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Finding A Sponsored Job In Australia (2020)

A Sponsored Job In Australia

Finding A Sponsored Job In Australia (2020). Finding an Australian employer to sponsor you can be the most difficult part in emigrating to Australia. Most people search for a sponsor by applying to adverts on job search websites or in newspapers.

Did you know that only an estimated 30% of all jobs are advertised here? There are theories that around 70% of all jobs in Australia are found in the ‘hidden job market’, meaning they are not advertised through the usual media channels.

This article will give you a plan, using several steps, of how to tap into the hidden job market in Australia, and to help to make your dream of emigrating to Australia become a reality.

Finding A Sponsored Job In Australia (2020) 1. Research Sponsored Visa Opportunities

You will not often find Australian employers advertising that they are looking for someone to sponsor from overseas. The main reason being, if there is someone with the required skill set in Australia, it is easier for the Australian employer to offer a job to someone who is already established in Australia and can start work immediately.

Recent changes to the 457 visa (now known as the 482 visas) process also mean that employers now have to provide evidence that the roles were advertised locally first which reduces the likelihood of the role being advertised as a sponsored job in Australia.

For foreign nationals. Going through the sponsorship process means there are additional costs involved and the time delay for the sponsored individual to commence employment in Australia often makes their candidature
look less attractive to potential employers.

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You are also unlikely to find an Australian employer to sponsor you through the use of a recruitment agency unless that recruitment agency specifically mentions in their job advertisement that the Australian employer is willing to sponsor the right candidate.

Search out companies in Australia whom you would like to work for. In general, larger companies in Australia are more likely to sponsor people from overseas than the smaller companies (due to budgets and business scope), however, you should not strike out the smaller companies, as some are still willing to sponsor the right person. Wikipedia provides a list of Australian companies.

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You can also research the Yahoo Companies Directory to find companies in Australia to approach for
sponsorship. The advantage of Yahoo is that they have categorised the companies for you to make it easier to find what kind of company you are looking for.

Contact these companies that interest you, sending them your resume / CV and enquire as to whether they have any opportunities available.

Many of the larger companies tend to have a “Careers” section on their website, where they enable job seekers to search for their current vacancies, and also to submit their resume and cover letter into their database. This way, if they do not have a current vacancy that is suitable to your experience, they can call upon their database when a position does become available, and contact you.

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Finding A Sponsored Job In Australia (2020) 2. Check the Getting Down Under Job boards

We now have our own job boards at Getting Down Under. Here we look to consolidate all of the jobs currently advertised online where the advertiser states that they are offering Australian 482 Visa Sponsorship. You can check out our current listings via the Getting Down Under Job Centre. To view the current listings, click here. Examples of some of the recent job postings below.

A few recent examples of current Job Listings advertised on the Getting Down Under Job boards can be viewed via the links below.

Overseas Cooks and Chefs Wanted

Finding A Sponsored Job In Australia (2020) 3. Global Companies

Search out global companies who are based in both your home country and in Australia, and find out whether they offer transfer opportunities – quite often global companies do.

Even though it might mean working in your home country for a period of time before an opportunity arises in Australia, it is worth it in the long run, if it means you can emigrate to Australia through that company. Global organisations also tend to look impressive on your CV/resume.

Finding A Sponsored Job In Australia (2020) 4. Keep a Record

Keep a list of the companies that interest you, and contact them all. I recommend phoning to speak to the manager of the department you would like to work in.

If that fails, speak with the Human Resources department. Find out whether they are a company who are willing to sponsor someone from another country with the right skill set.

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Find out how often they destroy applications /resumes / CVs as well – most companies in Australia hang on to applications for 3-6 months, so to be safe, you should follow up your applications every three months. Keep a record of all of the dates you apply for jobs and speak with the company, for ease of keeping on top of your Australian job applications.

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Finding A Sponsored Job In Australia (2020) 5. Plan a Trip to Australia

Once you have quite a healthy list of companies you would like to work for (no list is too long), and have applied and spoken to all of them, you should plan a trip to Australia where you can meet with each of the employers.

