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How to Become a Content Marketer and Find #1 Best Jobs?

Content Marketer

Content Marketer: A content marketer is a specialist who manages these corporate publications. His task is to make sure that they bring business benefits. It determines what articles need to be written, how to format them and where to distribute them in order to carry out the tasks.

This is a new promising profession. It allows you to work both in the office and remotely, for example, from home. Now there is a shortage of good specialists in the market, which allows content marketers to earn good money compared to other specialists involved in the creation of content.

In this article, you will find out who the content marketer is and what he does, how much he is paid, what he needs to know and be able to work, and where to look for such vacancies.

Who is a content marketer and what does he do?

Now many companies are blogging and creating corporate media like Tinkoff Magazine. So they attract new customers and increase the loyalty of current ones, form a certain image and solve other problems that help the business grow.

A content marketer is a specialist who manages these corporate publications. His task is to make sure that they bring business benefits. It determines what articles need to be written, how to format them and where to distribute them in order to carry out the tasks.

For example, a manufacturer of children’s furniture creates a blog. It contains useful articles for young parents. Readers, having received useful information, begin to trust the brand and buy furniture of this brand. This is the result of the work of the content marketer: increasing sales by creating and distributing useful content on behalf of the brand.

The responsibilities of the content marketer include:

  1. Analysis of the target audience and competitors.
  2. Drawing up a content strategy.
  3. The choice of formats and types of content for the site.
  4. Management of a team of authors, designers, and other specialists.
  5. Preparation of content of the right quality and on time.
  6. Distribution of content on the Internet.
  7. Analysis of the effectiveness of content marketing.
  8. Other tasks and responsibilities assigned by management.

We figured out what kind of profession. Now let’s talk about its pros, cons and other features.

Pros and cons of the profession


  • Interesting creative and analytical work.
  • There is a shortage of content marketers in the market because the profession is young.
  • The ability to work remotely in a large company.
  • Higher salaries in comparison with copywritersSEO-copywriterscontent managers.
  • The field of content marketing is actively developing, which increases the demand for representatives of this profession.


  • It takes a lot to know and be able to work.
  • It is necessary to constantly learn and develop.
  • It is difficult for a beginner without experience to find the first job.
  • Often, customers expect quick results, which is difficult to get in content marketing (it takes time to promote corporate media).
  • Since the profession is new, often employers do not know what can and cannot be expected from a content marketer. They are loaded with functions that are not part of the direct duties of a specialist.

How much do content marketers make?

Many content marketers work remotely. Therefore, living in the region, you can get a Moscow salary. On average, content marketers are paid 40 to 100 thousand rubles a month. A big run is associated with differences in the functionality of specialists.

In small firms, the content marketer is a kind of orchestra. He writes texts himself, typeset himself, shoots and uploads videos on YouTube, etc. As a rule, simple tasks are set, budgets are small, and the salary is in the range of 40-60 thousand rubles. In a small business, a beginner with little experience can take on a position.

In large organizations, a content marketer is a leader who builds a team to work on corporate publications. Articles are written by authors, designed by designers, an email marketer does the mailing, etc. Accordingly, the salary of a content marketer, as a manager, can reach 100 thousand rubles and more.

The highest salaries are paid in the field of IT and finance, therefore, first of all, we recommend that you consider vacancies in these areas.

How to become a content marketer?

Let’s figure out what you need to know and be able to work as a content marketer. The minimum requirements for a specialist are as follows:

  • Know the basics of marketing and advertising.
  • Be able to draw up content strategies and content plans.
  • Be able to write and edit texts.
  • Literacy.
  • Know how to add texts to the site. To do this, you need to master HTML and CSS at a basic level and imagine how site management systems (CMS) are arranged.
  • Basic knowledge of social networking (SMM) .
  • Be able to distribute content on the Internet and know-how to do it.

Often come to the profession from copywriting. In this case, it is enough to be able to write good texts, the rest can be learned in the process.

Working in a large company will require more knowledge and skills. To the minimum set described above, you must add:

  • Ability to analyze the target audience and competitors.
  • Deep knowledge in the field of compiling content strategies.
  • Knowledge of the features of various types of content and formats. The ability to select the right types of content for different publications and products.
  • Knowledge of the features of various channels and the ability to build them (social networks, E-mail marketing and others).
  • The ability to professionally distribute content, build distribution channels.
  • Deep knowledge in analytics. When you are allocated millions of budgets for content marketing, it is necessary to show the employer on the figures that the work has been carried out effectively.
  • Know how to manage the editorial office, including remotely.
  • Much more.

Where to learn the profession of content marketing from scratch?

You can learn the basics for working in a small company on your own for free lessons on the Internet. For example, our site has useful workshops on how to write texts . Other sites can learn HTML and CSS , etc.

If you want to work as a content marketer in a large company, you cannot do without professional training. You can study the profession at special courses where you will receive the necessary knowledge and skills for work. For example, at the University of Netology there is a content marketing course taught by experts in this field. In addition to theory, you will gain practical skills, useful connections and do a thesis that you can use in your portfolio.

Where to look for a job?

  • Look vacancies on sites for a search of remote work. I recommend watching vacancies in the field of IT and finance.
  • Many good jobs are published on social networks, especially Facebook. There are also specialized groups in content marketing. I recommend to join them and actively communicate.
  • A good way to attract customers is to compose and place cases on sites popular with marketers.
  • If you need an employee in the office, then add a vacancy in social networks. There are many specialized groups in which they advise specialists and give recommendations.
  • If you need a content marketer to remove, post a job Jobzey. Adding vacancies is free. You can also add offers on other sites to search for remote work.
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