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30 Amazingly Cheap Places You Should Travel To In 2019

30 Amazingly Cheap Places You Should Travel To In 2019

Who doesn’t love traveling? It’s one of the best ways to learn from the world and also spend the best vacations of our lives.

The sad part is that it may also be very expensive if we don’t choose carefully our destination and plan our experience. Especially if we travel in groups or with kids, things can get high-cost.

But don’t get discouraged! If your budget is a bit low and you still want to spend the best vacation, we have the solution for you! Check out this incredible list of the 40 cheapest countries to travel in 2019 and get your bags ready for the best low-cost experience of your life!


If you’re into this kind of historic tourism, Varsovia is perfect as you can visit the historic quarter where several historic monuments and places will take you to a whole new version of WWII for the best price.
Cracovia is also a great city to visit and explore, where you can find one of the most of your life in one of the greatest plazas in the world!


The good news is that not only the country itself is affordable, but also they have tons of low-cost airlines to get there in a budget.
If you’re looking for history and delicious pies, then Budapest is perfect for you, as you can take a walk by the Danube river and enjoy some delicious patisseries or a delightful session in one of the multiple spas.
If you want to run from the heat and have a natural landscape vacation, then go to Transdanubia, where you’ll find the Balaton lake, the biggest lake in Central Europe.


Portugal has recently become one of the cheapest destinations for traveling as you can find all kinds of accommodations for as low as 15€ the room.
Besides, you can enjoy delicious meals that will get you a bit out shape but a heart full of love, and don’t forget to visit all the small towns where you can even find accommodation from locals for free!


So, we generally wouldn’t say Spain is one of the cheapest countries to travel, but if great beaches and almost free food sounds good for you, then there are a couple of destinations in this country that you would love.
In the first place, the canaries where beaches are amazing and they give away tapas all the time! But if you’re looking for a nearer beach you can fly low-cost almost any day of the year, then Alicante is the place for you! Just pack a few things and get a cheap plane, in no time you’ll be enjoying the most beautiful walks on the beach!


Not only you can visit Sofia, the country’s capital, for 25€ a day per person, but you’ll also be visiting the second oldest city in Europe. With beautiful museums, you can enjoy the culture and then crash on a beautiful beach.
If you’re thinking about even cheaper destinations, then next to the Black Sea you can find old cities just like Nessebar which is listed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. The farthest to the east you go, the cheapest beautiful places you’ll find in Bulgary.


So, we know that popular Greek tourism is relatively expensive. But thanks to the economic situation this country is living and if you pass from the popular destination and aim to a less known island, you can enjoy one of the cheapest vacations possible.
If you’re thinking in a comfy cheap vacation, then you can visit the island of Paros, where accommodation is virtually free (like 3€ the night for a couple) and you can enjoy landscapes and delicious food.
If you’re thinking more like an adventure with your backpack, then choose the island of Los, the cheapest in the whole country.


Local food is inexpensive and you’ll be able to visit all kinds of historical monuments without paying as the island is practically a giant museum by itself with megalithic constructions outdoors and even Renaissance castles. You won’t regret visiting the pearl of the Mediterranean.



You’ve probably never heard about tourism in Serbia, and that’s because people tend to forget about this country (or don’t know it can be an incredible tourist destination). But the truth is that for less than 40€ a day you can visit beautiful cities with magical buildings that seem taken from a fairy tale.


If you’re brave enough to sort the myths and legend of this country, then you’ll find a beautiful place where people will be more than glad to host you and feed you for around 15€ the night. Visit Transylvania and have a spooky and cheap vacation and then go for a trip to the Carpets where dragons were said to live. The only recommendation, use the bus and avoids trains as they’re a bit dangerous.


Of course, as we’re talking about low-cost vacations, we won’t include shopping or visiting deluxe hotels in the country. But if you take those away, it results that the cost in the country is extremely cheap, you can live like a king with around 20€ per person, per day.
You can enjoy all their cultural colors and tastes and even see one of the 7 wonders of the modern world, the Taj Mahal. Also, traveling by train is convenient as the ticket always includes meals!


Maybe Camboya wasn’t the first country anyone would think of when thinking about vacations some decades ago. But now, it’s one of the most popular as you can find food and accommodation for the lowest prices in the world (less than 3€ for a room and less than 1€ for a meal).
The only important expense you can’t miss is visiting the Heritage of humanity by UNESCO, the city of Angkor and its beautiful temples, where you can pay 17€ for a day (but we recommend at least 3 days).


If you hate mass tourism and are looking for a place where you can enjoy the tranquility and a combination of ancient Asia and the pos-colonial French styles, for one of the lowest prices in the world, then WELCOME TO VIETNAM!
There you can find croissants and patisseries that will bring the french flavors directly to your mouth. Also, you can find places where the traditional Asian landscapes with their crops and green views will take your breath away. It’s easy to find accommodation, food, and transport for 20-25€ a day, and forget about annoying lines or crowds!

Sri Lanka

Just like Vietnam, it’s a destination where you can enjoy from almost any touristic environment you imagine for a really low cost and without crowds. Live like a king and enjoy beaches, mountains, cascades, cultural monuments and even a world heritage of UNESCO for around 30€ a day with significant luxury.


