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How to migrate to Canada in 2020? A Story of an Immigrant

How to migrate to Canada in 2020?
How to migrate to Canada. The story of people who Traveled and relocated to Canada, about their fillings and experiences

The continuation of the story of how we immigrated to Canada, lived in Toronto for several months and what caused us to return back to Moscow.

The trip to Toronto in September did not go very smoothly, I can’t say that I was delighted. Toronto reminded New York at the minimum, on the whole I liked everything, but there was no feeling “This is where I want to live my whole life.”

Flying there, we even took a suitcase with things, which I planned to leave in some kind of storage room until our arrival in December, but I was so lost the confidence that we would live there that I took this suitcase back to Moscow. My wife’s everything went more smoothly, she looked much more inspired than me.

How to migrate to Canada

While we were in Toronto, we did some important things:

1) Opened a bank account and issued cards

2) We met with a realtor and looked at the apartment. We agreed that while we were in Moscow, she would send options that might be of interest to us for rent from December

3) We went to Niagara

4) We walked all down town, looked at the outskirts of the city, took a ride on public transport

As a result, returning to Moscow, I thought, weighed everything and decided that we were moving.

How to migrate to Canada in 2020?

How to migrate to Canada in 2020? A Story of an Immigrant 1
How to migrate to Canada in 2020?. Toronto, view from Center Island. How to migrate to Canada

Preparing for the move

Departing in December, we did not know when we would be in Moscow again, so the following months we very much decided what to take with us, parted with friends and family, collected some documents, hugged with birches.

In parallel with this, I was constantly in touch with our realtor. From her collections, we selected the ones that we liked, and she went to view these apartments, recording them on video. Thus, we remotely found ourselves a beautiful apartment for rent, which has been waiting for us since December.

Airplane tickets were purchased in November, the flight Moscow-Amsterdam-Toronto. We also took a return flight in May through Rome, since without a return flight tickets to Toronto came out 6-8 times more expensive.

Even in the process of applying for immigration, we realized that after moving, a job search will take at least 6 months. We decided not to waste time, we will go to study at the graduate program.

Such a program costs much less than a master’s program, it takes about 8 months and gives an internship at the end, but it does not give you a degree. For us it was a great opportunity to socialize, to establish a network and just not lose time.

Even in the summer, being in Moscow, we applied to universities and eventually chose one of them. I chose Research analytics, and my wife went to Human Resource Management.


Initially, the plan was to send things through a freight company, but then it turned out the price and the amount of time that we need to spend on it and we rejected this option. It was decided to carry fewer things, we were able to pack in 5 suitcases that we checked into our luggage.

December 5, we flew from Sheremetyevo

How to migrate to Canada in 2020? A Story of an Immigrant 2
How to migrate to Canada in 2020?. View from an apartment shot on Airbnb

We flew to Toronto around 5-6 pm. Passed control, received their 5 suitcases and went to the exit. An officer in the green corridor asked where we got so many suitcases from. We said that we are newcomers and today is the day of our move, to which he said “Welcome to Canada!” and didn’t even check anything with us.

A little bit about our house. In Canada, there are conditionally two types of apartments for rent:

  • Rentals – houses built specifically for renting apartments. They are managed by a management company, they are not very beautiful, usually they do not have any outstanding infrastructure. The price for 1 bedroom is $ 1000 + / month.
  • Condominiums are beautiful houses, we call them residential complexes. The windows are on the floor, there is security, a concierge and a lot of any infrastructure (it is called amenities here), for example, a gym, party room, underground parking, personal storage rooms, lobby, meeting room, guest rooms, outdoor barbecue, pool. Price for 1 bedroom- $ 1500 + / month.

There are some types of apartments, but their market share is quite small.

The place where you live always has a huge impact on your mood, so an apartment is what we decided not to save on, we rented an apartment in a condominium, 1 bedroom + living room. The apartment is super, except for all the amenities that I listed above, ours was on the top floor, which meant high ceilings and the absence of a roof over our balcony, which gave a huge amount of light throughout the day.

In all apartments in the condo there is a washing machine, dryer, dishwasher, all the necessary equipment in the kitchen (everything is new). Putting it all together provided a very strong lift in comfort.

How to migrate to Canada in 2020?

How to migrate to Canada in 2020? A Story of an Immigrant 3
How to migrate to Canada in 2020?. View from our apartment

The first week in Toronto we spent on buying furniture and all kinds of small things for an apartment, preparing various documents, issuing credit cards, buying SIM cards, connecting to the Internet and other household matters. Our studies began only in January, so after the key issues in Toronto were resolved, we flew away to rest in Florida in order to gain strength and recover a little.

How to migrate to Canada in 2020?

How to migrate to Canada in 2020? A Story of an Immigrant 4
How to migrate to Canada in 2020?

Life in Toronto: How to migrate to Canada in 2020?


In Toronto, society is as heterogeneous as possible. Everyone came from different countries, all in different colors and speak different languages. This didn’t bother us personally, but if you plan to immigrate to Canada, this can be a barrier.

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The city is very large in area, this is due to the fact that a huge number of people live in private houses. Because of this, the population density in the city is low, and although Toronto has excellent public transport, it will still not be very good without a car. For example, to get from home to the place where I handed in for rights, by public transport – more than an hour, while changing the bus, metro and then again the bus. The same route takes 20 minutes by car. There is no car sharing, as in Moscow, in Toronto.

Down Town is very similar to New York, only much smaller, more fresh and clean.

