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10 practical financial travel apps for you

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All the most important things for travel (except for a passport) are placed on a smartphone: payment cards, routes, hotel reservations and even airline tickets. If there is a place for several applications in the phone’s memory, they will help you solve financial issues on vacation faster.

We have chosen useful mobile travel apps that have a free version. And for an additional fee in some of them you can get more options or, for example, a version without ads.

So what can you do with the help of financial assistants in your smartphone?

Account for expenses


travel apps

The application helps to collect all the information about spending on a trip. You just need to scan the checks or drive in the amount of purchases manually. You can attach a bank card to the application, and then the costs will be calculated automatically. It is possible to choose different currencies.

The application is convenient to use if you rent a car and go on toll roads. If you enable GPS, it can automatically calculate how much the trip cost. At the end of the trip, the application will collect all the expenses in one report and send it to you by e-mail.

Expensify is suitable not only for relaxation, but also for conveniently collecting information for a trip report. The application is currently supported in English only.

Platform: iOS , Android

Trail wallet

Another way to record your travel expenses. In the application, you can specify the limit that you would like to spend per day. Of the shortcomings – all expenses must be driven in manually. But the application can be used without an internet connection. When the link appears, it will automatically update the amount based on the exchange rate that you have chosen. The application is available so far only in the English version.

Platform: iOS

You can use other financial planning services . Most of them are available in Russian.

travel apps

Convenient currency converter. You can configure a list of 10 currencies and adjust how often the rate will be updated. The application has a built-in calculator that instantly transfers one currency to another. It is not necessary to connect the Internet all the time: data can be downloaded once and then used offline. But it is better to periodically update exchange rates, as they can change more than once during your vacation. XE Currency is not yet supported in Russian.

Platform: iOS ,  Android


A similar application with a more concise design, available in Russian. Its plus – it can determine by your location in which currency to convert.

Platform: iOS , Android

Receive bonuses


travel apps

Allows you to use discount cards, but do not take them with you on a trip. You can load any discount card into the application by scanning it using the smartphone’s camera. Sellers will read its barcode directly from the phone screen.

This is especially convenient if you start cards while traveling: it makes no sense to always carry a foreign pharmacy or supermarket card with you. But if you download it to the application, you can use the map on your next trip. In addition, the application helps you not to think – have you forgotten the card at home or it is already lost.

Of course, you can use discounts and accumulate bonuses in coffee houses, pharmacies and stores using this or a similar application not only while traveling, but also at home. The application is supported in Russian.

Platform: iOS ,  Android

Award wallet

Award Wallet also helps to collect bonus cards in one interface. With this application, you will always have access to all your loyalty programs from airlines and hotels to bonus programs for cafes, shops and gas stations.

To do this, you must allow the application access to all personal accounts of your bonus programs.

But there is one thing: this application is rather informative – it shows how your balance is changing, it reminds you when bonuses are burned and what special offers are available to you. In order to take advantage of miles and points, you will have to enter your usernames and passwords on the websites of airlines or report your bonus card number in the store.

The application has its own bonus. On his website you can draw up a travel plan and attach appropriate bonuses to each point so that you do not forget to use them on the spot. For example, attach an airline loyalty card to “Flight to Murmansk”, and all bonus cards of cafes and restaurants that you plan to visit to “Lunch in Kaliningrad”. All this information will be available in the application. But here it was not without: but you can edit the plan or add new items to it only through the site. The application is supported in Russian.

Platform: iOS ,  Android

Share budget


Traveling with friends? With this application you do not have to argue anymore about money. It is only necessary to fix all the expenses in the application, who paid them and choose the currency of settlements. All expenses can be given names, for example, “lunch in the tavern” or “horseback riding”.

All participants of the trip should be recorded in the application, and in the end it will calculate who owes whom to whom and how much.

The financial report of the trip can be sent by mail. The application works so far only in the English version. Of the benefits – you can enter information there offline.

A similar application in Russian is Comoney . True, it is paid (229 rubles).

Platform: iOS

Trip budget

A similar Android-based financial travel app available in Russian. Trip Budget breaks down spending into categories – food, transportation, and so on. Costs are also shared between several trip participants. In addition, the application allows you to plan your travel budget in advance.

Platform: Android

Find ATMs

In addition to the well-known and familiar Google Maps and Yandex.Maps, there are many other interactive maps designed specifically for tourists.

It will help you quickly find ATMs in the city and at the same time save Internet traffic: works offline. All you need to do is preload the map of the country or city where you are going. The application paves the shortest path to the desired point and helps to find cafes, shops, banks, public transport routes.

On the map you can put your own tags with personal comments and then share them with friends who will be going on a trip after you. Labels can be categorized, for example, “food,” “clothing,” or “dressing,” and painted in different colors for clarity. The application is supported in Russian.

Platform: iOS , Android


A similar application focused on trips around Russia. But there is also information on the cities of Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Cyprus, Chile and the UAE. The application is available in Russian. It works offline, you only need to download once the data of the city in which you are going.

You will receive a detailed map with cafes, shops, bank offices and ATMs and you can get the most convenient routes to them.

In addition, the application has a detailed directory of organizations: opening hours, reviews, ratings, photos.

Platform: iOS , Android

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