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Best job vacancies in England 2020

job vacancies in England

Job vacancies in England: Great Britain has a developed and independent economic system, which makes it possible to say that there is work in England, was and is likely to be. This is the most popular country for Ukrainians, Belarusians, and, of course, Russians to live, work, move up the ranks, travel and learn the language.

You can work in England both seasonally and permanently. There is a demand for both working professions, and in the service sector, and for highly qualified specialists there will be a place in 2020. About where it is better to look for work in England, see this video.

Simple vacancies in England are very popular. This refers to unskilled work – attendants in hotels, restaurants and work in factories.

Best job vacancies in England 2020. Occupations in the labor market in England

There is a shortage of doctors, other medical workers (professional nurses), and in the social sphere. Salaries in the UK are different and vary by occupation, here are some categories with average rates:

  • IT manager receives 46 362 pounds;
  • Programmers and developers – 44,777;
  • Personal assistants – 28,704;
  • Management staff consultants – 48,385;
  • Designers and graphic specialists – 24,134;
  • Business Development Managers – £ 29,499.

Men are paid more than women.

Also, visit or for more job opportunities.

Job vacancies in England: Work searches

Looking for work in England, the question arises whether it can be found here, the answer will always be unequivocal – those who know how to work will always find a worthy place, and earnings will be much more than in their native country.

Employment in England at first glance seems unrealistic, but it only seems to be until you begin to engage in this process. Serious recruiting agencies are always trying to help with getting a client to work as soon as possible.

In addition, every month in 2020, the number of places in the UK increases where knowledge of the Russian language is required. This is in addition to the fact that engineers and IT workers are constantly needed.

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The country’s interest in highly professional employees in 2018 is also confirmed by the fact that for the past five years there has been a special program – HSMP, designed to attract such workers to England. Moreover, an English visa obtained under this program gives the right to work, create your own business, and after a few years, obtain British citizenship .

Jobs in the UK will be a good career boost. And upon returning to their homeland, a person who has completed English practice will not be looking for work for a long time. The employment will depend largely on the status of the person.

If you already have British citizenship or have a permanent residence permit in England , then there are no restrictions at all.

With a residence permit, job search will be limited. This will affect the opening of their business and the change of employer. Pensioners with existing livelihoods will not need to look for work at all, as this is prohibited by the law of England.

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Best job vacancies in England 2020. Ways to search for vacancies:

  • Printed publications – newspapers;
  • Government Employment Centers;
  • Recruitment agencies;
  • Outdoor advertising – posted ads.

That is, there are enough options to find a job on your own, even without involving intermediaries. Before you cross to it, you must honestly tell yourself about the problems with the Law to the employer, if any.

This will not mean failure. Because there will still be a check and in its course everything will open, which will entail an unambiguous deprivation of this work.

Hiring Rules

After the search was successful, the employer provides a contract of employment – labor, where the mandatory point should be the presence of 2 months of probation. The contract must contain the amount of salary, official holidays and weekends, insurance and pension.

The law also defines a 4-week paid vacation.

The employee will be required to pay tax and make contributions to National Insurance. It helps pay taxes to the healthcare and pension funds. The direct employer will do this himself.

The employee has the following rights:

  1. Equal treatment of his person. Gender, nationality, religion, or health problems do not affect this.
  2. Payments of equal salaries, regardless of gender.
  3. Have a union membership.
  4. Maternity leave in full.
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Best job vacancies in England 2020. Specialties in England for foreigners


Many Russian families living in the UK in 2020 need babysitters who speak their native language. And since our compatriots are also looking for work in this country, for many women this work will be just salvation.


If you have a philological education, you can do tutoring. Such specialists are in demand among all categories of citizens, not only among Russians. Indeed, many British companies work closely with Russian companies, and knowledge of Russian will not hurt.

Director’s assistant

A lot in 2020 requires secretaries who speak Russian. If a girl is looking for a similar vacancy, she can expect to quickly find her and get a job.

Manager at a travel agency or estate agency

The real estate and tourism market is very well developed. There is always a need for Russian-speaking specialists. After all, there are many such people everywhere and they also go to rest and buy – they sell property.

Shop seller

There are enough tourists from Russia to England, so a Russian girl who is looking for work in this country can safely turn to a boutique, where she will definitely be taken. Every self-respecting similar English store must hire a staff member who knows how to communicate with Russians.

Art critic

The profession is highly specialized, but also in demand. London has offices with large auction houses, with large departments that deal only with Russian art.

Financier and economist

The most common professions in 2020, which are taken by certified Russian speakers.

Advertising and Marketing

Such specialists are least in demand, but if you find a company that plans to enter the Russian market, then the chance to get a job will be great.

Social workers

Social work in England involves employment in the voluntary sectors. The aim of such services is to provide a wide range of services. The emphasis is also on children, the elderly and the mentally retarded. Social work in the UK includes housing, education, leisure, library services and personal social services.

Social work in the UK is primarily employment in a service owned by the state or community department of the local government.

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Content Writer (Remote Option) – London, England.

Best job vacancies in England 2020. How to get a job in England?

Working in England for Russians who are not EU citizens and spouses living in England is possible in two legal ways in 2020.

Availability of a work permit

There is an employer who has agreed to hire, and draws up a work visa to the UK , which in English is called Work Permit. But you should observe some requirements:

  • The employer must prove the absence of an employee for this vacancy from the local population. It will be easier to do all this if the foreign applicant has a highly qualified researcher, creative worker or IT specialist;
  • The obligation to work only with this employer. If there are side jobs, there must be agreement with the main employer;
  • In case of termination of the contract by the employer, the employee must immediately leave the country.

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Best job vacancies in England 2020

HSMP walkthrough

It is intended to attract qualified specialists to the country. It is not necessary to receive high qualifications in England, you can also in your own country. To enter the country, with this permission, a questionnaire is filled out and certain points are accumulated – PBS.

With enough of them, a visa for a year is opened. But the employer will need to look for yourself.

In addition, sufficient funds must be available to live in the country until a job is found. With successful work throughout this period, the opportunity to be in England is extended for 5 years. And after they expire, you can safely apply for a residence permit.

The number of points is considered the following indicators:

  • By the age of the candidate – young people have more points;
  • The presence of education;
  • Salary level for the last six months;
  • Is there any further education received in England;
  • Excellent knowledge of English.

Junior / Entry Level IT Consultant – London, GB.

Be sure to document evidence of education, experience and salaries. There is another option for a trip to the UK in 2020 to work – on a student English visa . Entrepreneurial students just stay in the country. #Best job vacancies in England 2020

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