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Best Link Building Strategies in 2020 to increase the traffic to your website

Link Building

Today, the word “link building” has virtually replaced the concept of “link buying,” which is a positive development for the market as a whole. Natural links from relevant resources are much more valuable than gray links from unknown websites, especially when it comes to promotion prospects.

And although with an increase in the number of ranking factors, the value of each individual is somewhat blurred, Google, as before, gives preference to resources with a good reference mass. I ’ll talk about this in more detail about the Head of Content Smardart content distribution platform.

Most marketers surveyed during the Zazzle Media study say link building is still their most effective SEO strategy.

In addition to link building, respondents also noted the importance of technical corrections and improving internal links, which also brings quick results in optimization. Below we will talk about effective link building tactics that can be used for free or shareware even at the very beginning of the promotion of your resource, ensuring a sustainable effect.

Which of the pages of the site is better to lead external links

Links should promote:

  1. 1) The main thing – first of all, it is a variety of brand queries and links.
  2. 2) Sections – this can be an online store catalog, a forum, catalog categories, individual service pages, especially the most important of them.
  3. 3) Cards of the most top margin goods or the final pages of services.
  4. 4) Articles that have already worked well and have excellent potential as “evergreen content” that can be periodically updated.
  5. 6) Own online services.
  6. 7) Already close to the top of the page. For example, those that occupy approximately the 20-30th position on key queries. You can stimulate promotion if your page matches the type of pages already in TOP 5-10. Here is an algorithm for finding and improving the ranking of such pages.

If you have access to a good donor or opinion leader in the right niche that will place your link in the “live” section, you can and should buy (or arrange for) at least a few links to the main, categories, service pages, individual promising articles etc. from your site.

In addition, you can automate this work using special platforms, for example, Smardart where a huge number of donors from different niches and regions are collected (in the database there are about 40,000 sites). Articles and links are placed on relevant sites manually, and this ensures the absolute relevance of the content.

Tactic # 1: Crossing Links

If you simply send an email to the site asking for the link, it will most likely be ignored. On the other hand, if you send a letter to someone who already refers to 3 or 4 of your competitors, there is a high probability that they will post a link to you as well. This tells you that this resource is not against linking to sites in your industry and is usually more open to new links.

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How to find sites that already link to at least 3 competitors? Ahrefs and his Link Intersect tool will help with this :


You will need to indicate the 3 closest competitors, and then your domain below. This will generate a report on sites that link to your competitors, not to you. Quite often, your competitors have some kind of “fans” who link to almost every new product or content that they release. You can easily find out who often refers to your competitors.

link building

What is especially convenient, from here you can go to specific pages where links to sites of interest to you are located.

Link Interest

Next, you need to understand the context in which competitors are referenced. For example, if someone posted links to their blogs on a page with useful resources, you should also have such a blog. When you make a selection of sites suitable for you, write to their owners and discuss the possibilities of placement. Here is an example of such a letter in English, you can write in the same spirit:

Question SEO

As noted by well-known Internet marketer Neil Patel, this tactic should be scaled, and here’s why: for every 100 websites that its employees write via email, there are 9.7 links. These numbers were obtained for sites in a competitive niche without using his name.

Some of your competitors spend a lot of resources on developing their own link building strategy. With a small budget, you can do this sooner and cheaper: just follow their footsteps.

For example, Brian Dean, the leading blog of , offers a “skyscraper” technique for this: he finds on the competitors’ sites the materials that have collected the most links, shares and comments, and creates his own, much better materials.

It is important here that the idea itself be realized many times better – only after that contact the site administrators who are already referring to competitors. If the material is clearly deeper and more useful, and the owner of the resource is not bound by any agreements, most likely he will replace the link after you contact him, because he himself is interested in the quality of the content. Look for links in your niche and calculate your own capabilities by answering the question if you can create more valuable material.

You can search for articles that have attracted the special attention of Internet users through various services, in particular, Ahrefs with the tool Content Explorer or BuzzSumo . They will help you find the most relevant shared content with domain names. You enter the desired phrase and click “Search”. The results of the issuance will display the most popular of the materials with data on sharing on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social networks.

