Experiment: How I lived Exciting 1 month on a financial plan

financial plan

How I lived Exciting 1 month on a financial plan. The first advice that financial advisors give people is to draw up a financial plan. Dmitry Koftunkin, at the request of gointer.ru, considered his expenses and income for a month and told us whether this helps to make money wiser.

If I had ever been told that I’ll count every ruble spent all my life, I would probably be crazy about it.

The purpose of my financial experiment is to analyze expenses and possibly find, so to speak, internal reserves. What – before the experiment, I myself did not know – you never know what you can spend money on. But first things first.# financial plan

How I lived Exciting 1 month on a financial plan. Initial data

My attitude to money can be described as an eternal pursuit of financial stability, worthy of a better application. I can start saving, denying myself trifles, and after reaching some significant amount, lower everything to the ruble under an innocuous excuse – that you can’t forget about yourself, you need to relax and buy nice things for yourself and in general.

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I am 34 years old, 12 years working in the banking sector, the last 8 – in the field of corporate communications.

I am the most disadvantageous client for the bank, I have just about everything. Debit and credit cards, with and without cashback, overdraft, mortgage. Everything except savings tools. And this is an important bell. Of course, privilege programs for employees allow you to use banking services on more favorable terms, and the corporate discount program extends to a wide list of offers in retail outlets and stores. And this is a good saving. But I never thought about the amount of money saved, since in 12 years you can’t get used to it. I can withdraw cash from any ATM without commission, I have a free policy for traveling abroad, a reduced rate on all loan products, free transfers, not to mention VHI. # financial plan

How I lived Exciting 1 month on a financial plan. Financial discipline

The first time I thought about financial discipline last year, I downloaded the application for calculating expenses ( Money ). For three weeks he regularly paid his expenses. The results were sad, the loan did not agree with the debit. And most of the money I spent on food.

Financial plan my experience

I studied sociology at the university, and after that I even worked on a PhD in sociology of consumption and always understood that food and clothing are markers of poor consumption that we inherited from the Soviet period and adopted from our parents. Their purchase was almost the only subject of deliberate consumer practices, because the rest of the citizens somehow received from the state – apartments, cars, medicine, education, trips to the south, down to furniture sets and utensils. The economy has changed, but most consumer practices remain the same. In Europe, you can dress and eat modestly as you like, and this is not a key priority. We are still proud of dresses and an abundant table. Plus a story with ostentatious consumption – a person can receive a modest salary, but rest in Dominican Republic on credit.

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But I still made important conclusions:

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1. I began to pay attention to the cost of products. A simple recipe – take your business friend with you to the grocery. Do the exercise several times. There will be more products in packages, and a check – less.

2. Changed the nutritional structure. The story of cooking at home greatly reduced costs. Ready meals are cool and easy. But more expensive. Now I understand that with this money I can cook my own food for several days.

3. Stopped avoiding vegetable collapses. I used to go to a shop window where everything is packed, weighed and a price tag stuck. Now I easily take beets, greens, tomatoes. Cost compared to packaged vegetables is much lower. And this is not at all scary.

4. I began to watch what I was buying, how many grams were in the package and was there a discount for such things nearby. Oh, and another expiration date! A couple of times brought home overdue, and this is straightforward very unpleasant.

As a result, I downloaded the same application during the current experiment.

Experiment: a month to live according to a financial plan

The experiment fell on the New Year holidays. The first decade did not differ in variety – wine and taxi. Of the guests – guests. He also designed a map in the Lenta hypermarket and a cashback application in Auchan. While I haven’t saved on this at all, the effect will probably be later. But in the tape already took the goods at a special price, which implies the presence of a card – their cost is 20-30% less. However, this is pure marketing. A store without profit will not work. And the buyer is pleased to realize that he has saved.

In the first place is the repayment of monthly loan payments (mortgage and credit card). Mortgage, by the way, was refinanced before the New Year, I pay around 31,000 ₽ per month, which is almost 7,000 ₽ less than it was. On an annualized basis, good savings. I do not use a credit card, gradually closing it. This month contributed to it 12 000 ₽.

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In second place is nutrition. Products home, corporate dining room, cafe. I spent 35 000 ₽ for this month. And in third place – gifts. In January, a friend invited to a wedding. Spending in this category amounted to 10 000 ₽.

