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Find Remote Jobs with These Companies

Find Remote Jobs

Find Remote Jobs with These Companies. Work from home jobs are more popular than ever before. It doesn’t matter if you are looking for a side hustle to make some extra income or if you are looking for a full-time job that you can do online.

There are plenty of companies out there that offer remote jobs. But you have to be careful. There are also countless of work from home frauds that promise you much money and in the end only scam you.

Find Remote Jobs with These Companies

Just a word of advice: Don’t try to get all the remote jobs you can get at once. Start with one job and focus on that. If you still have time and capacities for a second one, you can always apply for it later.


In modern companies accounting is mostly digitalized and therefore can be done from your home office. If you have a booking background, i.e. formal training or experience, you can make a decent income as a remote accountant.

Cash Back

Find Remote Jobs. I know this is not exactly a remote JOB. However, it is a super easy way to make a couple of extra dollars by doing the things you would to anyway. If you buy products in your usual popular shops via the links on the following websites and apps, you will receive bonus points that can be redeemed in cash (PayPal) or gift cards later.

Customer Service

There are plenty of customer service jobs out there. Often these are based in local call centers. But there are also quite a few remote positions that don’t require you to come to a call center. You can simply work from home. Some positions are seasonal; others require you to have certain experiences or knowledge.

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Customer Service – Travel

Find Remote Jobs. Besides taking flower orders and providing IT support, there is also an abundance of travel-related customer service jobs. Often times, these agents have a travel background, may it be of professional or private nature.

Customer Service – Email and Chat

Find Remote Jobs. While the before mentioned companies mostly offer customer service via phone calls, the following ones also employ people to respond to customer emails or chats requests. This is great for everyone who doesn’t like to answer phone calls or who cannot because of time zone differences or technical issues or whatsoever.

Data Entry

Find Remote Jobs. Data entry is a very common work from home job. You don’t necessarily need to have any experience but must be detail-oriented, focused and fast. The payment is often not very high. But then again, the longer you do it, the better and faster you get which means your hourly rates get better.

Freelance Content Writer

Find Remote Jobs. Another very popular work from home job is freelance content writing. I advise you to pick a niche and become an expert in writing about that subject. This might limit the number of potential clients but will get you the right (and higher-paying) ones.

Check out this blogpost that explains step-by-step how you can become a freelance writer when you are an absolute beginner.

Part Time Remote Job, Work From Home Companies, Remote Position, Home Office, Make Money Online, Online Job


Find Remote Jobs. You have probably noticed that some online forums or blogs moderate user comments. That means either deleting inappropriate comments, archive inactive threads or blocking spam.

Online moderators make sure everyone sticks to the rules. If you are fluent in the given language and are detailed oriented, you can apply for such a job with the following companies:

Product Testing

Find Remote Jobs. Product testing is a double win for you. Many companies will send you their product for free (or a massive discount) and pay you to review and write about it either on their suggested medium or on your blog or social media accounts.

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That can be as little as 5 USD or up to more than 100 USD per review. You probably won’t get rich with product testing but it is a nice way to receive products and make a couple of dollar side income.


Sales jobs are surely not for everyone. But if you think you have what it takes to successfully sell products or services to customers.

Search Engine Evaluation

Never heard of that work from home job before? To be fair, there are not that many positions out there. However, they do exist. What you need to do is to give feedback to the developers behind search engines on the quality of the results of performed searches so they can make improvements.

Selling / Reselling

Find Remote Jobs. It couldn’t be easier. Maybe you have a whole lot of stuff at home that you don’t need anymore? Sell it online and make money with it! If you want, you can also buy products and resell them with a profit margin.

Another keyword here is dropshipping: Once you have sold a certain product, you will order it from another retailer or manufacturer and get the item shipped directly to your customer. That saves you the logistic process.

Part Time Remote Job, Work From Home Companies, Remote Position, Home Office, Make Money Online, Online Job

Find Remote Jobs. I know what you are thinking: Can you really make money with completing surveys? Yes, you can! You might not get filthy rich but you can most certainly earn a nice little pocket money each month. Be careful: there are quite a few scams out there.


Are you good with languages? If so, you could consider becoming a freelance translator and ear your money working for different clients or agencies. This job can easily be done from home.

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Transcription jobs are fairly popular work from home jobs. Often you don’t need any experience or specific devices. All you need to do is listen to audio files and transcribe the audio into text. However, your hearing and typing skills need to be excellent so you can work fast enough to make a decent income. Companies usually pay by audio minute. So the slower you are the less you make per hour.

Transcription – Medical Transcription & Coding

Find Remote Jobs. This is a specific field of transcription that deals with medical information. You need to have experience and formal training to be able to transcribe technical terms, such as doctor`s audio notes.

Tutoring / Teaching

Tutoring is another fantastic online job opportunity. You usually give your teaching sessions via video calls, such as Skype. If you are an experienced tutor or have a certain knowledge that is high in demand, you will find plenty of job offerings out there.

This is one of the most popular remote positions. Virtual assistants can do a wide range of different tasks, anything from booking flights, to scheduling appointments or admin tasks but also more specific jobs such as Pinterest management or WordPress admin. Therefore, experience or certain skills can sometimes be necessary but not for every position.

Find Remote Jobs. Sounds technical but this is a job that even non-techies can easily do. And a perfect remote one, too. Companies pay you to click through their websites and apps (sometimes even gadgets) in order for you to find any bugs or anything that needs improvement.

Find Work From Home Companies on Freelance Platforms

In case the above mentioned jobs are not really what you are looking for and you have a better idea in mind what type of service you could offer, check out the following freelancer platforms.

Find Remote Jobs with These Companies

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