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Content Marketing

Tactic # 2: Maximize the Benefits of Infographics and Images

As you know, people love pictures, which confirms the same Instagram. Therefore, you should use the image capabilities for your site. Even if you are not the coolest designer, do not worry: you can simply turn to popular tools like Canva . Well, if you have a small budget for this purpose, then you can order the creation of images on special services like Freelancehunt .

Over time, you will notice that other sites will post your images without linking to you. Even if it sounds bad, this is really great news, because you can refer to each of these sites for a link to you. Important: you must not “ask” them, but insist that they refer to you.

How to search for those who have hosted your images?

  • Come here first .
  • Next, click on the camera icon.
  • Here you either insert the URL of your custom image, or download it directly. By clicking “Search”, you will see a list of sites that have lent your image.

SEO Buzzsumo

Some of these sites will link to you, others may not. For those who did not refer to your resource, you can write a similar letter:


This tactic is interesting for its high level of success (about 100%).
If you sent an email to someone and the result did not follow, try a few more times. Keep in mind that as your site grows in popularity, more and more people will steal your images, making it easier for you to get backlinks.

Tactic # 3: Interview Section

Individual interviews or surveys of leading experts in your industry. This is a great version of “supercontent”, which is easy to get links and mentions of experts known in the niche. Here you will find instructions on how to conduct such an interview.

You can make a separate section for expert surveys in the form of an interview in the corporate blog or on the website and periodically fill it. This solution has a whole host of advantages: people like to post links and shares to the opinions of experts and famous personalities. In addition, the experts themselves usually have their own pool of subscribers, after creating the interview, it is necessary to inform each of the participants about the readiness of the material so that they can also disseminate information – so you can reach out to the audience of opinion leaders. Of course, this is a large layer of work, sometimes dozens of industry experts interrogate for good material.

Tactic No. 4: Getting into collections with useful materials

Some resources periodically collect thematic collections of materials from various sources. They are daily, weekly, monthly – as a rule, these are blog posts with links to the best content on this topic. For example, “15 best articles about website optimization in March”, etc.

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Getting into these collections is a great way to get high-quality links from resources where there is a target audience. They are happy to share on social networks both the authors of the remaining articles from the list themselves and readers.

Tactic # 5: Returning Deleted Links

In the pursuit of new links, many site owners do not pay attention to how many links are lost. You can balance the loss of links with new ones, but it is easier to return already broken links.

Because of this, links are usually lost:

  • The site owner has stopped linking to your content.
  • the page where the link was posted no longer exists.

Ahrefs Broken Backlinks will help you find these links . Conveniently, the service indicates the reason why the link became inoperative:

Broken Backlinks

Tactic number 6: YouTube, Vimeo and other video hosting

Video content continues to gain coverage, gathering a huge audience around itself. In addition to the well-known YouTube and Vimeo, it is easy to find dozens of other video hosting sites where you can post a video with a link in the signature on your site.

You can search for them using the following queries:

  • video hosting sites;
  • submit video;
  • video submission sites list.

Or use the video site data provided here .

It is difficult to create high-quality video content, but it is much more accessible than many people think. Options for this content:

  • make a slide show of photos with music on the background;
  • order a simple animated video about your business and distribute it across platforms;
  • record a screencast about your site or a guide (especially good if it’s your service);
  • record vlog , etc.

When you upload a video to the hosting, place a link to the site in the description for it. The more views your video gets, the higher the chances that the credibility of the link attached to it will grow.

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Tactic # 7: Audio Podcasts

With audio podcasts, the situation is about the same. The mechanics of work are similar to preparing a video:

  • create an audio track;
  • Looking for a platform to host it;
  • create a profile, make a description, specify a link in the profile, if there is such an opportunity;
  • add an audio file;
  • Leave the necessary link in the signature.


Usually this way you can get from 10-15 links.

Platform search queries:

  • audio podcast platforms;
  • free podcast platforms.

Examples of sites:

Remember that a link profile must form links of different types: dofollow, nofollow, redirect. Links should look natural for search engines, regardless of the site where you want to be located. The best link is a traffic link. If your link goes to a relevant audience, it is definitely useful. The best results are achieved by comprehensive strategies built by specialists taking into account the optimal ratio of links of different types on thematic resources.

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