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How to get Green Card in the USA: 5 Best Steps how to win the lottery

How to get Green Card: us flag girl

How to get Green Card ? The easiest way to get a Green Card is to participate in the lottery, which the US government holds every year.

On October 2, 2020, registration for the diversification lottery DV-2022 will open, in which the American residence permit is played – the US green card.

I want to warn you right away that it is not so easy to win a green card in the USA in the lottery, but everyone can take part.

Why this is needed (and is it necessary?) Is a rhetorical question, but the bonuses from the American residence permit are quite substantial, so, as they say, why not? =)

The lottery in which the green card is played in the USA is held annually, registration in 2020 will be open approximately from October 4 to November 7. 

We thought for a long time whether, in general, it is worth publishing this article – after all, each of you who completed the questionnaire becomes our potential competitor =). But in the end, the thirst to share information prevailed over greed and common sense, so hurry up to apply!

How to get Green Card in the USA: Green card in the USA: How to get Green Card 

Attention!! You can apply on your own (for free), in the instructions below I talk in detail about how to do this. But if you don’t want to spend time sorting out the intricacies and details of filling out the questionnaire, we can do it for you. Read more here .

Green card (as Green CardGreen Card, Eng. Green card, the official name of the United States Permanent Resident Card) – identity card or a so-called identification card, confirming the presence of the species in a human residence, which is not a US citizen but resident in the territory of USA, and granting the right to employment in the territory of this country.

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How to get Green Card in the USA: There are only 5 ways to legally obtain a green card in the USA:

  1. Marry a U.S. citizen
  2. Find an employer in the USA
  3. Seek political asylum
  4. Have a spouse/children/parents who have received a green card in the USA
  5. Win the green card in the lottery

It is the latter method that is the least likely, but the easiest way to get a green card in the USA, so I’ll tell you about it.

How to get Green Card in the USA: How to get a green card in the USA – diversification lottery

Diversification Lottery (DV) is an online lottery held annually by the US Department of State. Usually, about 50 thousand visas are drawn in the lottery, with the number of participants about 10 million.

Thus, the probability of winning the green card in the US lottery is 1 in 200. Not a win-win, of course, but there are chances, so why not try to catch your luck!

If you are not lucky with the lottery on the green card, but still want to go to the States, read our article: Self-obtaining a visa to the USA . Well, if you are still not completely sure whether you want to go to America or not, read the article:  13 of the most stunning natural places in the United States that can inspire a trip to America .

If my instructions are not enough, there is even more detailed information on the official website (though only in English).

Applications for participation in the green card lottery in the USA are not accepted from residents of countries from which over 50 thousand immigrants have arrived over the past few years, the list of these countries includes, including: India, Philippines, Vietnam, Canada, Great Britain. Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and other countries of the former USSR do not belong to this list, so everything is in order here.

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To participate in the green card lottery in the United States, a minimum education is required.
Applicants must have a high school diploma or equivalent (in the United States, this means successful completion of a 12-year course in primary and secondary school).

How to get Green Card in the USA: Fill in the application for participation in the green card lottery in the USA

Step 1. Go to the official website of the lottery . Be careful, the green card lottery has no other sites, representative offices, official centers, etc.

On the main page, 3 buttons will be available: “DV – ## Instructions” (instructions for filling out the questionnaire), “Photo Examples” (photo requirements, as well as examples of correct and incorrect photographs) and actually “Begin Entry” (directly the questionnaire to fill out) .


Step 2.  To fill out the questionnaire, you will need your photo, as well as a photo of the husband/wife and children (if any).

green card

You can find out the necessary parameters of the photo, as well as check its compliance with the requirements on the “Photo Tool” page.

Step 3. Start filling out the questionnaire (the “Begin Entry” button). Enter verification code

green card

Step 4. Fill out your personal data

green card

Step 5. If you have a spouse and children, enter information about them (including uploading photos).

Step 6 . After filling out the questionnaire, you will receive a confirmation code, according to which, from May 2 to September 30 the next after the filing of the year, you can check the lottery results on the same site in the Entrant Status Check section statement status)

Everything looks pretty simple, although there are pitfalls, so you need to fill out the questionnaire very carefully to prevent mistakes. Agree, it will be very disappointing to win, but to receive a rejection due to the fact that some data was incorrectly indicated. Also, pay special attention to the requirements for photography, they have been criticized very seriously lately. #How to get Green Card in the USA.

Keep in mind – submitting multiple applications from one person is strictly prohibited!  If you have submitted more than one application, you will be disqualified.

At the same time, if you have two in the family, then you can apply for each spouse (the second receives a green card in the USA automatically) – the probability of winning, in this case, doubles.

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I wish you success in obtaining a green card in the USA!

If you want to try yourself in the lottery on a green card in the USA, but there is no time / desire to deal with the intricacies and details, study the questionnaire in English and prepare a photo for the necessary requirements, we can do it all for you.

In this case, you will be required to:

  1. Fill out a short form in Russian, only 6 questions (we will send after payment).
  2. Send us photos: yours, spouse and all minor children (if any).
  3. Pay for our services (form for payment – below).

You can take a photo in the studio or take a picture of yourself on a camera or smartphone. We will bring it to the necessary requirements ourselves, the main thing is that the following conditions are met.

The photo must be:

  • Colored.
  • Made no earlier than 6 months before the date of application.
  • On a white or gray background (plain, without patterns and textures).
  • In everyday clothes (in a uniform it is impossible, in religious clothes it is possible).
  • Without headgear, glasses, headphones, headsets, etc.
  • With a neutral expression and open eyes.
  • The face should be completely in the frame (the head from the chin to the crown should occupy 50-70% of the image).
  • The photo should not be retouched (not processed in the editor), i.e. you can’t remove the background, gloss over defects and generally make any changes to the original photo.

The cost of our services is 1900 rubles for one questionnaire (or 3500 for two profiles from one family – this increases the chances of winning by 2 times). For regular customers (if you have already submitted a questionnaire through us in previous years), a 10% discount applies.

As a result, you will receive two documents from us – a screenshot confirming the completed application form, as well as a screenshot with a confirmation code that you will use to check the results of the lottery.

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