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How to make money on Instagram: 5 creative ways

make money on Instagram

How to make money on Instagram: Instagram is initially a free application for sharing photos and short videos with elements of a social network. In April 2012, Facebook became the owner of the company, buying it for $ 1 billion.

Today it is a full-fledged social network with more than 600 million users monthly (company blog data for December 2016). In March 2017, Instagram audience in Russia amounted to 22 million people per month , which makes it very attractive for business in terms of establishing contact with potential consumers.

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The subtleties of promoting goods and services and advertising on Instagram are in the competence of thematic resources. We list only a few global recommendations:

  • Upload photos and videos regularly . The flow of generated content is so great that rare publications run the risk of being lost and not being noticed. Like Facebook, Instagram has recently been using smart news feeds. Make a content plan, prepare posts in advance.
  • Take good quality photos. With this, everything is clear – in the visual social network, the quality of materials should be at a level.
  • Use relevant hashtags, track trends .
  • Keep in touch with your subscribers . Go to other people’s accounts, comment on them, chat and meet other people.
  • Indicate reliable data and contacts . Do not forget to sign each of your publications.

Here are the ways to make money on Instagram:

How to make money on Instagram: 5 creative ways. Partnership programs

Affiliate programs allow you to earn income in the event that someone purchased the product you advertised by clicking on your link. Instagram is popular for food, cosmetics, travel, and clothing. Therefore, look on the Internet what companies exist on these topics and find out if there are affiliate programs.

Sponsorship posts

They look like affiliate programs, with the exception that sponsorship posts are usually entirely dictated by advertisers. That is, if in the first case you could advertise the product, choosing the format at your discretion, then in the second case the conditions are a little tougher.

Look for sponsors yourself, so that their field of activity ideally matches the theme of your photos. Everything should be harmonious here.

You can have two powerful arguments to convince the advertiser to place a post on your page – the number of subscribers and good content. Since the sponsorship post is still quite explicit advertising, do not abuse their number.

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How to make money on Instagram: 5 creative ways

Selling photos

Why not use Instagram for its intended purpose? Photo stocks are a good way to make money, but there your photos are mixed with a huge stream of others. In the case of Instagram, you promote your photos yourself.

Here are two sites that directly sell photos through Instagram:


Promotion of own business

It’s simple: you have a product, you photograph it in a variety of life situations, show people how their life will change after its acquisition. You can do anything from making cakes to embroidering and you don’t need to pay money for advertising – the photos advertise themselves. It all depends on your skills to take good photos and choose the right hashtags.

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Account sale

A method not approved by the social network, but nonetheless existing. On different resources for different accounts, you can earn from several hundred rubles to several tens of thousands of dollars. It all depends on the quality of subscribers.

Make money on Instagram: AR-masks

Masks blew up Instagram in 2019. The “Pioneers” did a good job of this: bloggers increased their audience, and the makers of the masks earned money: some only on design, others on training. On the Internet you can find many courses and training videos offering to teach any user how to work in a specialized program for creating AR masks.

In 2020, masks are still relevant, but the vector will change. An important function of masks is the promotion of a brand or product. Using the mask, you can announce the release of a new product, attract the attention of subscribers and launch a wave of user-generated content.

There is an opportunity to embed games, gamification and competitive mechanics in such masks.

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Today, the creation of an AR mask implies not only the ability to use the Spark AR Studio program, but also the development of an advertising concept, creative and promotion of the mask itself. And this is a package of services for a full-fledged business.

The price of developing an AR-mask starts from 2 thousand rubles, and it is difficult to name the upper limit – it all depends on the complexity of the order. Obviously, the creation of turnkey AR projects will cost several times more.

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