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How to Analyze and Optimize Your Badass Content Marketing Strategy in 2020

Content Marketing Strategy

Content Marketing Strategy in 2020. It happens that an advertising campaign on the Display Network gives good results for impressions, clicks, CTR – but visitors who click on the site’s ads are not converted to buyers. Why?

How to Analyze and Optimize Your Badass Content Marketing Strategy in 2020

There can be many reasons for this:

1. The key request or the ad text does not match the information on the landing page.

2. Competitors set a lower price, and their ads appear next to yours.

3. Thanks to advertising campaigns, traffic to your site have increased, but the servers can’t stand it. Downloading becomes long. Users leave without waiting for the site to load.

Before setting up contextual advertising, Jobzey specialists audit past advertising campaigns. Such analytics allow us to draw conclusions about where the client’s money is flowing, and which ineffective advertising channels need to be turned off.

As a result of the audits, we were able to identify campaigns that do not bring customers (who ate money for nothing) and switch funds to conversion directions. How did we do this?

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6 simple steps of Content Marketing Strategy

Optimization of contextual advertising, which will increase the profitability of your business

1. The basis of contextual advertising – a visual representation of ads

Analysis of the search results for advertisements is the easiest way to understand what you are losing to your competitors. So, during the analysis of the client’s contextual advertising, it became clear that a number of ads required improvements. To improve the effectiveness of contextual advertising, we did the following:
1. Added quick links.
2. Indicated the prices of goods.
3. Added images.
4. Indicated warranty and delivery information.

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2. Keyword analysis for Content Marketing Strategy

To carry out these works, we uploaded data by keywords and conducted an analysis on the achievement of goals on the site. This allowed us to highlight the most conversion words. The analysis showed that when searching for products, the words containing the brand name of the manufacturer are the most effective. But when searching for services, the brand no longer mattered, and orders most often came in according to words directly related to the type of service provided.

These data allowed us to turn off words with a zero conversion rate and not spend an advertising budget on them. We used the freed money in order to raise bids on the most conversion words and increase the flow of targeted traffic to the site.

3. Where to place contextual advertising? Placement Report

At the next stage of work, we conducted an analysis of thematic sites for contextual advertising. As a result of conversion filtering, more than 1,700 (!) Inefficient sites were identified, which accounted for about 15% of the budget.

The advertising campaign has been running for 7 months, and all this time almost 15% of all money was spent inefficiently (it should be noted that with large budgets this figure becomes not so insignificant). Thanks to analytics, we were able to save these funds and reduce the cost of contextual advertising, increasing its effectiveness.

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4. Analysis of the effectiveness of contextual advertising by day

Further, our contextual advertising specialists drew attention to the fact that the number of visits in the advertising campaign has been growing since Sunday, on Monday there is a peak point, and then the number of clicks gradually decreases during the week. Moreover, the highest conversion rate was recorded in the middle of the week. Based on this information, it was possible to conclude that it was necessary to raise rates in this period. But actually it is not. The conversion rate on Wednesday and Thursday was higher than on the other days only due to a drop in the number of visitors.

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To draw the right conclusions when analyzing the effectiveness of contextual advertising, we needed to compare not only percentages but also numerical indicators. On Sunday and Monday, the number of visitors increased, and with it the number of targeted actions, but due to a large number of clicks to the site, the conversion percentage decreased.

Based on the analysis of advertising campaigns by day, a decision was made to reduce rates on the days when users performed the least number of targeted actions on the site. We redistributed the saved money on Sunday and Monday – it was on these days that there was a peak in purchasing activity. This allowed us to attract more visitors who are interested in ordering the company’s products and services.

5. Analysis of site traffic by hours

This indicator allowed us to identify the time at which customers configured to buy come to the site. So, in the course of the analysis, we found out that the maximum number of conversions of contextual advertising takes place from 7 to 14 hours.

According to the results of analytics, it was decided to divide the advertising campaigns into night and day. This made it possible to more effectively manage rates and save the budget depending on the time of day.

On the horizontal axis – hours in days

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6. Analysis of contextual advertising conversions by city

The next step towards optimizing the client’s contextual advertising was the analysis of conversions in each city. We have identified a number of cities with zero conversions or with their minimum number. We couldn’t turn off impressions in these cities since the client’s company operates throughout Russia and it’s crucial for her to be present in the search results of each of the major cities.

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But we needed to reduce the impact of low conversion cities on advertising performance in cities with high conversion rates. To solve this problem, we divided the advertising campaign into two groups. In the first, impressions were delivered in cities with a low conversion rate, and in the second, with high.

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Content Marketing Strategy: Contextual Advertising Performance: Results

Previously, Content Marketing Strategy client budgets for context merged into nowhere. Jobzey team fixed this. Here is what our experts did:
1. Disable 1700 inefficient sites.
2. I have switched about 15% of the budget to selling formats.
3. Redistributed the budget for impressions in the most profitable hours.
4. Increased rates for cities with high conversion.
5. Put the most conversion keywords into a separate advertising campaign.

Indicators improved:
– The cost per click decreased from 0.37 y. e. up to 0.18 oz e.
– CTR – from 5% to 10.8%

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