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How to Make Money on Facebook: 4 Super Tips

How to Make Money on Facebook

How to Make Money on Facebook:  Facebook is the most popular social network in the world. The business model of the site has been constantly changing and today the brainchild of Zuckerberg involves several forms of earnings. The methods proposed below are suitable for other social networks, however, in view of the enormous popularity of Facebook, we decided to use it as an example.

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Direct advertising

Direct advertising is the standard method of earning page owners and groups. It implies the presence of a thematic community and a certain number of subscribers. The essence of the method: placement of advertising posts for money.

Advertisers often turn to large communities themselves; in other cases, they offer their services to potential customers. The cost depends on the size of the audience, its quality and theme.

For humor and entertainment, it is usually lower than for business and finance. It’s important to select thematically related ads and keep the ratio of advertising and regular posts in order to maintain audience engagement.

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Sale of posts

Common in the US market, the method is similar to the previous one, but involves some kind of automation. Having a fairly large community, you can register in a special service like and centrally receive posts for placement, choosing by subject and cost.

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How to Make Money on Facebook: Create events and meetings

For the advertising of seminars, lectures and master classes, the creation of “events” is perfect. They are created right in the community as a new post (create an event), but when they are created, a full-fledged new page will appear where you can attach a banner, indicate the date of the event, describe it and invite 500 friends from one account. The result with a large number of friends is simply amazing.
If you decide to do business on Facebook, it is important to consider the factor of residence and interests of subscribers. You should not give a request as a friend to people from other countries if your product cannot be sent there. It also makes no sense to add children to friends in serious projects.

How to Make Money on Facebook: Partnership programs

Affiliate programs are a way of earning in which you somehow advertise a product and get a percentage of sales made by the people you bring.

Working with an affiliate program is quite simple:

  1. Find an affiliate program. There are a lot of them, so you will surely find one that suits you. Carefully read all the conditions. Some programs send checks, but to get money from others, you will need to have an electronic wallet.
  2. Register on affiliate program sites. This step takes only a couple of minutes.
  3. Promote your selected affiliate’s products using posts in your communities or targeted ads.

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Promote your product or service

If you are a business coach, you can lead a community to promote your services. In this case, you can share your experience, give free tips, publish useful materials. If you are an author and writer, you can publish chapters from a book, promote it even before publication, fostering public interest. If you are a photographer, you can use the social network to showcase your work and receive orders.

In general, the pages of brands and individuals in social networks have long been no new thing. Increasingly, they are used by both local businesses and specialists of not only global scale. A social network, whether it be Facebook, Vkontakte or any other, is primarily a platform for communication, uniting millions of people. Communicate with your existing and potential customers, get feedback and ideas for growth, take orders directly in the community – the functionality allows you to replace the site.

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