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5 Qualities More Important for Success Than IQ

More Important

More Important for Success: From a young age, we are given to understand that the smarter we are, the more successful we will become. Despite the fact that intelligence is incredibly important, high traditional indicators in determining it mean absolutely nothing to achieve success.

Also globally it is not entirely clear what it is to be smart. If it is the ability to pass approximately the same exams better than others, to receive higher grades, then everything is very clear. Only this is a wrong view of intelligence.

From these and other positions, what is often invested in the concept of “being smart” has been criticized lately. Including scientists who highlight qualities that are no less important than developed intelligence.

5 personality traits leading to success

These studies were conducted by Dr. Arthur Poropat. Here is his list:

  • Mindfulness
  • Openness
  • Ability to collaborate
  • Emotional stability
  • Extroversion

As you can see, it is believed that the main qualities in the 21st century are the ability to cope with our emotions and find a common language with other people.

How exactly do they influence success?

There are three reasons why these character traits are important:

  • People who have a higher level of these qualities are much more likely to achieve great goals.
  • In 85% of cases, financial success is achieved by those who have more developed “soft” skills.
  • People prefer to do business with those they like and whom they trust.

What character traits are important?

In addition, Dr. Poropat singles out specific character traits that need to be developed.


When you know how to control yourself, you know how to control your emotions. This means that you more effectively deal with negative and crisis situations that happen every day.

People prone to self-regulation , in response to the stimulus, take a break and try to assess the situation rationally and critically .

More Important: Growth mentality

In this regard, there are two types of people:

  • Those who believe that skills are fixed and cannot be improved
  • Those who believe that any skill can be improved

The former remain at approximately the same level all their lives. They judge, criticize and do not believe in any positive changes. The latter are in constant development: they read, improve their skills, keep diaries, study, create their own companies.

Such a mentality is difficult to change, but still possible. You should start by reading books on self-development, which will show that with the proper level of perseverance you can learn anything.


Drawing conclusions from mistakes and failures, it is very important for progress to understand what exactly you did wrong. And in the future to act on this basis, adjusting to the conditions.


Passion and enthusiasm are important because they allow a person to work and achieve their goals without regard to motivation . Look at how Elon Musk works – it seems that he does not sleep at all. And about what he does, he can talk with burning eyes for hours on end.


Empathy is one of the most important skills that you need to develop. Learn to deal with your emotions and the emotions of others. So you can be more effective socially.


Awareness includes the ability to stay organized, plan ahead, and maintain the direction of one’s movement. A conscious person always knows what he is doing and why.

Open to new experiences

The world is changing very fast. If you are able to work with large amounts of information, learn new things and remain competent, companies will line up for you to work with them. Expand your horizons.

Social skills

Networking and teamwork can be one of the most important factors in career success. People adore those with whom it is easy and simple to communicate, whom you can rely on and whom you can trust.

Good luck!

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