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How to Get a Scholarship in 5 Easy Steps

Get a Scholarship

How to Get a Scholarship. A lot of people think of scholarships as being really difficult or so competitive to secure, this is somewhat true but this shouldn’t deter you from pursuing your dream and scholarship.


I’m going to give you tips on how to strategize and apply for different scholarships so, here are my seven (7)  steps for study abroad Scholarships.

DO IN-DEPTH RESEARCH: Get a Scholarship

research what country  you want to go to, how long do you want to study abroad, why are you studying abroad and also look for your EFC you can find your EFC or expected family contribution by filing your FAFSA and you can get a number that basically determines how
much the federal government expects your family to contribute to your university tuition.


Make a list of all the scholarships that you are eligible for and related to your chosen program:   after you answer all the questions in number one, you’re going to look on the Google and scholarship sites to see what scholarships are out there that match your country of choice and your personal background-  use a google sheet to document all the links of the scholarships that you have chosen to apply for, that way you can go back and organize those links by what their deadlines are and other requirements.

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I also recommend that you do this at least one year in advance so that way you don’t miss any of the deadlines for the scholarships that you could apply for,  I’m also going to put a
link of different scholarship databases down below so be sure to check that out.

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How to Get a Scholarship in 5 Easy Steps.


I broke up my calendar deadlines into two categories, I had my main deadlines so that’s when all the scholarships are due and then I have my minor deadlines and those were things like maybe ordering transcripts from the register, speaking to my professors about getting a letter of recommendation when I would complete different steps, things like that:

I highly recommend that you print out the Google Calendar and tape it onto your wall and that way you can visually lay out everything you need to see for getting your scholarship completed.


gather all the materials you’ll need for all the scholarship applications, so go through the master list that you created on Google document and take note of what you need, like how
many transcripts do you need for each scholarship and then write down how many letters of recommendation.

Also look at the essay questions, what are the actual questions like, more than likely
I guarantee you all of the scholarship questions are about similar subject matters which really means you only need to write one essay and then modify it to suit all the different prompts or word limitations of each scholarship.

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How to Get a Scholarship in 5 Easy Steps


start writing the essay as soon as possible, break it down into smaller bits one day you could work on fleshing out your ideas and then just be finished, maybe another day you could do writing your introduction, writing your body paragraphs and don’t hold yourself to a really high standard when you’re writing an essay: take your time, take it slow don’t worry about it being perfect the first time you write it because honestly, you’re going to be rereading and be editing it a lot over and over again until you have that perfect wonderful
essay don’t try to do the whole essay at once.


I recommend that you use FedEx, UPS or USPS to send in all of your applications.
the reason why is, you want to have a tracking number and make sure that your
hard work gets there safely and early

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How to Get a Scholarship in 5 Easy Steps


apply to as many as you can even if you think you are the most qualified candidate for a particular scholarship. go for it go for it.
you will never know the most important thing about applying to as many as you can is, the more scholarships that you apply for the higher chance that you will get some money.

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I applied for eight and the first five I did not even get a dime, it was the last three that really
came through for me, last two I got was I got the Gilman scholarship and I also got the Bremen East Asia scholarship and thank God because this was during 2011 when the yen was stronger than the dollar so it’s 77 yen to the United States dollar, so I got money from them.

I also got a scholarship that I applied for within Japan it is part of my study abroad application and I got that too so overall I got sixteen thousand dollars which is incredible: it just takes a lot of pressure and weight off of your chest knowing that all of your hard work paid off that you can actually go abroad and kind of enjoy yourself more you don’t have to worry and stress as much about money.

Also, one last fun tip, if there is an application that requires you for the application, it is a scam do not pay for an application fee, no scholarships grants or anything like that will request you to make any payment: it is a scam don’t fall for it.

so, if you have any more questions please go ahead and put them down below and I
will try my best to answer them.


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