How to migrate to Canada in 2020? A Story of an Immigrant 5
How to migrate to Canada in 2020?. Down town toronto


Our program was aimed precisely at helping people find work. The university constantly arranged career events, invited speakers from partner companies, gave workshops on how to do networking on LinkedIn and live, well, and above all, he gave knowledge.

Since almost all universities are private, you are their client and their status and further profit depends on what your results will be after the program. Therefore, they try to provide the appropriate service, constantly update their programs to meet the needs of the labor market and select good teachers.


The work there is not at all the way we are most used to in Russia. In Canada, there is very little chance of getting a job simply by sending your resume to vacancies on Indeed or LinkedIn. There, as in the United States, all work is through networking.

We built our network from scratch, I tested several channels at once, the most working were career exhibitions and various professional communities, for example, PMI or Russians in Toronto. People are open and ready to make contact.

I liked one company and I found an employee on LinkedIn and called her for an informational interview for coffee. She happily agreed, answered me all the questions about the company, and then also handed over my resume to the hiring manager.

On the other hand, the labor market is very competitive. Real terms of job search, if you are not a developer, 6 months. Developers do not sit idle for a long time, and quite frequent cases of receiving a job offer even before they get to Canada. How to migrate to Canada in 2020?


I know that for many people in the process of immigration, the most frightening question is that they will not be able to find friends. This circumvented us, we made contact very easily, so in the first week we found friends with whom we spent a lot of time and who helped us in everything (Vitya and Nastya, hello!).

Thanks to them, we have grown into a small company, most of them were from the CIS. How to migrate to Canada in 2020?

Why did we decide to leave

How to migrate to Canada in 2020?.In general, we already felt that we were used to the local way of life and mentality, planned long-term goals, looked closely at real estate and cars. We thought about which city in Canada we would like to live more.

At the end of February, there was a need to fly to Moscow, my wife at work (all this time she worked remotely for Moscow), to me for a dentist (medicine in Canada is free, except for a dentist and an ophthalmologist, but they cost a lot).

Having returned home after 3 months of living in Toronto, we were finally able to objectively look at Canada and Moscow (I intend to write about Moscow, since it would be another city in Russia, the comparison would be completely different). Thanks to this, we were able to better understand ourselves and our motivation and make a choice in favor of what is closer to us.

How to migrate to Canada in 2020?

How to migrate to Canada in 2020? A Story of an Immigrant 6
How to migrate to Canada in 2020?

Key points that do not suit us in Canada

1) Society – in general, society is extremely pleasant, but very difficult to rise in terms of some kind of innovation. Online banking at the level of Russia in 2012, and I’m not joking. Any credit card transaction will be debited from the account only after 1-3 days, until that moment it is hanging in the “Pending transactions” in the online bank and is not reflected in the amount of money available to you.

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Once I bought a plane ticket with a credit card, this transaction was fun with me for 10 days before the bank could process it and it was debited from my account.

The same story about telephone communications, you can’t see how many gigabytes of Internet you have left for today, because they load data with a delay of 12 hours. How to migrate to Canada in 2020?

About sane UX in general, few have heard. The ability to try on things when ordering online, a la Lamoda or Wildberries, is also not known to anyone. Recharge your travel card via the Internet – wait a few hours for the money to arrive on the card.

This is reflected in many areas of everyday life, and when you are used to easily sending money through an online bank and replacing your personal auto car sharing, then you will be expected to return to Toronto in 2010-12 and the feeling that you are behind the times.

How to migrate to Canada in 2020?
How to migrate to Canada in 2020? A Story of an Immigrant 7
How to migrate to Canada in 2020? Screen from a mobile application. A.

2) Travel – We really love to travel, for 2018 there were only two months when we did not fly anywhere, for 2019 – one.

Traveling from Canada is difficult and expensive. Firstly, very expensive tickets, even domestically the cheapest tickets are $ 350 per person, to Europe from $ 1000 per person. At such prices, going to another country for a weekend is unrealistic.

In addition, holidays in Canada are 14 days a year, and there are not so many holidays for which you can fly somewhere or leave. This is further complicated by the fact that we need to be in Moscow at least a week in a year to visit our parents and do some business.

How to migrate to Canada in 2020?

3) Lifestyle – the main thing that does not suit us in Canada – is good there, but for those who consciously want to be the middle class. If you work hard and stable, then you are guaranteed to have all the attributes of a middle class: a drywall house in a mortgage, two Toyota on credit, furniture from Ikea, relaxing on tours to the Dominican Republic or Mexico, silence, peace and measured life.

But there will be absolutely no dynamics, there will be no opportunity to switch to a new job with promotion, as well as there will be no multiple growth in salaries, and in business there will be no growth of 50% from month to month. how to migrate to Canada

In general, everything is built in such a way that the purpose of all life is to buy real estate and pay a mortgage.

Canada is a mixture of Europe and America, however, it took from both that which we personally do not like. It has European socialism, in which the least ambitious and lazy sections of the population win, and those who work harder are forced to feed the former.

At the same time, Canada received from America a lack of taste and a sense of beauty, a lack of beautiful architecture and convenient cities, a fast-fashion consumption model, and sometimes insincere relations between people.

The general conclusion is this: Canada is a great country for those who love calm and measured, who need confidence in the future, perhaps for those for whom the family is superior to career achievements, for whom social equality and security are important.

But we made a choice to return to Russia, since the way of life and prospects are closer to us there. If you mentally go back to September and think about a decision to move, I would still move and come back, for it would be foolish not to use this opportunity and not get such an experience.

How to migrate to Canada in 2020?

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