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Next up is medicine. I entered the top because of one purchase worth 9,000 ₽, about which later.

Top 5 completes the housing and communal services and all sorts of regular small payments – mobile communications, the Internet, this is about 7000 ₽.

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Next – clothes (a little later about this), transport with an amount of 3,000 ₽ (taxi, metro, electric train, and TAT – travel ticket for trolleybuses, buses, and trams) and entertainment (bought a ticket for Michael Kivanuka with a cost of 2500 ₽).

In general, without serious discoveries. And now about purchases that I refused myself, and about those that I allowed.# financial plan

How I lived Exciting 1 month on a financial plan. Purchases

I did not buy a UnoDe50 brand bracelet. I already have one – my friends gave me a birthday. This one cost 9 thousand ₽. I first saw him in the Aeroflot catalog. Then he thought that if I saw him again, I would definitely buy it. But on the next flight, he was no longer in the Sky Shop, and then he looked at me from the window – silver and leather, restrained and somehow special. To stutter, to sweaty palms.

financial plan

And then, when the consultant approached me and offered to try on, I remembered about my experiment and about the fact that in the evening I would be spending money on the application. And that my search for internal reserves will go to dust with the experiment. And now what am I to go broke completely? Write a sign at the Press Releases for food workplace (food press release)? Buy goods on the promotion in “ Magnet ” and use minted coins when paying for travel instead of the usual Apple Pay? And the toad began to choke, and the pulse quickened and dimmed in my head. With burning eyes, he left the store. # financial plan

But still I bought a demi-season coat at H&M with a 50% discount for 3500 ₽. When the time comes, there will be no discounts and sizes. All S-ki fly away at the moment.

financial plan

And at the end of the month, I bought new glasses, changing my image. Spent on them 9000 ₽. I always wear glasses, this is part of my image, without them I simply can’t imagine me. And I wear them for a long time, this is a very reasonable purchase.

financial plan

The results of the experiment confirmed my belief in informed consumption. If there is already no space in the closet, do not buy unnecessary things or it is better to rake the closet and give unnecessary clothes for recycling. Do not want to overpay for food – learn how to cook, this skill is always valuable. If you take a loan, evaluate whether this joy is worth the further monthly payments. The idea came to buy something beautiful/new – drive her! Of course, I could buy a bracelet even then, and if I don’t break it off, I will definitely give it to myself on occasion. # financial plan

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The mindfulness of consumption, which I tried to demonstrate during the experiment, was the true goal and the main gain. And the search for internal reserves is a consequence that will necessarily appear with this approach to spending.

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But ultimately the money is in order to spend it. Carried away by saving, there is always a risk of becoming a miser and saving on pennies, which you should never do. This balance must be sought by touch, almost blindly, without insurance, with the risk of breaking into the abyss of shopaholism. In this experience, there is no golden rule or magic tool that will help to harmoniously harmonize all Wishlist and opportunities. Live and learn. # financial plan

How I lived Exciting 1 month on a financial plan. My advice

  • Take a girlfriend to the store.

  • Accustom yourself to save at least 5 thousand ₽ at the end of the month. NZ, which can not be spent.

  • Allocate up to 3 – 5 thousand ₽ per month (no more) for all random purchases.

  • Mark expenses in the app right away.

  • Eliminate the desire to spend now, and then somehow makeup.

  • Borrow as much as you can give.

  • Keep before your eyes a list of major purchases. Spending will be more deliberate, and priorities will be correct.

  • Pay attention to discounts. If you can buy cheaper, then why not.

  • Keep track of credit history. Your financial reputation is always in price, and the percentage on a credit card will be less.

  • If possible, apply environmental practices. Have a reusable thermal mug. Now many cafes are making discounts for environmental behavior. In general, everyone can clog everything around. Go to the store with your bag. Hand over old things at H&M, getting a discount.

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  • Adhere to financial discipline, even if there is a halt in money (promoted or simply raised salary).

  • Strive to increase revenues.

  • Do not be a miser, do not spare money for friends and relatives. It is more expensive than any wealth.

I try to adhere to these recommendations all the time, in order to somehow stay within the framework and not regret what I spent. And if I had ever been told that all my life I would be mindlessly letting the money I earned into all kinds of nonsense, and then counting every ruble to a salary, I would probably go crazy.

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