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How fullstack helps you earn more money. A designer who knows how to typeset

earn more money

How fullstack helps you earn more money. Interface design, web design, UX – where to start in design and where to grow? Do not choose, but learn everything! Start your career as a fullstack designer, work with cool projects at the intersection of design and programming and earn twice as much as an ordinary specialist.

 How fullstack helps you earn more money. Who is a fullstack designer?

This is a specialist who makes a simple and functional design, designs an interface based on user experience, draws all the elements of web pages and collects them into a working layout. And then turns the layout into code and a working product using HTML or CSS.

Fullstack-designer is involved in the creation of the product from the very beginning and conducts work until the release and further development. He has a comprehensive vision of the project, is familiar with each stage of development and knows how to come to a better solution.

For him, knowledge of the code is a tool with which he implements his ideas.

How fullstack helps you earn more money

But a wide range of competencies does not mean that fullstack designers do everything at all. They are connected at the stages of product development where their help is required. Otherwise, the main task of such a specialist is a convenient, implemented design.

Fullstack designers are needed first of all for small startups who do not have a budget for several narrow-profile employees. Such a specialist not only saves money, but also helps to improve the product and bring it to the market as soon as possible. With new mobile applications and services appearing every day, the demand for fullstack designers is incredibly high.

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Work in such companies is an indispensable experience. Fullstack-specialist will participate in the launch of the product from scratch. In the future, this will help to start your own business or open a digital studio. And now, in an ever-changing industry, its flexibility and versatility will make it possible not to remain without work. How fullstack helps you earn more money. A designer who knows how to typeset

Sounds serious. Is such work well paid?

According to, web designers in Moscow receive an average of 60,000 rubles, graphic specialists – 55,000 rubles. And the salary of a beginner fullstack designer is 100,000–120,000 rubles.

Fullstack is an opportunity for any professional not only to improve their qualifications, but also to double their income.

And where can I learn to be a fullstack designer?

How fullstack helps you earn more money. At Skillbox, the Fullstack Design Profession course. We put together an educational program of five courses. The student in practice studies web design, UX, Figma, layout and work for Tilda. You will learn:

  • Communicate with the customer and work with his requests
  • Develop a website concept
  • Create a prototype digital product
  • Conduct usability testing and analyze the requirements of the target audience
  • Understand the capabilities and limitations of server and front-end development
  • Design user interfaces and layout sites

After training, your portfolio will include 11 projects and a large thesis on creating a digital product.

 How fullstack helps you earn more money. How will I find a job later?

Skillbox has a Career Center. Our staff supports all students: they give advice on creating a resume, select suitable vacancies and arrange an interview. You just have to go through an interview, after which you will begin your dream career 🙂

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I’m in! How to start training?

How fullstack helps you earn more money. Very simple: scroll down, get acquainted with the program and sign up for a course. The manager will contact you, you will discuss the details and a convenient payment model. Then start your journey in the exciting world of fullstack design.

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