Top 10 Europeans that Have Claim To Neighboring Countries

European Countries that have Claim To Neighboring Countries

Claim To Neighboring Countries! Probably each of us had problems with our neighbors at least once in our lives. Whether it’s a noisy party or an endless punch, or maybe even worse – a forgotten crane with a subsequent flood. It’s familiar, isn’t it? However, if you consider your neighbor “strange”, this does not mean that he does not consider you such .


 Claim To Neighboring Countries: “Neighbor … ha! What exactly is behind this word? … People live side by side for years, greet each other with a friendly nod on the way to work, and then some nonsense happens – and now someone is sticking out from the back garden pitchfork. “

Terry Pratchett

This eternal peculiar confrontation, alas, does not end on the scale of an apartment building, but very often goes to the international level. The territorial claims of neighboring states to each other are not a rare thing all over the world , and in Europe, which has undergone constant land redistribution throughout its almost uninterrupted wars throughout its history, this is a generally widespread phenomenon .

True, it is worth noting that the vast majority of claims on the territory of neighbors are currently under conservation and live mainly in the minds of citizens of these countries. However, we all know very well that sometimes a preserved conflict explodes like a can with cucumbers, but instead of brine spray, red liquid will increase.

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Claim To Neighboring Countries

Often, the ambitions of the fallen empires undergo a certain populist renaissance and, for the sake of the instant popularity of local kings, pour out in confrontation with rifles at the ready .

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Very often, this finds approval among the population of one or even both warring parties. But, as a rule, the patriotic fuse ends exactly at that moment, until the conflict affects the family or friends of the fighter for the “primordial territories.”

So, I propose to look at the map, which shows what percentage of the population of European countries believes that part of the territories of our neighbors “rightfully belongs to us.”

 Claim To Neighboring Countries:

Western Europe

I suggest starting with Western Europe, as the most established part of the Old World. As we see even there, not everything is as smooth as it seems from the outside. In fact, in all countries of this region , a third of the population has a statement in their head that their state lacks some territories that have been undeservedly transferred to a neighbor. 

In Spain, such people are 37% of the number of respondents, in Italy 36, and in France and Germany 33 and 30%, respectively. The Spaniards have long fought with Britain for Gibraltar. Italy and France cannot share the surroundings of the beautiful Mont Blanc mountain.

A third of the Germans strongly advocate the return of the vast territories of Poland and the Czech Republic, which in their opinion were illegally torn away from the Bundesrespublic. A quarter of Britons are convinced that not only the Northern part, but the whole of Ireland should be part of the former Empire.

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 Claim To Neighboring Countries:

Southern Europe

In the south of the Old World, there is already more temperament and neighboring hatreds, respectively. Here, the most striking example is Greece and Turkey . Give the inhabitants of these two neighboring countries only an excuse and they are ready to clash not for life, but for death .

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If you are interested in sports, you probably know that when the teams of their countries cross each other in international competitions, the organizers should definitely write out triple security . The probability of hassles and fights is close to 100%

 Claim To Neighboring Countries: The claims of the countries to each other, however, mainly concern several uninhabited islands in the Aegean Sea and the boundaries of territorial waters. It would seem a rather insignificant question, but twice in 1987 and 1996 it almost led to the beginning of hostilities between states . 60% of the Greek population and 58% in Turkey believe that neighbors illegally own part of their country.

Turks, among other things, mark on the territory of modern Bulgaria, There is even such a thing called “neo-Ottomanism.”

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 Claim To Neighboring Countries:

Eastern Europe

Well, here, in addition to thousands of minor disputes, the first place, as you may have guessed, is the conflict between Russia and Ukraine. More than half of Russians and almost half of Ukrainians believe that part of their neighbor’s territory is justifiable. 

The cause of contention was the Crimea and the Donbass. And if the peninsula, according to some (albeit scanty) countries, has officially become part of the Russian Federation, then the lands of Donbass are still in an undefined status.

Claim To Neighboring Countries

Russia, apparently, is not going to take them under its wing, and Ukraine would like to, but after all that the military and those who work for them have done there, it is unlikely to be able to.

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Here you can only sympathize with the locals, since they essentially got into a stalemate situation . With the advent to power more adequate than his predecessor, President Zelensky, the conflict went into the freezing stage, but, as it seems to me, it can break out at any moment with renewed vigor.# Claim To Neighboring Countries

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In future editions, we will continue to explore the world in terms of numbers, maps, and graphs. Stay tuned for new posts. Waiting for you!# Claim To Neighboring Countries

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