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Where is the cheapest mobile data in the world?

cheapest mobile data

Where is the cheapest mobile data in the world? Cheapest mobile data:

Data on mobile networks is a very convenient thing, therefore it is popular and in demand. Every year in the world, mobile Internet is growing by 25%, and after 3 years, an eight-fold increase in the number of connections is forecasted!

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Undoubtedly, this is the main service of mobile operators, which means its cost is a key moment of pricing policy. What affects the availability of mobile internet? Most likely, the competitive environment, the size of the served territory (country), a variety of packages.

Affordable Internet: Cheapest mobile data

Given all the criteria, Russia is included in the category of countries with low prices for mobile traffic. The average cost of 1 GB ranges from 1 to 2.5 $.

The company in our country is the majority of post-Soviet states, Australia, Southeast Asia, Chile, Peru, Finland. The most affordable mobile traffic can be obtained in India by paying $ 0.9 per gigabyte. However, you should always remember that we do not just pay for data – we pay for the quality of service.

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The countries of the European Union are rather unevenly distributed along the price ladder. In Ireland, unlimited access can cost $ 20 per month. In Italy, the situation is basically the same as in our country, but there are about 7 companies that offer 30 GB for 8 euros.

In Germany, it is possible to pay 7.99 euros for 4 GB. The best part is that you can cancel this service at any time and do not need to be bound by two-year contracts.

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Expensive access

Countries with an average cost of $ 10 per 1GB include the States with Canada, South Korea, Norway and Portugal. Well, you will get the most expensive traffic, if of course, you need it, in Zimbabwe – more than 75 bucks.

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