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How to Find A Job During Isolation: 5 Secrets You Must Know

How to Find A Job

How to Find A Job? We discover 5 secrets that will help you find a job, even if you are stuck in quarantine.

How to look for work in quarantine when you can’t go to interviews; why not despair and the search for a new place is still possible; how to conduct self-isolation for the benefit of a career, even if left without a job? Answers to these and other questions can be found in this article Here are our 5 secrets to effective job search in isolation.

Just do not be greedy: you read it yourself, share it with friends, acquaintances, former colleagues – everyone who needs it now;) Well, let’s go?

Secret 1. No resume at all

How to Find A Job: You have years of experience, with a dozen achievements, 5 hard skills and 5 softs, a couple of certificates of completion and an interesting hobby. The only thing that bothers you is the lack of work. And you know that pretty soon you will plunge into it – the time has come for the resume.

In quarantine, there is just the opportunity to brush off the dust from the old resume and turn it into a new one, shining and “wow, how attractive!”. Do not waste time, sit down at the computer and remember all-all-all of your achievements, new skills, challenges that were given the battle in the previous place of work. Add new information to the resume, update the photo.

By the way, at there are direct recommendations on which photos are welcomed in a modern resume (with illustrative examples). You can attract loved ones to updating the photo – let them make dozens of frames from which you will choose the most successful one.

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How to Find A Job

And here is another useful tip – write a resume specifically for the position and requirements of the vacancy for which you are sending. Do you want to try yourself in a new profession and do not know what to write about? All answers are in the article for those who decide to change their profession.

Secret 2. A summary is not the limit: portfolio

How to Find A Job: If you are a master at creating websites, pictures, texts, then you have 100% some kind of portfolio. And now it’s time to make it as “as possible” as possible – that is, so that everyone who sees it will be breathtaking from such beauty. Moreover, if you used to be engaged in, for example, printing, wrote articles for the newspaper, and your portfolio was offline.

So, when the resume is over, we proceed to the portfolio:

  • whoever has it offline – we transfer it to electronic format (you can scan, take high-quality photos, find references and pictures of your work on the Web – all methods are suitable);
  • whose portfolio is already online – everything is like a resume: open, view, update, improve.

And if you are visited by a muse and decide to completely redo the portfolio – excellent, because besides the fact that you receive a document that is guaranteed to be more modern than the old portfolio, you will also be engaged in creativity.

And creativity is good, stress leaves him and the soul sings, self-confidence strengthens and I want to quickly show myself at a new job, which I will certainly find 🙂

Secret 3. Stop pulling time

How to Find A Job: You already have a super resume, you already have a super portfolio. Why not show them to HR managers? To quarantine and procrastinate, of course, is pleasant, but inefficient. And going to, finding your favorite vacancies and immediately responding is another matter.

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Although the labor market has slowed down a little, it does not stand still; good employees are always needed. And if this article has already managed to charge you with energy and you are ready to start working right now, go to our section “ Remote work ” – many employers now place vacancies there.

Secret 4. Video Interview? Fine!

How to Find A Job: Interviewing online is not scary or embarrassing. This format, on the contrary, can be very useful to you.

This is such a wonderful opportunity to show your soft skills and charm Heychar even by video. For example, the question of a hobby: when you are at home, you can not only tell, but also show your own masterpieces, your bookcase or stamp collection.

And the interlocutor will think: “Well, it is necessary, not only a first-class specialist, but also an interesting person.” And rrraz, put you a plus sign.

And in order to show off at an online interview, consider all the nuances and prepare for the video call correctly(How to Find A Job)

Secret 5. Just Forward

How to Find A Job: Forced self-isolation is not a reason to stop (or have we already talked about this? Well, in principle, this is not a sin to repeat). So the last, but no less important secret – keep developing. Indeed, in the intervals between viewing vacancies and sending resumes, you can learn and immediately add new skills to it, which previously simply did not have enough time.

Moreover, in quarantine even previously paid services for training completely free of charge share interesting, informative and useful courses, trainings, online seminars. In general, there are many opportunities to study  – for any specialty and taste, just have time to get knowledge. And let be the hundredth site that advises you, something practical 🙂 #How to Find A Job

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