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9 best time management apps that you will find useful

management apps

Management apps,that you will find useful. We talk a lot about time management, planning, productivity. We constantly advise you to write some kind of to-do lists, keep track of your time, we strongly recommend that you go through our online program ” Best Time Management Techniques ” and so on.


But the process of time management itself also requires time and certain efforts, right? So, here we have collected 9 applications that will greatly simplify and speed up this process, and generally make your time management more effective. Your task is to read, select, install and use.

 Agnessa mini

The main thing in time management is, of course, planning. And AgnessaMini is the best suited for this. Simple, user-friendly interface and several important functions. In the application, you can create to-do lists, enter cases into the calendar and set up notifications.

The goal planner allows you to break large projects into small stages and plan deadlines for each of them. Among the additional pleasant features are statistics collection, the ability to keep a diary, repeated notifications and work offline.

Management apps: Pocket

Using the application, you can save all types of content (articles, videos) to view it later. Now all the important information from any sources and devices will be gathered in one place, and you will never lose it. In Pocket, you can set up eye-friendly text formatting or convert it to audio format.

Among other features of the application: recommendations of interesting content, setting up notifications and working without the Internet.

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Remember the milk

Another option multifunctional scheduler. In the application, you can create to-do lists, break them into subtasks, schedule deadlines, and even organize them by hashtags. Notifications can come not only to the phone, but also to e-mail or Twitter. Remember the milk application is synchronized on any device, and also integrates with external services: Google Calendar, Evernote, etc. In addition, it is possible to share lists and plans with other users.

Management apps. Rescuetime

We spend a substantial part of our lives at the computer. Do you know what percentage of this part is occupied by meaningless and unproductive actions? RescueTime is just designed to save you from wasting time.

Does it track everything you do online or offline? and then gives you a detailed report. Can you analyze what your time is spent on, and? respectively? change your habits. RescueTime will also help with the latter – the application allows you to block useless sites for a given time.

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If the previous application controls only the digital sphere of your life, then this program has more advanced functionality. It tracks the time spent in applications and on sites, meetings with customers, calls, locations, and generally anything else.

And, of course, all the information is provided in the form of reports, where you can study in detail what your time is spent on. You can also create weekly schedules in Timely . The combination of time tracking and planning allows you to get quick feedback and better understand how much time you need to complete certain tasks.

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Management apps: Smarter time

Another multifunctional option that combines a time tracker and a scheduler. The application automatically monitors all your activities, both online and offline, and provides watchable analytics by hours, days and weeks.

The goal planner allows you to create to-do lists and control habits. It is possible to integrate with the Google calendar. Well, if you care about privacy, Smarter Time is also fine with this – all data is stored not on the company’s servers, but on your phone.

Keep it green

A real gift for the humanities and just people who hate numbers, graphs and calendars. You only set goals (for example, going to the gym three times a week or learning English twice a week) without specifying any dates or dates.

The application analyzes how you follow the given habits, and if necessary, reminds you that it is time to pay attention to some goals, and something else can be postponed until tomorrow. And also a very convenient visual interface and 30-day statistics. True, Keep It Green is available , unfortunately, only on iOS.

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Management apps.Stay focus

StayFocusd is an extension for Google Chrome that offers a more liberal approach to controlling your time. It provides you with a specific time limit during which you can use distracting sites. After the limit expires, access to them will be blocked. There is also a similar extension for Mozilla.


A very original application that turns your life into a game. You prescribe your goals, habits, perform daily activities and get rewards and incentives for this. Or fines if you do not cope with the tasks. You pump a virtual character, while developing yourself.

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Habitica also works in the form of a social network – you can compete with friends using the principle of social responsibility. The service has additional add-ons, for example, an extension for Chrome, which takes points for unproductive behavior on the Web.# Management apps.

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Take note of these applications, start using them and watch how your efficiency improves. Good luck!

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