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Emigration: Which country is better to emigrate and move to live


Emigration: Which country is better to emigrate and move to live. Emigration and moving to another country for permanent residence is a complex matter. It is associated with high costs, problems with arranging in a new place and a language barrier.

Therefore, before leaving, it is worth exploring all the options where it is better to emigrate from Russia and Ukraine in order to stay there for permanent residence.

How to choose a country

Emigration: Which country is better to emigrate and move to live

#EmigrationA new country is not only new opportunities and experience, but also many pitfalls that are not noticeable to tourists. At first, everything looks very simple: learned a language, found work or study, received a visa, and the road abroad is open.

But foreigners face difficulties after moving and in the initial stages of preparation.

Emigration: Which country is better to emigrate and move to live

Parameters by which the country is selected for immigration:

  • Tongue. It is worth evaluating your level of language proficiency. It is important to be able to work or learn from it. If knowledge is insufficient, you need to understand how long it will take to study or improve knowledge.
  • Profession. The relevance of the profession in the country matters. Not everywhere a foreigner can get a job in his specialty. Salaries and prices of life. Salaries should be correlated with prices. If the income is high, this does not mean that all of it will not go to food.
  • Financial opportunities. In addition to the cost of issuing documents for a visa, a foreigner must have enough funds for the first time to pay for renting an apartment, insurance and buying everything you need.
  • Climate. Those who prefer sunny weather and warm winters may not be suitable for moving to northern countries, for example, to Finland.
  • Programs for obtaining a visa and residence permit. It is worth finding out how complicated the process of obtaining a visa is, what documents are needed for this. Those who plan to move the whole family need to know about family reunion programs.
  • Culture and life in the country. Before planning a move, it will not hurt to go to the country as a tourist. It is better to pre-evaluate the features of the culture, traditions and mentality of local residents. If any of this does not suit you, life abroad will be difficult.
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Each country has its own views on the flows of visitors. Some states, such as Japan, do not welcome immigration. It’s difficult to cross in the USA, but it’s possible. And Thailand and Bulgaria are open to almost everyone.

To move to some countries, you will need large financial investments. For example, in order to legally obtain a residence permit in Spain , you need to buy a property  worth at least 500,000 euros. #Emigration

Ways of emigration

Emigration: Which country is better to emigrate and move to live

Citizens of Russia and other CIS countries can emigrate if they have good reasons for this, recognized by other states. There are several ways to go for permanent residence abroad .

Residence permit when buying real estate

Emigration: Which country is better to emigrate and move to live

Many states provide a residence permit and citizenship to a foreigner if he acquires property in their territory.

  • Latvia The minimum investment in real estate in Riga or its surrounding territories is € 143 thousand, in other settlements of the country € 71.5 thousand.
  • Czech If a foreigner buys any real estate in the Czech Republic. On its basis, he can live in the country. After 5 years of stay, the migrant has the right to apply for permanent residence.
  • Spain A residence permit without a right to work is issued to a foreign citizen upon the purchase of real estate in the amount of € 500 thousand. This may be one or several purchases.
  • Greece A migrant and his family receive a five-year residence permit if they own real estate worth from € 250 thousand.
  • Portugal A Portuguese residence permit is issued to real estate investors who have spent at least € 500 thousand. After 5 years, citizenship can be obtained. During the validity of the residence permit, a foreigner must be present in Portugal at least 30 days a year.
  • Turkey Issue a residence permit when buying real estate of any price segment. First, the document is drawn up for 6 months, then it is extended for another 2 years.
  • Cyprus If a foreigner has real estate in the Republic of Cyprus with a value of € 300 thousand or more, then first he will be issued a temporary residence permit, and after 3 years – a permanent residence permit.
  • Georgia The minimum cost of real estate is € 100 thousand. Only in this case, the investor and his family are given a residence permit, which must be renewed annually. After 5 years, a permanent residence permit is issued, after 10 years – Georgian citizenship .
  • Montenegro A residence permit is issued for 5 years to a property owner of any value. Every year it needs to be renewed. Residence permit does not give the right to conduct business , study, work. After 5 years they give permanent residence, after another 5 – Montenegrin citizenship .
  • Bulgaria A residence permit is issued to property owners worth from € 300 thousand. Permission is renewed for 5 years, then you can request a long-term stay. #Emigration

Marriage / Family Reunion

Emigration: Which country is better to emigrate and move to live

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To move abroad in this way, you need to live in marriage for several years before the foreign spouse is issued a residence permit. Reunion with the family is also not always instantaneous. In some countries, an emigrant family member must first live for some time on a residence permit, and only then is it possible to issue a residence permit to his relatives.

