can understand what it is, you can by analyzing the rating of countries compiled by independent international organizations and universities.

According to Columbia University

Since 2012, the research institute Earth Institute of Columbia University has been conducting a study of the level of happiness of the world’s population. Based on the results obtained, the center staff compiles a ranking of the happiest countries in the world.

Specialists derive the nation’s coefficient of happiness based on the following criteria:

  • The annual volume of gross domestic product.
  • Level of corruption .
  • Unemployment rate.
  • Life expectancy .
  • The number of friends.
  • Freedom of choice.

In addition, countries conduct a sociological survey of the population regarding the economic situation, political structure, and satisfaction with the standard of living in general. Mandatory issues for the population also relate to participation in charity events, relations within the family and with the opposite sex. #happiest countries

In addition to answering questions, people are offered to take a test. Its essence is that a person notes on a piece of paper with 10 steps drawn, which one he is on, taking into account moral satisfaction and happiness.

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  • The latest rating of the research organization was compiled in 2018. According to the results, the Russian Federation took 68th place. The championship went to Finland, Denmark took the second place, and Norway took the third place.
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10 of the happiest countries in the world in 2020. Happy Columbia University Man

According to the Earth Institute of Columbia University, a person who meets the following criteria can be considered happy:

  • Life expectancy is not less than 79 years.
  • Satisfaction with the government.
  • Lack of feeling of loneliness.
  • Taking part in charity.
  • Having a goal in life.

According to British scientists

British scientists are also conducting a study of the level of happiness of the population of various countries. But unlike their Colombian colleagues, economic indicators are not taken as a basis. According to them, the economic situation in the country in no way affects the happiness of the nation.

Happy Man According to New Economics Foundation

The research center “New Economy Foundation” in 2016 compiled a rating of the happiest states in the world. According to him, a person who lives at least 79 years old and will be satisfied with his life conditions and relationships in society can be considered happy.

The championship in the list took Costa Rica. The second line of the rating went to Mexico, the third to Colombia. The Russian Federation took 116th place.

The rating was compiled on the basis of three criteria:

  1. The average life expectancy of the population.
  2. Life satisfaction.
  3. Human impacts on the environmental situation in the country.

If we compare the research results of Costa Rica and Russia, we can conclude that a resident of the state of Central America will live about 10 years longer than a Russian. Costa Ricans are more satisfied with their lives and less harmful to the environment

According to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development

When compiling a rating, this international organization focuses mainly on well-being and indicators of economic development.

Only 36 countries of the world are evaluated taking into account such criteria:

  • Family income level.
  • The presence of financial assets.
  • Living conditions.
  • The level of employment and unemployment in the state.
  • The presence of loved ones or relatives.
  • Educational system indicator.
  • The quality of drinking water and air.
  • Activities of citizens. This indicator refers to the implementation of laws, the participation in local and state elections, and the creation of rules and legislation.
  • The health coefficient of the nation.
  • The level of security in the country.
  • Satisfaction with your own life.
  • Employment in work and personal life.
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According to the ranking, the happiest people live in Norway. Australia is in second place on the list, Iceland is in third place. Russian Federation – on the 33rd place.

Happy person according to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development

According to this rating, the following people can be considered happy:

  • Life expectancy is 82 years.
  • They have comfortable living conditions.
  • There are friends, relatives or close people.
  • Well educated.

The index of happiness also depends on the involvement of citizens in public work and the quality of their leisure.

The 10 happiest countries in the world in 2020

The happiest countries in the world in 2020 are as follows:

  1. Finland. The leading position in the ranking of countries in terms of happiness is due to the possibility of free communication with nature, low unemployment in Finland and high safety indicators. Finns can receive a quality free education , have the ability to provide adequate care for children, and access to quality medical care.
  2. Denmark. It is one of the happiest countries in the world due to the low crime rate (one of the safest in the world). The state is very loyal to employees. Citizens have the opportunity to work, which does not interfere with spending a lot of time with their family.
  3. Norway. The state has a well-developed medical industry, a free education system in Norway . Citizens have the same social equality regardless of status. Many Norwegians claim that they feel protected in the country and that is why they are happy.
  4. Iceland. According to the Icelanders, their happiness is due to living in good environmental conditions. It is a prosperous, healthy country with political and economic stability .
  5. The Netherlands is a state with minimal restrictions on the population. Here prostitution, abortion and euthanasia are legalized. The country has a high standard of living , decent wages and pensions.
  6. Switzerland is a country with a high life expectancy (82.9 years). There is practically no corruption, a decent standard of living . The population has the opportunity to develop their potential in various directions.
  7. Sweden. Swedes are considered one of the happiest people due to comfortable living conditions. The government sends all proceeds from exports to the development of the medical and educational sectors , as well as to improving the working conditions and life of the population.
  8. New Zealand. In this country, it is one of the most united and united nations in the world. People communicate widely, often help each other. It is mutual assistance and conscientious attitude towards others that makes the population happy.
  9. Canada. Citizens claim that it is wonderful to live in their country, because there is a small population (density – three people per one square kilometer), incredible nature, a stable economy and good prospects in terms of employment and decent wages .
  10. Austria. Austria was able to oust Australia from the top 10 due to the rapid development of the economy and a decrease in the number of unemployed. The country is safe to live in, the only European country that has not yet joined NATO. In Austria, high wages , employees are provided with a full social package, quality medical care, children have the opportunity to receive an excellent education .
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In which country do the happiest people live? In Finland. Citizens of this state live in a good ecological environment, receive decent wages, and have social support in the form of various benefits. The country has low unemployment, the Finns can get a decent education and in the future arrange their lives in the best way. #happiest countries


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