So many people don’t even know Myanmar and that’s what makes it a great and cheap destination. Ancient cultures mix in this beautiful country to bring you a cornucopia of landscapes and places to see for a very low cost.
What we recommend if you love mysteries and hidden places, is that you visit the Pahan Caves, millennial caves that will transport you to a forgotten world.


You can visit a different island every day for the cheapest prices. Also, you can rent a bike for 7$ and ride each island in the blink of an eye! You can visit Bali the first touristic island and enjoy all kinds of flavors. But if you’re looking for a destination to spend less than 20€ a day, we recommend you go to Kuta and Legian.


Next, to Camboya, this is one of the cheapest destinations in Asia, you can manage everything you need for around 10$ a day and, if you want to travel around the islands you can find prices as low as 6$.
You can snorkel in its amazing waters for like 1$ an hour and eat for less than that! If you’re a spiritual person you definitely can’t miss this cheap vacation.


So in this country, you can either have the vacation of your life for an affordable price or have the most luxurious trip ever (and pay for it, of course). In this country, you’ll find an incredibly rich culture and what will surprise you the most: one of the most modern cities in the world! We recommend you take your time traveling by bus and finding accommodation in the rural towns so you can appreciate the true beauty of the country for a really low cost.


The only country that was never colonized by a European country, it offers all kinds of ancient constructions (including temples carved directly on the rock). It’s extremely low-cost but it’s also a fairly safe place to visit in the continent.
Don’t forget to go during the fresh month (oct-dec) and visit the magical canyons where stones display all the colors of the rainbow.



If an adventure trip is what you have in mind, then Mozambique is for you! Don’t worry, it’s also one of the safest countries in Africa but you can’t expect luxury hotels or restaurants. Get ready to live like a local and for almost free you can reside in the fishing village of Vilanculos. Explore all kinds of landscapes from coast to mountains in a “Chapa” bus!


Even though the country is not very well known, the touristic movement is more modern than in Mozambique. The greatest part of the country is occupied by the lake Nyasa where water activities are the top attractions. Thanks to the incredibly low cost of living, you can find well-accommodated resorts all around the lake for amazing prices.


Morocco is a mixture of western culture and the mysteries of African culture. Being one of the nearest countries to western culture, you’ll find 5-star hotels for less than 30€ per night. You’ll feel great to get lost in its thousands of small alleys where culture and gentle people will welcome you. We recommend you don’t miss a ride through the dunes on the back of a camel!


So, when it comes to tourism, there’s not much to say about Egypt that everyone doesn’t already know: The Great Pyramids and the Sphinx! Are more than enough to encourage anyone to meet this country. But, if you want to travel low-cost we recommend you plan with time and do it by yourself, FORGET about paid guides or you can forget about your budget!


This is the perfect destination if you’re only looking for a beach trip. It’s not exactly a tourist country but the beaches sure are. You can find blue crystalline waters such as in any Caribbean island, but you’ll be able to do it for a fraction of the price you’d have to pay for visiting the Caribbean islands and you can also find colonial architecture to feed your cultural hunger. Actually, with around 25€ you can relax in white sands and pay for the hotel, food and even transportation.



If mountains and indigenous cultures are what you have in mind, you probably won’t find any cheaper destination than Bolivia. Sadly, you won’t get access to any beach as they don’t have access to the sea but their carnivals are considered UNESCO world heritage so we recommend you go in February. Also, you can find historical places that you can get in for less than half a $!



House of ancient Inca culture, Peru has the richest gastronomy in the world (Guinness record to prove it) and you’ll only need around 3$ to pay for a meal. Plus, you can visit Machu Picchu which is one of the 7 Wonders of the Modern World. Even though visiting the monument will bulk a bit your budget, the fact that you’ll only need 30$ per day makes it still really attractive.


Another country for a low-cost adventure trip. Surfing, trekking and all kinds of adventures await you in this country, including the possibility of climbing a volcano! But if you’re looking for a more cultural trip, then you can visit Granada where colonial architecture is everywhere and you can enjoy a peaceful picnic on the banks of the Apoyo Lagoon.


If you want to discover the Mayan culture for a fraction of the price you would have to pay in Mexico, Guatemala is the destination for you! Even though there’s not much more to do in the country as it is not as touristy, discovering the ancient constructions and buying traditional clothes on their markets for less than 20$ a day is worth it for the history lovers.



Being a tourist in Cuba these days can be as cheap as any of the mentioned countries above. Of course, you can find luxurious hotels, but if you go in an adventure plan and live as the locals do, you can meet the most beautiful beaches in the world for the lowest price possible.



A country that has it all: beaches, mountains, cultural buildings, and city. But you have to take into consideration that it’s HUGE so you must think in advance what you want to do there. It’s not the cheapest of all, but still cheap enough to list it here and if you’re thinking about shores then Barranquilla is affordable, you can pay for accommodation, food and museum tickets for around 35-40$ a day.

Dominican Republic

Yes, we know you’ve heard about Punta Cana and its luxurious hotels. But you can also enjoy the beautiful beaches in the region for a really low price if you live like the locals. Also, you can find hostels in the Bavaro region (really nearby the big hotels) where the night is cheap (20€ the night) and you can still enjoy the same white sands.