How To Become A Full-Stack Developer In Just A Year

How To Become A Full Stack Developer In Just A Year d

How To Become A Full-Stack Developer is one of the three most popular professions in the IT market. A competent specialist can collect cool web products alone and participate in projects from beginning to end. We talk about how to become a full stack developer – and why knowing Python will allow you to earn even more.

Who is a Full Stack Developer?

To talk about the profession, you need to understand what web development basically consists of – that is, the process of creating sites and web applications. And it consists of two areas: frontend and backend.

The frontend is all that a user sees and interacts with when opening a web page or application. Frontend developer creates user interface and functions that work on the client-side.

Backend is what works “inside” the web product and is hidden from the user’s eyes. Backend-developer programs the logic of the site or program.

How To Become A Full-Stack Developer

Fullstack-developer works with both frontend and backend. So, this is a specialist who is able to create a completely finished product from scratch: both the filling and appearance. This is a superman who can participate in all stages of the project: from working with design layouts to programming and configuring servers.

He knows web layout and JavaScript, knows how to work in Figma and Photoshop, and also – he programs on a professional level. Many full stack developers choose the PHP language, but we recommend paying attention to the more universal Python. #How To Become A Full-Stack Developer

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Why Python?

Python is one of the most popular programming languages ​​in the world, and its popularity is growing. In the TIOBE ranking for April 2020, it ranks third, immediately after Java and C. Python is used by Google, Yahoo !, IBM, and even NASA and CERN.

How To Become A Full Stack Developer In Just A Year
How To Become A Full Stack Developer In Just A Year

In addition, it is one of the best languages ​​for beginners. It is flexible, almost “all-forgiving,” and has a minimal syntax — so you can start programming in a friendly environment right away. Also, Python notifies in detail where the error is in the code and which one is very convenient.

What are the prospects for the profession?

Since Full-stack developers are universal and can do a lot, they are very popular in the market. And knowledge of Python opens the way for them in Data Science and machine learning – which means they can work on modern high-tech projects and combine the skills of web development and data analysis.

According to Lucky Hunter, a full stack developer now ranks third in the list of the most sought-after IT professions. A qualified specialist in Russia earns an average of 120,000 rubles – and this is far from the limit. When you pump to the Senior level, you can get 350,000 rubles. #How To Become A Full-Stack Developer

How to become a fullstack developer in Python.
How to become a full-stack developer in Python.

The first step is very simple – sign up for the “Fullstack Python Developer Profession” course .

In just one year, you will go from full zero to your first interview. You will be able to actively participate in all stages of website development and web interfaces – and create finished products. You will become a sought-after specialist, and we will help with employment.

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What do you learn:

  • Layout sites in HTML and CSS.
  • Work with databases and APIs.
  • Program in Python.
  • Create web applications according to modern requirements.
  • Use Git version control system.
  • Create interactive sites using JavaScript.
  • Understand modern web frameworks for frontend and backend development.

At the same time, it is not necessary to save for training for a long time – you can arrange an installment plan and make the first payment only after six months, the monthly payment will be 3 503 rubles. This amount does not hit the wallet too much. #How To Become A Full-Stack Developer

Is it possible for beginners?

Of course! The Fullstack Python Developer Profession is designed for those who have never programmed before. If you approach the training responsibly and practice a lot, you can achieve results even without special basic knowledge.

Experienced mentors will help in everything, who will supervise you throughout the course. And will be taught by experienced developers from well-known companies – for example, such as Twitter, EPAM and Angry Developers. #How To Become A Full-Stack Developer

What will I get as a result?

  • A full set of full-stack developer skills: web-layout, JavaScript, Python, Git, Figma, Photoshop – you can become a full-cycle developer with the prospect of growth to Team Lead.
  • 10 bonus courses that will pump your skills and help you grow in the profession.
  • 4 cool projects in the portfolio: a ready-made landing page, an Instagram level user interface, a real space game and a team project.
  • Skillbox diploma, which confirms that you have completed the course, and will be an additional argument when applying for a job. #How To Become A Full-Stack Developer

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