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9 Best Business Books to Read in 2020

Best Business Books

Best Business Books: Millions of books have been written about business. And this topic continues to be relevant – people are interested in knowing how they make big money, manage and see new opportunities. But there are not many really good business books.

We have collected those that, in our opinion, form a business worldview, teach how to manage a company and its finances.

Henry Ford “My Life, My Achievements”

In his autobiography, the father of the American automobile industry, Henry Ford, reveals the secrets of a successful career and business. The book is a classic work on the scientific organization of labor.

About Ford, much was written during his lifetime, but he remained a rather secretive personality. Therefore, his autobiography turned out to be incredibly popular and does not lose its relevance to this day. Much has changed, but most of the principles that Ford adhered to remain unchanged.

Ayn Rand Atlas Shrugged

In many American book ratings, this book is in the top ten. And what is surprising, in the whole world for a long time it was not known to anyone, despite the fact that it was written in 1957.

The Atlanteans in Ayn Rand’s novel are condemned to hold on their shoulders the main driving forces of mankind – creation, production and creativity .

Guy Kawasaki “Startup”

They say that if it weren’t for Guy Kawasaki, Apple would now be one of the usual companies producing computers and phones. Largely thanks to him, the Macintosh has crowds of loyal fans, and Apple is one of the most recognizable brands in the world. At least for this reason, it is worth reading the book of this legendary man, which is a guide for a novice businessman: from developing a new product to creating an international corporation.

Chang Ha-jung “How the economy works”

The Korean economist Chang Ha-jung wrote a book that will tell you in an easy and accessible way how the economy works. The book is modern, talentedly written and destroys some myths about the economy.

The economy is not as bad as it seems to us. A bit of humor, wit and lack of water – this is the secret of popularity and interest in this book.

Peter Drucker Encyclopedia of Management

Peter Drucker is one of the most influential management theorists who believed that economic progress and social harmony could be created. Many of the world’s leading concerns since the mid-1940s have been living “according to Drucker.”

The author himself called this book a guide to his works – it was compiled from the materials of ten of his books, written over 60 years of active work.

Bill Gates “Business at the Speed ​​of Thought”

Bill Gates, like no one else, understood that speed would be a major factor in the 21st century. And not only the speed of computers, but also the speed of doing business. Gates provides guidance on how to properly use information technology, and gives examples of the history of solving complex problems that Microsoft executives faced.

A book is worth reading if only because it was written not by a theorist, but by a true practitioner. A man who has something to say.

Kim Chan, Renee Moborn “Blue Ocean Strategy”

The authors give many examples of how companies learned to avoid competition (the red ocean) and be unique in their field of business (the blue ocean). This book has common features with the book “Medici Effect” , only the latter is related to invention and creativity. We recommend reading both books.

Best Business Books: Gary Vaynerchuk “Passion is a business”

Gary Vaynerchuk is an American entrepreneur born in Bobruisk, co-owner and manager of a wine supermarket. He is one of the first who began to communicate with clients one on one on social networks on all popular platforms at once. Vainerchuk believes that although it takes a lot of valuable time, it’s worth it.

The author shows in practice which social networks should be used, how to attract attention and then turn traffic into money.

Lee Iacocca “Career Manager”

Another autobiography, also related to Ford. Lee Iacocca is considered one of the most outstanding managers in history.

In this bestselling book, in a fascinating manner, step by step describes the ascent of a gifted and tenacious manager from a trainee student to the head of the world’s largest auto giant.

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