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Top 20 Highest Paying Jobs in Canada 2020

Highest Paying Jobs in Canada 2020

Top 20 Highest Paying Jobs in Canada 2020. The jobs that are most popular in 2019 spread a great deal of ground in Canada. There are hands on jobs like driver, general worker and welder.

There are managerial jobs like secretary and clerical specialist. At that point there are office proficient jobs like venture director, bookkeeper and HR supervisor.

Top 20 Highest Paying Jobs in Canada 2020

The requirement for gifted and skilled workers in a various scope of fields is a decent sign for Canada’s economy. Along these lines, regardless of where your qualities lie, there’s a blasting part where your aptitudes can be put to great use.

Following blog will tell you about the most popular job profiles in Canada that are paid well:

Highest Paying Jobs in Canada 2020 (#1 ) Engineer

Engineers feed the fixation on tech, building sites, cell phone applications, business programming and whatever else that keep running on code. So it should not shock anyone that engineers are amongst the most sought after callings.

Indeed the tech area is the quickest developing in Canada. In spite of the fact that engineers of all stripes are urgently required, full stack designers who know both front end and back-end writing computer programs are the most sought after.

Highest Paying Jobs in Canada 2020 (#2) Clerk

Cashier Clerks are the last purpose of contact before a client makes a buy. Being a cashier is a moderately low-expertise work, making it a simple section point into the activity showcase.

In spite of worries that clerks would be supplanted via computerized tech, for example, stands and self-checkouts, we’re not seeing that worry reflected in actuality yet. Clerks who are amicable, charming and concentrated on the client experience stay popular in 2019.

Highest Paying Jobs in Canada 2020 (#3) Account manager

Account managers are required in an assortment of areas running from IT, to building, to showcasing. Task administrators normally have considerable experience with the field they’re working in, yet in addition have general undertaking the board skill and the capacity to juggle complex ventures, adequately overseeing spending plans and individuals.

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Undertaking supervisors with a task the executives proficient (PMP) accreditation are particularly sought after in 2019.

Highest Paying Jobs in Canada 2020(#4) HR Director

The previous year, Canada’s unemployment rate has remained very low. That has put a focus on the significance of the HR work as organizations battle to enrol top ability in a tight activity advertise. HR chiefs are in charge of setting the heading of their association’s HR arrangements, and guaranteeing that present workers remain glad and drew in their jobs.

Highest Paying Jobs in Canada 2020(#5) Account supervisor

Record supervisors are the essential purpose of contact in business to business (or B2B) connections and are required in an assortment of enterprises running from IT to counselling to deals and showcasing.

Record directors are specialists in relationship building. They keep their current program of customers cheerful, while additionally searching out chances to sign new prospects. Key aptitudes firms search for in record oversees incorporate learning of CRM programming and a solid deals capacity.

Highest Paying Jobs in Canada 2020(#6) Welder

Welder is new on the rundown of top 15 employments for 2019, yet on the chance that you’ve been focusing on Canada’s lack of gifted exchanges specialists, it should not shock anyone.

The normal time of talented exchange specialists, including welders, is a lot higher than in different callings, demonstrating the gifted exchanges lack will just deteriorate. In case you’re hoping to get into a popular field with bunches of chances and wouldn’t fret working with your hands, welding is a lifelong way.

Highest Paying Jobs in Canada 2020 (#7) Accountant

Bookkeepers are cash specialists. They manage spending plans and spending for people and partnerships, contingent upon their job. There are likewise numerous sought after specializations inside the bookkeeping field, for example, finance, creditor liabilities and receivable, tax assessment, government, and inspecting, among others.

A CPA assignment remains the best quality level in the bookkeeping field in Canada and will everything except assurance you have businesses arranging at your entryway.

Highest Paying Jobs in Canada 2020 (#8) Nurse

Canada’s older populace is developing, and that is putting strain on the country’s social insurance framework. Right now the human services division in Canada is drastically understaffed.

That is directed to an urgent requirement for medical experts, including medical caretakers. Enrolled attendants fill the holes in Canada’s human services framework, giving general help to patients, helping specialists and guaranteeing patients get a state of consideration.

Highest Paying Jobs in Canada 2020 (#9) Electrical designer

Electrical architects are in charge of planning items and frameworks that have power going through them.

From structuring gadgets, to working in the vitality part, to media communications, the aptitudes of an electrical specialist have incalculable applications in our advanced tech-fixated world. In spite of the fact that most designing orders are encountering labour deficiencies, electrical specialists are especially popular in 2019.

Highest Paying Jobs in Canada 2020 (#10) Sales associate

Sales associate, or deals agents rise one spot to turn out to be most sought after occupation in Canada in 2019. Organizations rely on capable sales reps to move items off racks and into clients’ hands. B2B salesmen are additionally popular. Inborn deals capacity and a cordial identity will enable you to prevail in this field.