If you are unable to set an appointment with every employer, make a plan to visit the company anyway, dropping off your updated resume, and try to get in front of either the department manager or a Human Resources Manager.
Through making this vital connection with the Australian employers, you reach them on a personal level, and if they like you, they are more inclined to consider sponsorship than if they had not met you at all.

Finding A Sponsored Job In Australia (2020) 6. Volunteer Work Experience

If you are able to, when you visit Australia, try to line up some volunteering work with some organisations in Australia.

Companies that are most likely to accept volunteers are charitable and non-profit organisations. Approach them and set it up before arriving in Australia so you can build it into your plan for your trip to Australia.

Also, ensure that you are volunteering in the area of your profession. It will be to your advantage if you have experience working in Australia when you are looking for a sponsor, even if it is volunteer employment.

“Non-Profit Organisations Australia“, has a comprehensive listing of non-profit organisations in Australia by state / region / city or town, and is a great place to search for possible companies to approach for volunteer work.

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Finding A Sponsored Job In Australia (2020) 7. Build your Networks

Use social media, join industry groups, make friends in all the right places and put yourself out there. Use your networks and use other people’s networks – especially if you already know people in Australia.

sponsored jobs australia - Linkedin

Linked In is fantastic for professional networking and has the benefit of assisting employers to find you.

Here at Getting Down Under we have our own Linkedin group specifically targeted at people looking to emigrate to Australia. You are very welcome to view and join our group by clicking here.

Facebook and other social networking sites can also be useful, particularly joining the industry or Australia-focused groups.

The more you put yourself out there, the more success you will have in finding an Australian employer who is willing to sponsor you. If you think of it this way: most people have at least 100 people in their networks. Therefore if each of those 100 people also have 100 people in their networks, you potentially have access to a network of 1000 people! The more people you are connected to, the more likely you are to find someone who has connections in Australia.

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Make everyone that you know, aware of your search for sponsored employment in Australia, and ask them to reach out to anyone that they know, who may be able to help. You should also try and be wise when building your networks and be selective with you you are connecting with. It would be wise, for example, to strive to make as many connections with Australians as possible, especially if they are working in the profession of your choice.

Finding A Sponsored Job In Australia (2020) 8. Study in Australia

Are there any courses or further education in Australia in your industry you can enroll in? If you can get a student visa and go to Australia to study, you are normally entitled to a certain amount of hours per week that you can work.

This is an awesome opportunity for you to network, get your foot in the door and gain valuable Australian experience and qualifications. Quite often, foreign nationals who study in Australia, are able to stay on in Australia afterward, by transferring their visa status and/or through finding sponsored employment in Australia.

There is certainly an advantage for applying for jobs when you are already in Australia, as you are immediately available for job interviews. Again – it is making that personal connection with Australian employers.

Finding A Sponsored Job In Australia (2020) 9. Successful Self-Marketing

Prepare your marketing materials for success. Do your research to ensure that you will be competitive in the Australian job market – that means ensuring your resume / CV is up to date an in an appropriate format .Check out our Australia Resume article for some top tips.

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Also, make sure you write a high-impact cover letter that will entice the Australian employer to review your resume / CV.

If you are serious about increasing your chances of finding an employer sponsor in Australia, make sure you allocate a reasonable amount of time to updating your Australian Resume.

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In Summary

Remember: a large number of jobs in Australia are not advertised, and are found in the Australian ‘hidden job market’. It is essential to your success that you access this enormous resource of job opportunities in Australia.

By following the steps above, and consistently working towards your goal on a long-term basis through thorough research, keeping track of your applications, utilising the hidden job market, building your networks, ensuring your marketing materials are of high quality and competitive in the Australian job market, planning a trip to Australia, considering volunteer work in Australia and/or furthering your studies in Australia; you are guaranteed to increase your likelihood of finding a sponsored job in Australia.


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