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What does Data Scientist do and why is it a popular profession?

Data Scientist Job Description

Data Scientist Job Description: Spring is the best time to clarify your plan for the year, including a career. For example, you want to change your profession, gain new knowledge and skills, earn more. If you are serious, we would advise you to look towards studies at Data Scientist . It is difficult to describe in one sentence what such specialists do. Here are some of their tasks:

  • collecting and organizing large (even huge) amounts of data,
  • solving various business problems using data,
  • work with statistics and analytics,
  • work with the machine and deep learning, text analytics, and data visualization,

and much more – so that the resulting chaotic data turns into an ordered system.

Many people dream of mastering the profession of Data Scientist. Harvard Business Review magazine even called her “the sexiest profession of the 21st century.” Why? /#What does Data Scientist do and why is it a popular profession? Data Scientist Job Description

Data Scientist Job Description

This is a popular profession 🔥 Data Science is a young industry at the crossroads of Internet technology and business. It lacks qualified specialists who will be able to process and apply in the work a huge amount of data that companies generate. Therefore, if you approach the studies at Data Scientist seriously and responsibly, then by the end of the training you can count on a good job offer. There will be many interesting tasks 👩‍💻

Every year there are more and more new services and applications, and behind each is the work of a specialist in data analysis and machine learning. His skills are needed for Shazam to recognize a song, Netflix to recommend an interesting movie or series, and Apple Music to create a playlist based on your preferences.

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In general, in the field of Data Science, you will just find something to your liking and it will never be boring: tasks always change, and each new one is more interesting than the previous one.Data Scientist Job Description

Cool prospects 👍

They are almost limitless, because the profession is in demand and young, and there are many tasks. In addition, Data Science specialists are needed everywhere. A qualified Data Scientist can get a job in any large company: Google, Facebook, Yandex, and more.

Good (very!) Salary 🤑

#What does Data Scientist do and why is it a popular profession? Data Scientist Job Description: According to, the salaries of specialists in the field of Data Science in Russia are 100-250 thousand rubles. Beginners can count on 60-70 thousand rubles. In the US, salaries are several times higher. According to PayScale, an average Data Scientist receives $ 96,000 a year. This is $ 8,000 – that is, more than 500 thousand rubles – per month.

To master the profession of Data Scientist, you need to get ready to study, practice, learn new programs and tools. It is not necessary to go to university and sit all day at lectures. You can study on the Data Scientist Professionals course. It has two specialties at once: data analysis and machine learning. What are the advantages of the course?

Suitable for beginners

Data Scientist Job Description: At the Data Scientist Profession course, you will go from scratch to a middle-level Data Science specialist. The course will be understandable for beginners who are not involved in programming, and for beginners. For example, programmers and analysts who want to gain more applied knowledge in the field of Data Science and advance in a career. And by the way, you don’t need to know the math perfectly. Enough school knowledge.

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You can study in a convenient schedule ⏰

The course is designed for self-study, so you can take it in a convenient mode. On average, our students need 1 year to study all the information and practice their skills in the “Data Scientist Profession” course. Access to the course will remain with you forever.

The study is organized as follows: you watch a video lesson at a convenient time, do the assignment (without it you will not be allowed to the next topic), communicate with the teacher online and get answers to questions. You will also have offline workshops, on which you can even better pump over the acquired skills and get acquainted with cool specialists. #What does Data Scientist do and why is it a popular profession? Data Scientist Job Description.

Lots of practice and expert teachers 👨‍🏫

Data Scientist Job Description. On the course, you will immerse yourself in the profession as much as possible. You will solve problems that are close to life situations and gain experience close to working in an IT company. After the first block of the course, you will write a term paper, and at the end of the training, defend your diploma for a real customer – online cinema.

The course is taught by practitioners and experts in Data Science with an experience of 10-15 years. They will give you their experience and knowledge that will be useful in the work. Among your teachers will be employees of Skillbox, online cinema, NVIDIA engineers and a HSE teacher.

Employment Guarantee 🤝

Data Scientist Job Description. After defending your diploma, Skillbox will help you create a resume, give tips on how to properly interview, and organize three interviews with partner companies. These are proven Skillbox employers.

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If suddenly after three interviews you don’t get a job offer, you can once again talk with Skillbox specialists, sort out your mistakes and prepare for a new interview. You won’t be left without help. #What does Data Scientist do and why is it a popular profession? Data Scientist Job Description

The first six months you can pay nothing 😻

Data Scientist Job Description. All expenses during this period are covered by Skillbox. You calmly study, immerse yourself in a new profession and attend workshops. In addition, the course is easy to arrange on credit for up to three years under the programs of Alfa Bank, Tinkoff Bank or Home Credit Bank. Payments – from 4,500 rubles per month. This amount does not hit the wallet and allows you to not delay your studies.

If you decide to change your profession and immerse yourself in the Data Scientist profession, leave a request for a course in May. This is a real chance to get a discount of up to 40% on the course + an additional course as a gift and 2 months of English in the EnglishDom online school for free!

To register for the Skillbox course “Data Scientist Profession” and learn a new profession in high demand in 2020, follow the link or scroll down. You only need your name, phone and email.

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