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Affiliate programs: 4 Types Of Earnings, The Best Examples

Affiliate programs:

Affiliate programs: There is an opinion that on the Internet anyone can earn money who at least at a basic level owns a computer. In fact, this is not so. Certain skills and knowledge are needed, and not only technical.

Therefore, it will not be easy for sure. Even with such an outwardly simple way to generate additional income as affiliate programs, which are considered one of the best ways to earn money.

Affiliate Program (Affiliate Program) – a form of business cooperation between the manufacturer and partners in the sale of a product or the provision of services. Simply put, you somehow advertise your affiliate link and get a fixed amount or percentage for a purchase made by the people you bring.

Often this model is used by various online stores. Why do they need it? To attract customers without additional advertising costs. They get profit, even if they share part of the money with a partner.

How to participate in an affiliate program? If you have your own site, put the product information with your affiliate link for its purchase (banner, review article). You can invest personal funds in product advertising (create a landing page, purchase traffic, set up targeted advertising on social networks)

if you are sure that as a result the income will exceed the costs. “Gray” methods are also used – buying a database of email addresses and sending advertisements on them, spam messages in social networks, etc. methods that you probably came across.

The registration process in the affiliate program you like is usually quite simple. You get a unique link and additional materials (banners, videos – it depends on the affiliate program). If you are the owner of a large resource, then the seller himself can offer you participation in the program on improved conditions and provide necessary consumables. In addition, there are so-called aggregators of affiliate programs.

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These are resources that collect all possible affiliate programs on the network, check their reliability, collect feedback about them, etc. They are convenient, but their minus is that they often work on the referral system and receive a portion of the money you earned.

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Types of Affiliate Programs

There are several models by which payments to participants can be made:

  • CPA (cost-per-action) – fee per action.
  • CPS (cost-per-sale) – sales fee.
  • CPV (cost-per-view) – fee per impression.
  • CPC (cost-per-click) – pay per click.
  • CPI (cost-per-install) – download / install fee.
  • Multilevel marketing. It looks like a financial pyramid and network marketing, so it immediately causes some rejection. In fact, you simply bring people to the site over the network and receive income from their actions.

In view of the appearance of various tricks, most sites pay for an action or sale.

Famous Affiliate Programs


This online store has not only been selling books for a long time. Therefore, it is possible to advertise fairly expensive products and get good interest. The site indicates that you can earn up to 10% of the price of the goods, but the conditions may vary depending on the category. You can monitor your income immediately on the site’s toolbar.


A well-known Chinese trading platform with a huge assortment. There are a large number of stores on the site where you can buy anything you want. In addition, the concept of “Chinese means bad” is gradually becoming a thing of the past. Of course, some things (especially technology) are still of average quality, but progress is visible every year.

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Compared to Amazon, this service is much more popular in the post-Soviet space, so you can start with it. The affiliate program is very convenient: Register – Make links – Get money. ” High commissions up to 50% are offered.

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Rakuten Affiliate Network

It is an affiliate marketing service provider that has been successfully operating since 1996. The past name is Rakuten LinkShare.

Many affiliate programs have a minimal withdrawal amount. For this service, it is $ 1 (although by default it costs $ 500 in the settings), which makes this service very attractive. Good and commissions – up to 20% of the sale.

To participate, you need a site with an agreed amount of daily traffic and high-quality content. In many western reviews, it is Rakuten that is considered the best platform for affiliate marketing.

eBay Partner Network

The most famous online auction in the world also has its own affiliate program. He encourages websites to promote specific auctions and earn commissions when people win. There is a simple scheme: “Find an ad – Share it with friends and acquaintances – Get paid.”

One of the advantages of an affiliate program is that it pays partners a 200% bonus on purchases made by new customers. The site has a calculator that will calculate your potential profit if you manage to “sell” other people’s goods.

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How to make money on affiliate programs

This was briefly mentioned above. If you have a website , you can advertise products from the selected affiliate program in any way. Among them: branding a site, placing banners, writing reviews, native advertising.

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The amount of earnings in this case will depend on the quality of materials and quantitative and qualitative indicators of attendance. As amended, the described is also suitable for community owners on social networks.

For beginners who are only thinking about creating their own website and are considering affiliate programs as an option for its further monetization, we should first focus on the development of the resource. No need to hammer it with advertising a week after launch. Make the resource interesting, earn the trust of people, achieve stable attendance. Only after that start monetizing.

Another option is traffic arbitrage. In short, you or someone will create a landing page for you (landing page, one-page website), the purpose of which is to sell your affiliate product. It is specially optimized for this task; different locations of elements on it, different texts, buttons, etc. can be tested.

After that, targeted traffic is “driven” to the landing page. Channels can be different – from purchasing traffic using special services or independently attracting it from advertising to frankly spamming methods.

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Good luck!

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