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How to achieve goals: the technique of “5 victories”

How to achieve goals

How to achieve goals: Unfortunately, many have goals that have not been achieved. Get fit, learn a language, etc. You seem to have time and opportunities, and you even made several attempts to achieve the desired. Only no result.


How to achieve goals: the technique of “5 victories”

And you have probably come to terms with the fact that you will never achieve what you want. But do not rush to get upset and give up. The “five victories” technique will help you achieve your goal. Even if you have already tried more than once before. On the technique of “5 victories” and the rules for its effective use, read on.

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The technique of “5 victories” can be applied in absolutely any field. The transition to a healthy diet , the development of creative thinking , the development of storytelling skills , etc. Any goal will be achievable if you use the technique of “5 victories.”

For example, to learn a language, victories can be: learned seven new words, read a short note in the language being studied, figured out a new grammar rule, talked to a native speaker by correspondence, translated his favorite song.

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But first things first. First, let’s move on to the technique itself.

The essence of the technique of “five victories”

The technique can be divided into several steps:

Goal setting

The first thing you need to start with is setting your goal. It is advisable to do this according to the SMART method , but it is enough that the goal is clear and, if possible, specific. For example, “I want to lose weight to such a certain amount of kilograms.”

You can do without specifying deadlines. Try not to set yourself deadlines, as they will increase the voltage. But if you notice that you are lazy, then if necessary you can still resort to a time limit.

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Preparing a place for recordings

After setting the goal, prepare a notebook or notepad. It will be better if you mark on the cover what you want to achieve. Use visualization , write some inspirational phrases. Make the appearance of your notebook motivate you to further work.

How to achieve goals: Winning

Victory is a step towards the goal. Victories can be big and small – everything is considered. For example, to refuse a cake if you want to lose weight, or to reduce fast food consumption if you want to start a healthy lifestyle , these are all victories, each of which brings you closer to the desired result.

It is important to remember that there are no minor victories. Often people want what is called “all at once”, they require drastic and quick changes. But usually it’s not so simple. Only a few manage to achieve global changes in a matter of days, and many abandon their plans, instead of choosing a long path to the goal, they choose not to go at all.

If you can’t quit smoking in one day, at least reduce tobacco consumption, give up a cigarette a couple of times. This is already something. Tomorrow you will smoke again less than usual, the day after tomorrow – even less. Do not shy away from small steps to the goal, if there are a lot of them – you will achieve what you dream about.

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How to achieve goals: the technique of “5 victories”.  Victory Lock

This is a very important step, in no case do not skip it. You have already prepared a place for recordings, made your first, albeit small, but victories. It is time to record them.

Every day, an entry should appear in your notebook in which you list 5 victories of the past day. Try to keep records regularly, otherwise the effectiveness of the technique will greatly decrease.

We recommend introducing a rule that will oblige you to “work out” missed days. If yesterday you didn’t write anything (it makes no difference, you had a good reason or you were just too lazy), then the next day you should record 10 victories over the past two days.

Such regularity will keep you in good shape and inexorably bring you closer to your goal. Record your victories with a nightly ritual. 3-5 minutes – and you are closer to what you want. And recording your achievements perfectly uplifts before bedtime.

Perhaps at first it will be difficult for you to name your victories for the day or they will seem to you too insignificant. Write something down anyway. Taking a small step is better than standing still.

Knowing that at the end of the day you will need to write something down, you will deliberately commit a victory once again. And over time, these victories will be more significant. Until you reach your goal.

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How to achieve goals: Reread Records

If you have a sharp decline in motivation, it seems to you that you are on a plateau and are not moving anywhere, the goal is still far away and you will never reach it, then just open the notebook and see how many victories you have made.

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Every day at least five. More than 35 per week. From 150 wins per month. Not a little. Now look what victories you recorded in the first days, and which ones you recorded in the last. Have these victories become bigger?

Such a procedure for reviewing records in times of gloom and loss of strength will help you increase your level of motivation and continue your journey to your desired goal. This is another important advantage of the technique of 5 victories. Besides the fact that you achieve what you want, you also increase self-confidence and increase your self-esteem.

Make rereading old records a must. About 1-3 times a month. You should see what path you have traveled, how far you have gone and how far you can go.

If the progress is not so obvious, do not worry. Perhaps you just need more time to gain momentum. Try to make the victories of each new day more significant, but rejoice in any victories.

Think about what you would like to achieve? What goal has not succumbed to you for a long time? Perhaps the time has come for a new, this time successful assault? Start a notebook and start writing down your first victories there! #How to achieve goals: the technique of “5 victories”

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We wish you success!

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