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Amazon is hiring 5,000 remote workers this year with average $4k salary per month

Amazon is hiring

Amazon is hiring. If you’re looking for part-time work that you can do from home, it’s a good time to be in the job market.

Amazon recently announced it plans to add 5,000 remote customer service jobs over the next year, as part of a hiring push that will include some 25,000 additional jobs at its fulfillment centers.

But before you quit your office job and set up your home workspace, there’s a catch: According to Amazon’s job posting, these roles pay $10 per hour, just $2.75 more than Federal minimum wage.

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Amazon is hiring 5,000 remote workers this year

Amazon’s hiring binge is part of a larger labor market trend. More Americans are working remotely now than ever before, many in salaried positions for top companies. IBM, Xerox, and Allergan are also currently hiring to fill remote positions, and not just in software engineering — jobs in finance, human resources and customer service are available, too.

Recently, remote job search site FlexJobs found that some industries, in particular, were experiencing a spike in remote job listings. In a January report, which analyzed 100,000 job listings on its website, FlexJobs found that these five fields are adding the most remote workers:

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1. Mortgage and real estate.

Amazon is hiring 5,000 remote workers this year 

You might not be able to work as a real estate broker from your apartment, but you could still work in the industry. Companies like Zillow, Homeward Residential and American Advisors Group have recently recruited for remote jobs in the mortgage and real estate.

Popular remote or flexible job listings include positions for mortgage loan officers, underwriters and mortgage processors.

2. HR and recruiting.

Amazon is hiring 5,000 remote workers this year 

Not all HR and recruiting jobs require in-person work. Aon Hewitt, Xerox and IT Pros have recently recruited for remote jobs in human resources and recruiting.

Companies are looking for workers to fill postings as recruiters, human resources specialists and human resources managers.

3. Accounting and finance

You could work on Wall Street while at home, the report shows. Large financial institutions like Wells Fargo, Citi and Ally Financial have recently recruited for remote jobs in accounting and finance.

Postings include openings for accountants, bookkeepers and auditors.

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4. Pharmaceuticals

This growing field is looking for workers to fill several remote or flexible schedule positions.

CVS Health, Thermo Fisher Scientific and Pharmaceutical Product Development have recently recruited for remote jobs in pharmaceuticals. Postings include openings for pharmacists, clinical research associates and account managers.

5. Education and training

Teaching doesn’t always have to be done in a classroom. Companies like K12 and Kaplan are recruiting for remote jobs in education and training. Popular job postings include online tutor, adjunct faculty and virtual teacher.

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