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10 phrases that successful and rich never say, and losers constantly repeat

successful and rich

10 phrases that successful and rich never say, and losers constantly repeat. Self-confidence needs constant recharging. There is a set of phrases that will deprive you of this confidence and make you doubt yourself. Do not tell them!

Self-confidence helps to achieve goals, but it also needs support. Maintain your confidence by not telling yourself that you cannot. Exclude some phrases from the vocabulary.

10 phrases that successful and rich never say, and losers constantly repeat

  • This will not work
  • I can not do it
  • It’s impossible
  • It’s not fair!
  • It’s not my fault
  • Of course I could …
  • This is not my job.
  • I don’t need
  • I think…
  • I’ll try

To achieve success in all areas of life is the dream of every person. But why does someone get almost everything that he thinks, while for others, failure follows failure? It is understood that in order to achieve the goal, knowledge, skills, means, and so on are necessary – these are material grounds for obtaining the desired.

Few people realize that there are also hidden motivators that can help achieve our goal by holding us from the inside. But the internal core also needs support, so strengthening it is also necessary. We call it fertilizer for the inner core, which can be compared with a tree table.

So, the fertilizer for our trunk is positive thinking, the thinking of the winner. It lies in the fact that you must be one hundred percent sure of the success of the plan, but also adequately evaluate the result in case of failure. You must accustom yourself to tell yourself about the success you deserve, to remember your abilities and not think about the collapse.

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There are some phrases that are in our vocabulary and, with everyday use, slowly lead to internal doubts, and, consequently, to a decrease in self-esteem and failure. These statements are worth forgetting. Let’s consider them in more detail.

successful and rich never say,

This will not work

Such a phrase deliberately deprives you of the opportunity to try, try and achieve success. How can you know that the case is doomed to failure. Even if a negative outcome was observed in many other attempts, this does not mean at all that this time the case is doomed to failure.

It is necessary to try, trials and errors give us invaluable experience, help to fix something, replace some screws in the execution mechanism.

successful and rich never say,

I can not do it

Convincing yourself in advance is a failure. Before telling yourself that you cannot, evaluate your abilities, means, and other “materials” necessary to achieve your goal. In any case, there is sure to be one that can. Probably, you currently lack some kind of “material”, but everything is replenished over time – you can learn a theory, understand it, earn money, improve your physical shape and so on.

successful and rich never say,

It’s impossible

If you think carefully, then in our life there is practically nothing impossible. Maybe you should look at the problem from a different angle. Organize a brainstorming session and consider all the options in which a solution will be found. As a rule, such a phrase, present in the lexicon, indicates the presence of any block or obstacle. To overcome it, you need to find it. So do it first.

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It’s not fair!

It’s time to grow up! Entering adulthood, it was already necessary to understand that justice in our time is not the most important property of life and its individual components. Therefore, forget this phrase, evaluate events in terms of the reasons that led to it. If they seem dishonest and unfair to you, then go around them or bring them in line with your expectations.

successful and rich never say,

It’s not my fault

Undoubtedly, it often happens that failure befalls you through the fault of others. But, when you utter such a phrase, you are kind of trying to justify yourself by putting the blame on others. No need to blame anyone, better think about a way out of the situation.

successful and rich never say,

Of course I could …

A particle would bring a bit of uncertainty into your vocabulary and, accordingly, into your brain. Drop by drop and uncertainty grows into complete confidence in the impending failure. Throw out the particle “would” and try, strive.

This is not my job.

The most unfortunate phrase for those who want to build a career. Supervisors and colleagues will definitely not appreciate the employee pronouncing such words. It is necessary to find the line between your manipulation and the desire to comprehend something new. Do not allow others to use your abilities, but also evaluate the request of a colleague to help him as an opportunity to learn something new and interesting.

successful and rich never say,

I don’t need

Saying such a phrase, you are trying to convince yourself internally that you do not need the object to which a certain activity will lead. As a rule, if you often repeat this expression, then there are more such objects. That is, you give up a wider range of possibilities. Don’t say that!

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I think…

If you want confidence, say: “I know for sure!” or at least “I know!”. And if you do not know, then you need to familiarize yourself with the question. “I think …” is a phrase that instills uncertainty in you and your interlocutors.

successful and rich never say,

I’ll try

No need to try, do it. Replace the phrase about trial and error, the expression about the case and you will begin to succeed. Believe in yourself and only tell yourself confidence.

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