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How to Get Rich: 6 life hacks

How to Get Rich

How to Get Rich: 6 life hacks. You will need 10-15 minutes a day and an observation table for a period of 90 days.

Money loves not only an account, but also a special way of thinking. Maxim Kharitonov, author of the book “Wealth Program in 90 Days!”, Argues: money is important not only how you program yourself for success, but also how you think. This must be done with care, attention and self-love.


#How to Get Rich: The more you work on the inner feelings of acceptance, care and self-love, the more you notice that in the real world everything works out for you. Such work on their success is becoming a habit. And the farther, the more: at some point, you simply will not be able to stop.

How to Get Rich: 6 life hacks

You will need 10-15 minutes a day and an observation table for a period of 90 days. In the table you need to note daily activities, changes in your financial and emotional state. On the first day, write on the sheet a statement that you are rich and successful. Read this text in the affirmative – this will be your declaration of success. It all depends on how you read it. Repeat several times, listen carefully and believe every word.


#How to Get Rich: What distinguishes the rich from the poor? Capital? Not only! Ability to manage your money. Every day, start with the habit of putting off a certain amount. Accumulations should be in front of your eyes so that you monitor your results and strive for the best. This habit is developed so that when you need something, you can get it.

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The ability to see priorities in spending is one of the keys to success. It is important to understand that we create our bank from deposits of funds in order to form a strong habit – to save. The moment you learn this important lesson, you will not need anything. In addition, a conditional bank acts as a magnet for money. Money comes where it already is.

Often, huge financial mistakes determine the entire future financial path – in a good way. 2.5 years ago, Maxim Kharitonov and his company worth more than billion rubles suffered a major failure – one of the projects did not bring income, but a loss of 5 million rubles.

But the biggest mistake in his career at the same time served as a motivator for a breakthrough in business and a zero coordinate for his own step-by-step technique of mental reprogramming for success.


Exercise. They are necessary for the body to be able to perceive new information. For example, massage your earlobes for 20 seconds to cheer up. Further, your exercises should be supported by actions that will make you believe in your success.


#How to Get Rich: Speak out loud that you are successful. Believe your words, tune your body and spirit to success and abundance. If you have a dream, then voice it. Sound out how you want to see your day: “It’s so cool that today I’m not afraid of anything and everything is working out for me.” Come up with affirmations that will inspire you.

For example: “Fate protects me, everything will be fine with me and my loved ones.” Or: “I am successful and happy.” Having said such phrases, it will be easier for you to believe in what you want to achieve.

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Thank yourself for what you do. Your body and soul should receive confirmation that you love yourself, and you are a team that works for a single result. Look at what you have brilliantly dealt with.

Fate gives abundance to those who believe in it. And he who believes deserves it. Say at the end of the day, for example: “I’m so good, that I managed to complete these tasks at work, thank you, brain, eyes, arms, legs, ears for the fact that you have me and help. ” Tell yourself about your best points.

Overcome your fears. Every time you want to do something, but are afraid and do it anyway, your mind becomes stronger. This is a very powerful exercise that will allow you to get closer to success faster.#How to Get Rich


#How to Get Rich: It is necessary not only to clearly understand what exactly you want, but also to understand why you need it. Write down your goal. For example: “I want to go on vacation to Spain in order to recharge with good emotions, and this will make me happy.” And the goals for getting money will be: “I want to earn more money in order to buy things that will make me happy.”

Take 5 minutes a day to render while driving to a meeting or sitting in an office. You will not lose anything from this, but strengthen faith in your success. Remember that you deserve good luck.

Many people believe that they are losers. But this is not so. You try, so thank yourself, respect, love yourself. For example: “I pilot a plane, every day I help thousands of people get to another point in the world! I am so well done! ” #How to Get Rich

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#How to Get Rich: Celebrate 20, 50 and 90 days. They are abroad and will help you once again make sure that you are approaching success. After 90 days, repeat the cycle again. Spend some of the accumulated money on those things that will make you happier.

You will feel more successful because you have learned to save for the fulfillment of your desires. It all starts with self-love. When successful thinking becomes a habit, you will see that you have created a new self and a new life – one in which you will be enough for everything and you will not have problems, but there will be tasks that you will successfully solve.#How to Get Rich

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