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50 highest paying jobs without a degree: Best Ultimate Guide

highest paying jobs

Highest paying jobs. After receiving a diploma, many students come to the conclusion that the money spent on education was thrown to the wind, and unpaid debt can become a frightening reality for them. If you think that the education crust will provide a prestigious job – think about it carefully.

We will not discuss the dangers that await university graduates in the harsh working world. Instead, let’s highlight the best professions whose development does not require higher education

Highest paying jobs without Diploma

A generous salary, a decent social package and all that you could only dream of, you can get with only a certificate of graduation. Do not believe it?  Then browse through this list and see for yourself. For each profession, the average earnings level, as well as career prospects, are indicated.

50 highest paying jobs without a degree:

15. The Postman

It is very important that work contributes to maintaining physical fitness. Of course, many would like to sit in a comfortable office with vending machines at their side, however, the lower back is unlikely to appreciate it.

According to a survey of employees, the work of a postman is not only not intense, but also well-paid. The average salary of 180,000 a year will not let starve die.

50 highest paying jobs without a degree:

14. Estate Agent

It seems to me that the most ironic in the work of a real estate agent is the risk of being homeless in case of failure! This is definitely not the easiest job, however, agents receive an average of 480,000 rubles a year.

Work experience for 41% of people employed in this field is less than 4 years, so you should not be afraid to start from scratch. In addition to sales, you can also deal with the rental of real estate.

50 highest paying jobs without a degree:

13. Worker At A Construction Site

The concept of ” construction ” itself is quite extensive, so this profession is a good choice if you want to make money with your hands, not with a diploma.

In particular, top-level managers (foremen, masters) are in demand. If you are a simple worker, the average salary will be about 588,000 rubles.

If you increase to the foreman, then you will begin to receive approximately 900,000 a year. The main thing to worry about when working at a construction site is safety.

50 highest paying jobs without a degree:


I must admit that of all the professions on this list, working as a firefighter will make you look the most disingenuous guy in the eyes of others, and this profession has also been ranked among the top 10 most courageous professions. An average salary of 720,000 a year is enough for a good life.

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If you succeed in becoming a fire chief, then your income will increase to 80,000. There is an opportunity to add another 30,000 dollars to this number if you achieve real success and receive the rank of captain.

In addition to fighting the fire, you can have fun with your colleagues in the fire department. In addition, of all professions where there is a need to go down a pole, this one is the most respected.

50 highest paying jobs without a degree:

11. Cook

It may take some time to take a cooking course, however, you definitely don’t have to spend 4 years getting a diploma to prove to everyone that you can cook deliciously. In general, the ability to cook is an excellent skill that will always come in handy in life. With due diligence, it will make food cheaper, tastier and healthier.

Cooks bring home about 528,000 rubles a year. This figure can be much larger, it all depends on the level of the restaurant in which you work. As an added bonus, the cook’s job is the ability to bring food home from a restaurant.

50 highest paying jobs without a degree:

10. Subway driver

The driver is responsible for managing elevated and underground rail transport. His responsibilities also include monitoring and preventing emergencies along the tracks.

The training of the profession mainly takes place directly at the workplace. According to preliminary data, by 2024 an increase in the vacant positions of the dispatcher is expected by 4.7%. Despite the fact that this work seems “not dusty” in theory, the dispatcher’s average salary was set at 552,000 rubles.

The full term of study is about 6 months. Before taking up the position of a dispatcher, most workers are trained as bus drivers. During the training, trainees receive practical skills in driving trains, as well as solving related technical problems. All workers are required to familiarize themselves with safety and emergency procedures.

50 highest paying jobs without a degree:


When watching videos on YouTube channel pages, Internet users hardly think about the education of authors. If you still find yourself in the field of creating videos, you can earn money by having a pretty pleasant and quiet job.

You will have a flexible schedule that will ensure the creation of the necessary content. And if it happens that the created content becomes very popular, new sources of profit will open (for example, work in the field of merchandising).

It is known that 1000 video views bring YouTuber a profit of $ 1.50. Of course, this amount is very conditional, and you can easily significantly change the amount of income, with the support of sponsors or advertisers.

To date, one of the best ways to make money for video bloggers is online resource With it, youtube find potential sponsors. Those, in turn, monthly deduct a certain amount in order to continue to enjoy the work of their beloved blogger. Suppose you have 100 potential “patrons” willing to pay (at their discretion starting at $ 1) for watching videos. Then the smallest thing you can earn in a month is $ 1000 for each individual video.

