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How to get rich by doing 3 simple things

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How to get rich by doing 3 simple things

Absolutely every person, regardless of age and education, can become rich. Alas, we are not taught this at school. Therefore, many people think that wealth is the destiny of the elect.

To get rich you need to do all 3 simple things:

1. How to get rich: Income . If you want to get rich, the first thing you need to take care of is regular income. Income is the basis of this method. Alas, without having any income, getting rich will not work.

Almost everyone has income in the form of wages. If there is no official job, then income from business, part-time work, money from renting an apartment, from selling property, etc. are suitable.

But one income is not enough. Most people, even with large incomes, are not rich at all. And all because all the money that they receive immediately spend.

A few years ago I myself lived from paycheck to paycheck. There wasn’t enough money all the time. I was paid 2 times a month. And I, having not yet received any money, already knew in advance what I want to spend it on. The necessary thing was already looked after. And in my thoughts I already cherished the day when I go and buy it.

How to get rich: The money received was enough for a maximum of 2-3 days. And then I began to wait for the next salary. And so everything was repeated in a circle. There wasn’t enough money all the time. Therefore, I issued a credit card and paid it in stores.

Now part of my salary began to go to the bank for another percent. When the credit limit was exhausted and the monthly payment “consumed” a good half of the salary, I reissued credit card debt into a consumer loan in order to reduce the monthly payment.

I think that now too many people live that way.

2. How to get rich: Spend less than earn. This is the second and perhaps the most difficult step of the 3. I read about this in books many times, but the thought that I needed to “cut back” myself in something terrified me.

“I already do not have enough money, what can I refuse here if I already spend only on what is necessary?” “That’s exactly what I thought.” But I decided to try it. I painted my monthly expenses on paper and began to think that this list could be reduced or removed.

So I managed to accumulate 1 of my monthly salary in a few months. Subsequently, this money helped me change jobs for a higher paying one. But this is a completely different story.

From the height of current experience, I can say that it is quite possible to reduce costs by 20-30% without affecting the quality of life .

3. How to get rich: We invest surplus. All the money that you saved in the previous step needs to be invested. But not under the mattress, but at interest in order to receive additional income on them. Thus, in addition to the main income, you will also receive additional “passive” income.

Passive income is an income that goes by itself. For example, you can put money on a deposit and receive interest.

Thus, all that needs to be done is to receive a salary, not to spend it all, but to postpone part of it to the bank. And repeat these 3 steps every month.

Let me give you an example: if you save 10,000 rubles a month, then in a year you will have almost 124,000 rubles on your account. And in addition to the salary, 628 rubles of “passive” income will go every month.

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