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5 Tips How to get US Visa: Clear Step-by-step guide

US Visa

US Visa. So, we will talk about a tourist visa B1 / B2, which allows not only travel for tourism, but also with the purpose of childbirth, treatment, visiting relatives and exhibitions.

Being on this visa in the USA, you can also arrange a business, open a current account, rent a living space and even buy a car. But what exactly cannot be done within the framework of this visa is to get a job and actually work, as this is already a direct violation of migration law.

This visa is issued to citizens of Russia for a period of 3 years, and citizens of such countries as Kazakhstan, Armenia, Ukraine – for 10 years.

As you understand, a visa is multiple-entry, i.e. allows entry into the country several times during the visa validity period and permits stay in the country for up to 6 months. More precisely, the length of your stay is determined by the officer at the border upon arrival and puts a stamp on your passport.

So, the main stages of obtaining a visa to the United States:

1. At the first stage, we determine the purpose of the visit and evaluate the chances. Everything is quite simple here: you need to indicate the real purpose for which you plan to travel to the country, and to indicate your intentions – that is, what exactly will you do there. After all, the main thing that concerns officers of the US Embassy is whether you are a potential immigrant who wants to stay on a tourist visa. You must prove that you are not. The odds score here is a separate song.

2. At the second stage, we determine the degree of our attachment to the homeland. It is widely believed that this can be accounts and money, the presence of numerous relatives, cats and dogs, movable and immovable property, etc. But in fact, the main criterion that indicates the degree of your attachment to your homeland will be the availability of permanent work as the main source of income. This is the most significant and understandable criterion for Americans. Well, the presence of a family, no doubt.

3. At the third stage, we need the presence of trips abroad, that is, a visa history. The more different trips you have to different regions (especially to democratic countries), the better. For an officer, this will be an indicator that from trips you usually return to your homeland, home. How to be in a situation where the passport is clean and there are no previous trips, see the video “Visa to a clean passport”, recently released on my channel. If on all these points you evaluate yourself well or at least not bad, then we proceed to the 4th stage.

4. In the fourth stage, we proceed to fill out the form DS-160. The questionnaire is filled out in English only. On the Internet there are lots of very competent videos with examples of filling out a questionnaire. You can also contact the appropriate agencies that will do this for you for a fee. But you should always remember that only you personally bear full responsibility for the accuracy of the data provided in the questionnaire and that based on these data your migration case will be formed. 

Therefore, no matter who fills out this questionnaire, it is strictly necessary for you to check the correctness of all the data, if you at least understand something about this. How to do it? Ask for a username and password to enter your personal account and look online at your details, checking if everything is OK. If with English – a complete zero, and do not want to check – master, master, your will.

5. At the fifth stage, we need to submit a questionnaire, pay a consular fee and schedule an appointment. As you know, at the moment it is quite difficult to do this in Moscow – free dates are very difficult to catch and can be spent on the waiting list in a queue from several weeks to several months.

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Fortunately, there are alternative ways to solve this issue – you can submit documents and sign up for an interview in another city in Russia (for example, in Yekaterinburg or Vladivostok), or go to Poland, Austria or the Czech Republic, etc. There are no problems with making an appointment for an interview and it is possible to meet a couple of weeks. There are also many recording services – these are robots, as we all call them – bots, for little money you can also use them, without a guarantee, but you can.
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6. At the sixth stage, we need to make the final spurt – a personal interview at the Embassy.

The interview takes from 3 to 5 minutes, and a visa decision is made in your presence and immediately following the results of the interview. The questions that the officer will ask you are usually quite simple: the purpose and plan of the trip, where and by whom do you work, do you have friends / relatives in the USA, who are you traveling with, how long are you traveling, etc. Remember that your answers must match the data that you indicated in the questionnaire.

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And most importantly – do not twitch, prepare in advance, do not lie. In addition, you should not demonstrate your knowledge of the English language, all communication for an interview in Russia is conducted in Russian.

And at the end of the 2 most important points:

1. You should not palm off on the officer all the documents you brought with him until he asks you about it (if at all). Behave calmly and appropriately.

Well, now a few myths about The US Visa:

1. “If I have a clean passport, I will never get a visa.” It is a myth. Watch my video “Visa to a clean passport”

2. “Due to geopolitical problems between our countries, Russia is completely denied.” Also a myth. Among all the countries of the former Soviet Union and the countries of the former CIS, Russia has the lowest failure rate (less than 16%), for comparison, in Ukraine it is more than 45%, in Uzbekistan it is about 70%. Moreover, the percentage of approval in the Russian Federation is almost the same as in Europe, for example, in France.

3. “When applying for a visa, they are asked to indicate social networks and the information posted on them can serve as a reason for refusal.” Mostly a myth, but not quite. This is possible only if you conduct extremist activities on social networks or call for aggressive and unlawful actions, as well as if you openly declare your intention to illegally immigrate to a particular country. And in general, think well that you write on networks, the Internet saves all traces.

4. “It is easier to apply for a student visa than a tourist visa.” Myth. You will have to go through all the same stages of registration as I did for a tourist visa, but you will also have to justify why you chose the USA for training, and not, say, Canada, Germany or the UK. But approval for student visas is a little more, it is a fact.

5. “If I participated in the green card lottery, they will not give me a visa, because they will consider that I intend to immigrate, so I need to hide this in an interview.” Myth. Speak honestly. Until you filled out the form DS-260, you did not form your immigration intention for the country, but only tried your luck in the lottery.

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