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11 “Normal” Careers That You Can Make Unique

You don’t necessarily need a strange or unusual job to build a unique career. In fact, you can probably infuse almost any occupation with your distinctive talents, personality, and way of seeing the world. Even the most ordinary job can be transformed into something that’s one of a kind. It just takes imagination and proactive effort.

Free Career Quiz

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Of course, some careers are easier to make unique than others. For instance, anything that requires creativity or inventiveness is worth special consideration if you want the chance at an unconventional professional life. Here are just a few examples to give you a head start in your search:

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1. Mobile App Developer

Making apps for Android or iOS devices can be incredibly fun and satisfying. And the field of app development lends itself well to people who think differently and want to put their own stamp on the world. Plus, CNN Money ranked this occupation as America’s best job.

  • Annual salary range—$61,660 to $161,290 or more

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2. Animator

From films and TV shows to video games and other multimedia projects, the work of computer animators is more widespread than ever. But there’s still plenty of room for animators who can push the envelope with original ideas or quirky styles.

  • Annual salary range—$40,870 to $124,310 or more

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3. Web Designer or Developer

Think about the incredible diversity of the online world. You can find websites for almost anything that’s already been imagined. But countless other websites are yet to be created. This field offers the chance to carve out your own niche by developing websites for the kinds of projects, clients, or employers that truly fascinate you.

  • Annual salary range—$37,930 to $124,480 or more

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4. Marketing Specialist

There’s never any shortage of companies, entrepreneurs, or organizations that are trying to get noticed or build a following. The bravest ones turn to marketing professionals who dare to try unusual approaches or find unique ways of telling their stories.

  • Annual salary range—$34,310 to $121,080 or more

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5. Fashion Designer

Does any industry embrace radical, eccentric, or larger-than-life ideas more than the world of fashion? Many fashion designers continue to prove that success can be achieved by following a vision all your own.

  • Annual salary range—$36,420 to $155,470 or more

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6. Hotel Manager

Although it’s true that hotel chains often have fixed rules and policies, many independent hotels offer a lot of room for creativity and inspired thinking. If you can imagine new and unique ways to provide services that exceed the expectations of hotel guests, then you may be able to make a truly distinctive mark on this industry.

  • Annual salary range—$30,860 to $102,410 or more
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7. Graphic Designer

So much variety exists in this creative field that it’s relatively easy to build a career that feels unique. In fact, experienced graphic designers often have fascinating job and project histories that are unlike any other kind of professional you might encounter.

  • Annual salary range—$29,610 to $85,760 or more

8. Interior Designer

Like other kinds of designers, professionals who design indoor spaces often get to channel their distinctive style into their work. With experience and a strong reputation, they can frequently also choose a favorite niche to focus on, such as restaurant or hotel interiors.

  • Annual salary range—$29,970 to $94,130 or more

9. Event Planner

This is another field in which you can benefit a lot from sheer variety. From weddings and business conferences to special concerts or other live performances, the opportunities to help plan one-of-a-kind events are truly plentiful.

  • Annual salary range—$27,560 to $84,900 or more

10. Counselor

Most professional counselors specialize in a particular area such as addictions, mental health, employment rehabilitation, or school and vocational guidance. However, it’s possible to combine two or more areas of focus and create a career that sets you apart from others in this field.

  • Annual salary range—$26,100 to $77,310 or more

11. Cosmetologist

The beauty industry is full of hair stylists, makeup artists, and other professionals who’ve built successful careers by offering unique or exotic stylistic approaches. It’s easiest to establish a distinctive reputation in a major city, but some cosmetologists have also succeeded by embracing the sometimes quirky or unusual possibilities afforded by living and working in fun rural areas.

  • Annual salary range—$17,980 to $50,110 or more

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