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A good example of the work of this site is the American singer and composer Peter Hollens. With the support of 1,637 patrons, the blogger makes a profit of $ 7,692 for each individual video clip.

50 highest paying jobs without a degree:


Yes, they can appear on the screen in the image of students, however, this does not mean at all that they actually studied at a university.

In order to understand how much movie actors actually earn, just look at Mark Spiegler, one of the most talented agents in the adult film industry. In one of his interviews in 2012, he said that a decade earlier, the annual income for the female role was $ 100,000. Over the past few years, wages have fallen sharply to $ 50,000. Spiegler also noted that the income of the best male actors comes to $ 100,000.

Many performers work at tariffs, which, according to Spiegler, are very standard: $ 800 for “MF”, $ 1000 for “MF”, at least $ 1200 for scenes with entrances through the “back door” and more than $ 4000 for entrances to all the doors! ”

It is very good if you enjoy what you do. More and more frightening reports appear in the press about how such work brings some women to alcoholism and drug addiction. Actresses who act in films for adults can also provide escort services, which significantly increases income.

Does such work provide any guarantees? You can’t worry about this. Such entertainment for adults, most likely will not go out of fashion in the near future.

50 highest paying jobs without a degree:


Despite the fact that the police do not enjoy a good reputation in the eyes of the public, some polling stations recruit those who have just received a high school diploma. In addition to an impressive social package, police officers receive an average of 540,000 rubles a year.

After hiring, each trainee is required to undergo training at the police academy. They will check mental and physical abilities, the duration of this training will be from 12 to 14 weeks.

50 highest paying jobs without a degree:


You may need to take some training courses to work in this profession, but you definitely won’t have to complete a master’s degree for this. The learning process takes place at the workplace and can take up to 4 years.

After graduation, you will know how to work with freight elevators, passenger elevators and escalators.

The demand for this profession has one of the highest growth rates. The average salary is 480,000 per year.

50 highest paying jobs without a degree:


If you get $ 85,400 at a job that does not require any special education, you can consider yourself lucky. In this profession, the main task is the placement and delivery of goods in the most efficient ways.

This means that the duties will include analysis of financial activities, cost optimization, as well as ensuring that everything is within the law.

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The average salary in this area is 640,000 per year.

50 highest paying jobs without a degree:


Do you dream of doing things in the courtroom, but don’t have the time or the money for a law school? Then why not choose an equally important profession and become an employee of legal advice? You are required to help lawyers with various tasks, such as preparing written reports, drawing up affidavits, and organizing and tracking dossiers from various court documents.

In essence, the main responsibility will be to ensure that the lawyer always has everything necessary for the work.

Of course, this is not the most attractive work , but at least you will be sure that you will not get bogged down in debt by paying for various pieces of training, since all that is needed for a good start is a school graduation certificate. The average salary of a legal consultant was 360,000 rubles.

50 highest paying jobs without a degree:


Of course, you can become an ordinary police officer, but doesn’t the security officer sound cooler? If you become a guard, then your authority will be significantly limited. However, you will still be dealing with such offenses as assaults, robberies and forging pass documents.

The average salary of such an employee is 240,000 rubles. In some cases, it is mandatory to undergo preliminary training, as well as military service.

In addition, you must be proficient in firearms, have first aid skills and know the various ways to protect yourself.

50 highest paying jobs without a degree:


Perhaps in the world there are successful actors who have gone through fire and water of comprehensive education, however, this does not mean that a degree in geography is useful on the set of the film.

It is clear that an actor is a highly paid profession, but the road to Hollywood is full of actors who fought for a place in the sun, but eventually abandoned their idea. If you succeed, there will be a chance to have a huge impact on this world.

However, it is better to have a few fallback options for your career. If you don’t know where to start, then follow the example of actors who began by participating in theater groups and comedy groups.

At least there you can meet interesting people and have a great time.

It is difficult to estimate the average salary of an actor/artist since a lot depends on the level. The most sought-after actors per working day receive up to $ 3,000.

50 highest paying jobs without a degree:


When it comes to a modeling career, choosing the right angle for a perfect selfie is more important than what the algebra teacher said last week.

In the modeling business, appearance is of paramount importance, therefore, maintaining a healthy lifestyle can be a key component of success. Many girls in Hollywood, who began their careers as a model, are now actively acting in films.

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