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7 amazing ways to make money on Youtube

make money on Youtube

Make money on Youtube: One of the most relevant and interesting ways to make money on the Internet is to create your own Youtube channel. In this article, we will consider the technical stages that you must go through, as well as ways to generate income after some time.

First of all, we note one important point – Youtube is fundamentally different from other social networks (in SMM it is classified as a social network). You need to be able to work with video – to be a little screenwriter, cameraman, sound engineer and video editor. Without the delivered speech and the ability to behave on camera (if this provides for the format), it is also unlikely that something will work out. There are exceptions, but there are not so many chances to “shoot” in the era of the massive YouTube blogging.

Think of a Youtube channel as a hobby . This should bring you joy from the first video. There are channels that are completely built on a commercial basis, but they almost always lose to those that are created for the viewer. Also remember that channel development is a long process. You may need to shoot or make dozens of videos to start getting your first money.

Get ready

Develop an entry strategy. Think over the scenarios of the first videos. Ask if they will be in demand, what interests your potential target audience, what is good and what competitors are doing badly. When creating videos, invest in quality.

Make money on Youtube: Create channel

First of all, decide what the topic will be. Remember that if at first you have a clear idea of ​​the topic of materials, then later on you may want to expand it. Think it over, do not choose too narrow a name. Place the correct tags by which your channel can be found in the search.

Add content

Many novice bloggers are in a hurry to earn money, while there is practically no content on the channel. But advertisers will not work with an almost empty channel, without subscribers and views. Try adding videos as often as possible first. Their duration can be different, but those whose duration is from 5 to 20 minutes are considered the most convenient for viewing. However, some videos can be done in a length of 30-40 minutes, variety is also attractive, it all depends on the format. For each video, it’s also important to add the correct tags.

Make money on Youtube: Look for your audience

The cheating of subscribers does not work, and the point is in it if the channel is watched 1,000 times on a channel with 1 million subscribers. Try to attract people who are genuinely interested in your channel. Make videos on relevant topics, collect keywords under his theme and use them in the title, description, tags, but make the text readable. Make “crops” of videos in thematic communities on social networks, leave them in the comments, but not as spam, but as a relevant answer.

Connect to the Google AdSense Direct Affiliate Program

The payout threshold is $ 100. As long as you do not collect such an amount, withdrawals will be limited. It should be said that Youtube itself takes about 45% of all your income, 55% goes to you.

If you decide to choose this affiliate program, then go to the channel settings and enable monetization. Then, in the same settings, link your channel to AdSense following the instructions. Before connecting, read thematic materials on a topic on the Web, especially with regard to possible locks.

Media Network Affiliate Program

Media networks are less biased in monitoring channel behavior, therefore the risk of blocking is lower (although AdSense should not have any difficulties observing the rules).

We will not recommend a specific media network, just list the list of popular ones:

  • Agency of Internet Rights
  • Quiz group
  • Vsp
  • ATG Media
  • Xmedia

All media networks have their own requirements for connected channels, commission, withdrawal methods, feedback, free music library and much more. Analyze their activities and conditions, choose what suits you. Some networks even help in the development and design of the channel.

The threshold for entering into monetization, based on the number of subscribers, is very important. Some media networks are ready to cooperate when you have from 1000 to 3000 subscribers, which is very good.

The advertisement you are speaking

You can negotiate with advertisers that you’ll advertise during your video. This is effective because many people have the option of blocking automatic advertising (or they just click on “Skip ads”), while the spoken one cannot be disconnected. Here, it’s also worthwhile to act reasonably and not abuse the trust of your viewers.

Promotional Video

This may be a review of some gadget that you offer to purchase for your viewers. A link is placed in the description, each transition from the channel to the site will be fixed and in case of purchasing the goods you get a percentage (in fact – an affiliate program). There is another format – popular channels often do not agree to work under such conditions; paid placement of the video on the channel.

In conclusion, we repeat. Before monetization, the main issue should be filling the channel with relevant and high-quality content, as well as its promotion. After some time, advertisers can come to you themselves and offer their services. So, first of all, focus on what you can offer your viewers, and only then begin to think about how to get income from this. Good luck!

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