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How to get internship abroad: Astonishing opportunities for you in 2020

Internship abroad

Internship abroad: Education today means a lot – it’s not just a diploma that warms the soul, but also a lot of opportunities that it opens up for its owner. Of course, not only the education received abroad in itself is appreciated by employers – it is nice to have some experience. And if this experience was gained in an internship abroad, then it can be said that truly all doors are open to such an applicant.

There are many internship programs abroad, as most countries are diligently developing models for popularizing their own principles, as well as ways to manage their affairs. It is worth noting that the internship involves not too expensive (for the receiving party) labor force.

So, for example, many companies invite graduates (including from other countries) for an internship at a time when they need to do some large-scale work or complete a large project. Internship programs are designed so that young specialists with a good education can get the knowledge, experience and practical experience they need, and the company will get a qualified employee with a fresh look for not too high wages.

Embassies and consulates prefer to consider internships as a springboard for adulthood in their native expenses, so it should be emphasized exactly what plans for life the applicant has after the internship. In 2020, a huge number of countries take part in the exchange of experience.

Internships in the tourism and hotel industry are usually popular. However, you can find offers in the field of medical management and administration, in the field of pedagogy, commerce, financial activities, library science and much more.

Internship abroad: In Europe

In Europe, interns are treated differently. So, in fact, European internships are almost never paid. That is – you have to live at your own expense, and to be precise – at the expense of parents.

This is not suitable for everyone, but there is another way out of the situation – you can always find a side job on various programs, or by showing personal initiative. A European internship almost always involves in-depth language learning and professional disciplines. Usually, such internships are not too long-term.

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Internship abroad: In the United States

In the United States, an intern is not a student, but an employee, albeit with less functionality (which, incidentally, affects wages). This is a special feature – the internship is always paid, there are no training courses and no introduction to the specialty, you should know English. One of the most common internships is the SMG program – it can be designed for six months, a year and a half years.

Each program includes a vacation for a month, which can also be spent in the country. Such a program is designed for those who are graduating or have already completed training and want to gain work experience.

There is also a PLI, an internship program in Canada, lasting eight weeks or more. During the internship, no salary is paid, and you need to know the language at a fairly high level – the equivalent of ToEFL is about 185.

In the USA and Canada, you can intern in almost any direction, and there is also the possibility of expanding the professional range. So, for example, you can try to do an internship in a place that is associated with the main place of study only indirectly.

How to find an internship

There are various companies that provide intermediary services to graduates in finding suitable internships. If the company you need does not have a representative office in Russia, you can always contact a foreign agency directly.

What to look for:

  • The agency specializes in the necessary discipline and specificity. So, for example, some companies are engaged only in medical internships, or only legal ones;
  • Does the company work as an intermediary with students, or are their options for cooperation with graduates, graduate students and researchers;
  • Which countries does the agency work with?

What to learn about the internship program

  • Duration of internships for a particular type of activity (for example, for cooks and for doctors, the term of work will differ significantly).
  • Who oversees the program abroad. This is a very sensitive issue that Russian agencies do not like to answer too much. The fact is that all large internship programs are supervised by various organizations, but only large agencies allow themselves to declassify this information – the matter is the number of intermediaries, so this issue needs to be worked out very, very seriously.
  • What major social organizations support the internship program? This question is not too complicated. For example, internships for doctors are supported by the largest medical organizations, and most often you can find out about what other opportunities there are for an internship abroad. For example, as part of the Doctors Without Borders program.
  • Internship conditions. The cost of the program, fees, commissions and fines (it happens). Living conditions, the opportunity to take adaptation courses, conditions for accompanying in visa matters, behavior in force majeure circumstances.
  • Antipathy to the employer. This is also best known in advance. Is it possible to change the place of work if the employer does not cause sympathy? Of course, this is not a simple “like-dislike” question, you’ll need to argue your position anyway, but it’s best to make sure in advance that there is an opportunity to somehow change the course of things. Or make sure in advance that there is no such possibility, and you need to build relationships or pay a forfeit.
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Should I go to Germany

A qualified internship in your profile is an excellent experience, practice and the opportunity to improve in your chosen direction. An internship in Germany is confirmed by documents.

  • Socially important and prestigious positions;
  • Legalization in Germany from six months to two years;
  • Residence permit with the possibility of renewal;
  • Visa-free travel throughout the EU;
  • European certificate of completion of the internship.

An internship is a qualified activity, therefore it is necessary to take into account the fact that you can get an internship permit only in the direction in which education took place. In other words, it is impossible to study advertising and to practice as a lawyer – an internship involves only the field in which education is received.

Most often, those who wish to undergo an internship in such areas as go to Germany:

  • economics and finance;
  • tourism and hospitality;
  • fashion industry;
  • secretarial work;
  • law;
  • sports activities.

It should be borne in mind that the absence of a European diploma, even after completing an internship, does not give the right to work in Germany in the specialty, you will need to confirm your diploma. The application can be submitted at any time – the reception is open all year round, but most of the programs start only in the fall.

You can select the appropriate format and execute documents for up to six months, so you need to carefully plan everything. Minimum requirements imply a complete undergraduate or specialty, you need to know English or German (note that the number of offers for those who speak German is much higher). Language literacy should be at level B1.2

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It is necessary to fill out an application form for participation, attach a resume and a cover note. Some programs require the preparation of the text “What I want to achieve” – in the language of the country where I want to go.

This helps to better know the potential candidate, assess the degree of his ambitions, as well as the level of language proficiency. You will also need a passport, a recommendation from a teacher or a dean. For those who continue their studies, it is necessary to provide a certificate stating that the student is allowed to be absent from classes. Financial guarantees are the most important aspect that should not be forgotten.

Each program has its own requirements, but most often you need to pay for your visa yourself and have enough funds on your account to live (at least for the first time, provided that you work for a salary) and to return home.

Sample Schengen visa to Germany Family documents – this can be a certificate of family composition, a certificate that the candidate has property, documents for the property. This is only required in rare cases. Police certificate stating that the student or graduate has no criminal record. Photos for documents, a driver’s license, as well as a certificate from the work of mom or dad.

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