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4 Tips For Video Interview. Simple Preparation For The Best Result

Tips For Video Interview Reddit

Tips For Video Interview. It is safest to conduct online interviews during the quarantine. How to prepare for them, so that everything goes off with a bang. Tips For Video Interview Reddit

Write a short story about yourself

You will be asked to tell us more about yourself and your achievements, so prepare in advance. Write out the important points on a piece of paper or in a text file. For achievements, you can create a table where the result will be recorded in one column, and in the second – how you achieved it, what you had to face and what you learned for yourself.

By doing this, you will not get lost and become a more confident storyteller. And you’ll also understand how long it will take to answer, and if you suddenly tightened up or, on the contrary, wrote too little, you can edit the answer even before the interview begins in order to fully reveal yourself as an experienced employee.

Select a program to communicate

Before calling the employer, talk about where you will be interviewed. In addition to the usual Skype, there are many other programs.

Consider the nuances of your interview. If this is just a conversation, then even a regular messenger with the ability to video call is suitable. Their advantage is that even if you lose Wi-Fi, the pre-enabled mobile Internet will help to continue the call.

If you still need the function of demonstrating the screen or phoning will be simultaneous with several people, it is worth choosing a more serious program.

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Prepare everything you need

First of all – charge to a laptop or phone. The battery may drain at the most inopportune moment. Check and collect the resume and the necessary documents or files in one folder, and the links in one document, open it all so that everything is at hand during a conversation.

The table you will be sitting at is also worth preparing. Remove all unnecessary in order not to accidentally touch and break or accidentally not topple the glass of water onto the keyboard. Then it certainly will not be up to the interview.

Test call

After you have chosen the program, call your friends or relatives to test the video, the sound, how convenient it is for you to get the files you need. This will also help to understand what kind of background you have, suddenly something that you don’t want to show gets in there and whether the home ones are very noisy.

In addition to technical verification, you can try to do a test interview. Let them ask you questions, and you answer them and monitor your behavior. Perhaps you use a lot of parasitic words somewhere or don’t smile at all. Work on yourself, and then the real interview will be excellent.

Tips For Video Interview Reddit

Be polite to everyone: whether it is the head of the company or the administrator at the reception. Remember to make eye contact during the conversation.

Be yourself Eichar wants to see a strong and confident candidate in front of him, so find a way to calm down before entering the meeting room. Mentally count to 10. Funny? And this is one of the fastest ways to relax and become calmer.

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Make a good first impression of yourself. Having met with the eychar, firmly shake his hand, make eye contact and smile. Monitor your body language throughout the interview. So, do not stoop, do not cross your arms over your chest – sit straight with your hands on the table and gesticulate if necessary. Do not be clamped.

Be sure. Avoid template phrases, get rid of such parasitic words as “probably”, “it seems to me”, “as a rule”, etc. Such “inserts” demonstrate your uncertainty about what you are saying. Uncertain people rarely succeed.

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