The best places for emigration through marriage and family reunion: France, Spain, Sweden, Brazil, USA, Canada, South Africa, Argentina, Dominican Republic.


This is a good way to relocate for those who have enough money. Almost every student will have to confirm their financial viability during the training, pay for education, housing and all other expenses.

For students in many countries there are preferential programs that reduce costs. But financial guarantees are still needed.

The most popular destinations for student immigration are EU countries and the USA.


Residence permit through employment is the most common way among Russians. Work must be official. Mandatory invitation from the employer and the contract. A residence permit is issued for the duration of the employment contract.

In developed countries, it is difficult to get a good job without qualifications. Almost everywhere, higher education, work experience and high professionalism are required.#Emigration

Business and investing

Emigration: Which country is better to emigrate and move to live

In almost all countries, it is easy for investors and wealthy businessmen to obtain citizenship and residence permits. But the state of an emigrant should be estimated in hundreds of thousands of euros / dollars, and for some countries even in millions.

The most loyal countries for deposits and starting a business: Greece, Germany, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Latvia. Here you need 200-300 thousand euros.


Refugee status is far from the easiest and surest way to a residence permit. It is necessary to document the need for refuge. Such candidates are checked most thoroughly. Even if a foreigner receives refugee status, they are given the hardest and least paid job. And he has to live in a hostel or dormitory.

Residence permit ends immediately after the situation stabilizes in the refugee’s homeland. And not the fact that during this time he will have time to obtain permanent residence or citizenship. In general, even the most developed countries accept refugees.

Family ties

This is the fastest and easiest way to obtain a residence permit and citizenship. If the foreigner has national roots, he was born there, or his parents lived there legally for a long time, that is, there is a greater likelihood of simplified obtaining a residence permit.

Much easier to emigrate

Emigration: Which country is better to emigrate and move to live. Countries with loyal immigration programs:

  • Uruguay is a small republic in South America. It has the best healthcare system and the lowest pollution in Latin America. Locals are very friendly to foreigners.
  • Ecuador is a South American country. Here, a residence permit is issued for employment with a salary of 800 euros and an additional 100 euros for each family member. This is a small amount compared to Europe.
  • Svalbard  is a Norwegian archipelago. In contrast to Norway, residents of 43 countries, including Russians, can come to the islands. But the potential emigrants are frightened off by the cold climate and few employment opportunities. The main industry in the archipelago is coal mining.
  • Bulgaria  is a member of the EU. It offers a visa for the purchase of real estate worth less than 500,000 euros.
  • United Arab Emirates  – in the UAE you can find work without knowledge of the local language. In many international companies, tourism organizations speak English. To apply for a residence permit, it is not necessary to conclude a contract by profession. You can get a residence permit, even getting a job as a waiter.
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#Emigration. Questions

Which country accepts the most refugees?

Recently, Turkey, Jordan, Palestine, Lebanon, Pakistan, Uganda, Sudan, Germany, Ethiopia, Bangladesh and Iran have accepted the most refugees.

Do you always need knowledge of the language when applying for a foreign residence permit

No not always. But if a foreigner goes to work, then knowledge of the language will come in handy. Otherwise, he will be offered only hard and low-paid labor.

For what reasons they can refuse to issue a residence permit

Conviction, previously committed offenses in the country where the trip is planned, fake documents or incorrectly completed documents, unconfirmed grounds, fictitious marriage, financial insolvency, threat to state security, groundless petition for political asylum. The list of reasons can be much larger, it all depends on the situation.

Emigration: Which EU country is easier to relocate to?

Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, Poland, Bulgaria.

Where can I get a residence permit automatically when buying a property for a small amount

Turkey, Montenegro, Czech Republic.

Which country is easiest to move to live with family and children

Greece, Cyprus, Spain.

Where you can go to a highly qualified specialist

Highly qualified specialists are expected in most developed countries. Therefore, even expensive and demanding EU countries accept professionals.

In which countries is dual citizenship possible with Russia

Automatic second citizenship is granted in Italy, Greece, Israel, Turkey, Brazil, Lithuania, Ireland, Canada, Chile, USA, Jamaica, Dominican Republic.

When obtaining a residence permit in which country is a Russian exempt from double taxation

There are more than 80 such states. Among them, most of the countries of Asia and the EU. #Emigration

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Emigration: Which country is better to emigrate and move to live

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