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Highest Paying Jobs in Canada 2020 (#11) Driver

Drivers of various types are sought after in Canada. From whole deal drivers, to conveyance drivers, to forklift drivers, in the event that you realize how to drive a business vehicle your abilities are exceptionally looked for after by managers. Having your business vehicle driver’s permit, or an affirmation to work forklifts is especially sought after in this field.

Highest Paying Jobs in Canada 2020 (#12) General worker

General workers are the handyman in the Canadian work showcase. They fill in holes in the workforce, taking on an assortment of errands that should be done to keep organizations running easily.

From cleaning undertakings, to stacking and emptying materials, to general handicraft, being a general worker requires diligent work, assurance and receptiveness to taking on physically requesting errands. General worker dropped a couple of spots from the main most popular employment in 2018.

Highest Paying Jobs in Canada 2020 (#13) Merchandiser

On the chance that you’ve at any point ventured foot into a retail location, you’ve most likely encountered a merchandiser direct. Merchandisers assume a key job in choosing and showing stock in retail spaces. With the development of internet shopping, retailers are depending on merchandisers to manufacture positive retail encounters that keep clients coming to physical stores.

Highest Paying Jobs in Canada 2020 (#14) Bookkeeper

Would you be able to adjust the books? Do you spend significant time in payrolls, tax assessment or reviewing? Canada needs you! The nation is vigilant for qualified experts who have finished their degrees and have somewhere around quite a while of legitimate work involvement in your field.

The individuals who qualify as a Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) are likewise in intense interest in the nation. The best work environment in Canada with this occupation are Ontario, Quebec, British Columbia and Saskatchewan.

As a bookkeeper you can gain a normal compensation of $50,400 and, even at passage level, you can begin off with a solid $38,000 every year! This is a decent occupation for future development as the more experienced bookkeepers can acquire up to $72,000 per year. Not terrible right?

Highest Paying Jobs in Canada 2020 (#15) Secretary

Receptionists are the principal face that welcomes clients or customers. They’re in charge of establishing the basic first connection at a position of business. In spite of the fact that client administration is obviously a critical component of being an incredible assistant, fundamental tech-abilities are in intense interest in this field.

Learning of phone frameworks and PC programs that log client data are additionally a key piece of any advanced secretary work, and will make you an appealing competitor in 2019.

Highest Paying Jobs in Canada 2020 (#16) Therapist

This profession includes directing those battling with nervousness, misery and other neurological conditions. Guarantee that you have something like a Masters or Doctorate so as to move.

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Regions that have the most noteworthy paying occupations for therapists are Alberta, Ontario, Nova Scotia and Quebec. The normal clinician can procure $93,800 per year and those with more prominent experience can acquire a more than decent $109,900.

Highest Paying Jobs in Canada 2020 (17) Pharmacist

Do you have a Bachelor’s qualification in Pharmaceuticals? At that point you can take a stab at working in Canada as a drug specialist. Because of the expanding older populace of Canada, the nation needs its inhabitants to remain solid which is the place retail sedate stores come in.

The nation has an extensive number of medication stores that are open all day, every day and they need gifted and experienced workers to fill them.

Canada has anticipated that there will be an expansion popular for drug specialists in the nation in the coming years. It is considered 11,300 employments will be made from 2015 to 2024.

In this way, on the chance that you are gifted in apportioning drug, counselling with patients and by and large ready to help analyze your regular patient, at that point begin your pursuit of employment in the regions of Manitoba, Alberta and Ontario which offer the best rates for drug specialists.

Inquisitive the amount you can gain as a drug specialist in Canada, the normal drug specialist’s pay is $95,000 per year! Simply recollect that you may need to enrol through the nearby medical expert in the region or domain you apply to!

Nutshell Salary in Canada

Canadian firms pay relatively well as compared to Indian Job market. Let us consider the average hourly salary brackets of the above mentioned Jobs:

Hourly Wages in Canada in 2020 (Average)


Retail Sales / Sales Associate$14
Accounting Clerk$21
General Assistant$27
Architect Designer$33
Registered Nurse$40
Computer Engineer (not software)$42
Computer & Info Sys Manager$64
Engineering Manager$68

Move to Canada

If you are prepared to help with everything from cleaning, stacking to general craftsmanship, at that point Canada might be the right country for you. Simply recollect that you should be physically fit to stay aware of your bustling timetable.

The normal pay for a general worker in Canada is $29,250 every year with the more experienced labourers pulling in a sound $39,000. The most elevated paying areas to work in Canada in this occupation are the Northwest Territories, Alberta and Saskatchewan.

Did you realize that you can apply for a Canadian visa even without having an occupation offer from a Canadian manager? Not exclusively would you be able to move to the nation when you have the correct work involvement and occupation, yet you can likewise move with your nearby relatives.

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