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7 Things That Are Cheaper During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Coronavirus Pandemic

7 Things That Are Cheaper During the Coronavirus Pandemic. For countless Americans and people around the world, the coronavirus pandemic has changed life as we know it — and mostly not in positive ways.

7 Things That Are Cheaper During the Coronavirus Pandemic

However there is one bright spot for shoppers: Suddenly, a lot of things are much cheaper than they were a few months ago.

These 7 Things Are Cheaper Right Now

At you know we’re all about helping you save money, so in this article, we’re going to go over seven things that are cheaper during the pandemic.

1. Gasoline

cheaper gas prices

Oil prices have hit historic lows, with futures trading below zero for the first time ever.

7 Things That Are Cheaper During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Using gas comparison site Gas Buddy I was able to find prices in my area as low as $1.09 per gallon as of April 21. And money expert Clark Howard says they are set to go even lower.

2. Clothes

cheaper clothes

Prices on clothes have fallen so much that the Wall Street Journal calls it “Black Friday in April.”

Clothing is where you’re going to see “the real bargains over the next few months,” Clark says.

“There are these absolute distress sales that are happening, especially on women’s clothing, with people getting emails on one-day or one-hour flash sales with true discounts ranging around 70%,” he notes.

7 Things That Are Cheaper During the Coronavirus Pandemic

3. Cars

cheaper car prices

As you well know, not as many people are driving like they normally do so demand for vehicles is lower. This has led to car prices dipping in many U.S. markets.

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“Car sales have fallen off a cliff, likely down 50% or more!” Clark says. This is especially true of used cars, where prices have “cratered,” according to finance site Barron’s.

But Clark says you should weigh your financial situation carefully before buying a car right now.

“If you are a lucky person who has a job that is secure and you were planning to buy either a new or used vehicle, this is a great time to buy” he says.

4. Food Delivery

cheaper food delivery

Because fewer people are dining inside restaurants, you can typically save a few bucks by using a food delivery service.

You can save even more by using apps and taking advantage of restaurant incentives. See food delivery deals on

5. Credit Card Interest Payments

cheaper credit card interest rates

If you have good credit, you can take advantage of lower interest rates right now because so many lenders are offering great introductory rates and promotions.

If you’re saddled with debt at various interest rates, here’s how to consolidate your credit card bills.

6. Mortgage Rates 

cheaper mortgage payments

Mortgage rates have sunk, making refinancing an attractive option for many. Some are even predicting that low rates will continue well into 2021.

“With today’s low interest rates, you’re going to see a substantial reduction in your monthly payment,” Clark said in response to one listener’s question about refinancing. See more of his current refi advice here.

7. Travel

It's cheaper to travel right now

Due to the health crisis, only a very specific segment of the population (health care professionals and other essential workers) should be traveling right now.

If you absolutely need to travel, costs in that area have also taken a plunge, especially in the following categories:

  • Airfare
  • Hotels
  • Car rentals
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As for non-essential international travel, the CDC is advising that you avoid it at this time. That said, here’s what to know about booking future travel.

Final Thoughts

As this economic situation plays out, consumers may well see prices continue to fall in many areas. In the final analysis, whether to buy or not is a personal decision.

Clark says the key is to make sure that your financial outlook over the months ahead is strong enough to justify any big purchases you make.

7 Things That Are Cheaper During the Coronavirus Pandemic

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