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How to equip an office in an apartment? You need a printer.

need a printer

You need a printer. At first glance, switching to a remote site is easy: many employees already work on laptops, all documents are stored online. The first problems are encountered already in the course of work: it is impossible to print a contract or send a fax – the printer remained in the office, copy centers do not work. #You need a printer.

Buying a good printer is difficult. He prints too slowly, spits out excess sheets, wrinkles paper, spends a lot of toner, or spoils printed sheets with his excess. Entrepreneurs face such problems when they buy the first printer that is suitable for the price and appearance. It’s really difficult to understand the features of modern office equipment – it’s so versatile.

How to equip an office in an apartment? You need a printer

Take an inkjet or laser? Will I need to print in color, and is it worth it to pay extra? Should I buy a bulky MFP – printer + scanner + many more features?

Understanding the HP LaserJet Pro 400 Series of printers and MFPs . In this line there are several devices of varying degrees of complexity at once, but each of them is a high-quality representative of its class. #You need a printer.

Laser or inkjet?

How to equip an office in an apartment? You need a printer. The first question you will have to ask yourself at the printer selection stage. It is impossible to say unequivocally that any of them is better. It’s worth choosing based on the daily tasks of the office:

Jet printer:

  • Fast printing of a small volume of documents (3-4 pages) – it does not need to be warmed up before starting work.
  • Photo printing – copes well with printing photos, including on photo paper, as well as postcards, and does not spoil photo paper.
  • Color reproduction in high quality – inkjet printing allows you to work with large format images, while maintaining detail.
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Laser printer:

  • High volume printing – less time is spent on one sheet than when using an inkjet printer, so preparing a 30-page report will take less time with a laser printer.
  • Savings – laser printing requires less resources than inkjet printing; you will have to change the cartridge much less frequently. In addition, the toner does not dry out, unlike ink, if it is not used for a long time.
  • Photo printing – modern color laser printers do a good job of printing photos and other images that do not require too much detail. Say a postcard or booklet.

How to equip an office in an apartment? You need a printer.. All LaserJet Pro 400 series products use laser printing, so they are suitable for almost any office for daily routine tasks. Models M404 and M428 cope faster – the first black-and-white page appears 6 seconds after it is printed. The M454 and M479 are slightly slower, but you can print in color — for example, charts, postcards, presentation slides, or flyers.


#You need a printer. There is nothing more annoying than waiting for the printer to wake up, and then slowly spitting out the hot pages of an important document when the courier is already on the doorstep. Here is one of the consequences of buying cheaper equipment. To avoid this, look at the print speed settings. The average speed of laser printers is 20-30 pages per minute.

The HP M404 and M428 printers produce 38 black and white, and the M454 and M479 yield 27 color pages per minute. Imagine that in just a minute you can print a standard term paper, and in half an hour 2 volumes of “A Brief History of Humanity and the Future” by Harari Yuval Noah.

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#You need a printer. A multifunctional device (MFP) is such a jack of all trades. It combines a printer, scanner, copier and fax machine. So you save space and energy.

The LaserJet Pro line offers two MFPs: the black and white M428 and the color LaserJet Pro M479. They can do everything you need, without much effort on your part. You press one button, and the device itself will scan, copy and send the document to colleagues in the mail.

Easy to use

#You need a printer. So, just to press a button and get what you need, and not to understand the complex menu. Although impressive devices with multi-page instructions are still found on store shelves, the times when a specially trained person should have been involved in the initial setup and installation of the cartridge have passed. There is always a choice, and it is better to make it in favor of more modern models.

They are smaller, more economical and easier to use. For example, in the LaserJet 400 MFP, this “button” is on the 4.3-inch touch screen display with a simple and intuitive interface. For convenience, HP engineers have made the printer remember the initial print settings and continue to use them. This is convenient because you do not have to adjust the print mode again for each document.

Another plus of HP printers – they can not be connected to a computer. This is especially convenient now that everyone is working from home. You can print the document by sending it to the printer by e-mail.

You can connect to it via a flash drive or via Wi-Fi. And even if the Internet suddenly cuts off, the HP printer will still continue to print documents. It works without interruptions thanks to the dual-band Wi-Fi adapter.

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#You need a printer. Last year, 6 out of 10 company data leaks occurred through a printer. Office equipment is most often connected to the internal network of the company, which means it can be used as a window to access it. The quarantine problem does not go away – now your personal data can also steal. Who would have thought, but he, like the computer, needs an antivirus.

HP printers already have a suite of security software built in: printing documents using a PIN code, delayed printing, and instantly alerting employees of a possible threat.

Economical and environmentally friendly

#You need a printer. At home, these two adjectives become synonymous. At first glance, the only printer consumables are paper and toner, but this is just the tip of the iceberg:

  • printers are wasting energy
  • in addition to working documents, you will immediately want to print something else,
  • ink may dry if you do not use the device for a long time,
  • equipment can break, and cheap equipment will definitely do it once every couple of months.

Now many manufacturers take into account such costs, adding additional features to the basic settings of the device. All HP printers have duplex printing by default. There is an Auto-on / Auto-off function – the device turns on and off automatically if you do not use it for a long time, and then quickly wakes up from sleep mode. HP experts estimate that the energy efficiency of their printers reduces energy costs by an average of 26%. #You need a printer.

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