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How to return money to a credit card. Best #1

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How to return money to a credit card. In the current difficult time, financially literate people have every ruble in their accounts. Therefore, we in Tinkoff came up with a promotion for new customers, which will help save 2,000 rubles.

To do this, just order a Tinkoff Platinum credit card and spend from it on any purchases for the first month 5000 ₽. In this case, we will refund 2000 ₽. That is, you just make your usual purchases, and we will return real money for this.

How to return money to a credit card

If you are already interested in the offer, you can draw up a card here . And the rest, we’ll tell you about the other benefits of Tinkoff Platinum, our most popular credit card. We call it universal, because it is best suited for everyday shopping, and maintenance costs only 590 ₽ per year.

Credit limit up to 300 000 ₽

We will inform you of the exact limit after filing an application at the bottom of this page. It will depend on your credit history.

4 months without interest

If you have loans at other banks, you can transfer them to Tinkoff and not pay interest for 120 days, but repay only the loan body. This is done very easily: you make out Tinkoff Platinum, by phone or chat in the application you inform the details of the loan in another bank and connect the “Balance Transfer” service. After that, our employee will transfer the money to another bank and will include for you an interest-free 120-day period in Tinkoff.

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Low minimum payment

The process of paying off credit card debt is structured like this. The month you pay by card, at the end of the bank sends a statement with the total amount of debt, the amount of the minimum payment and the date of payment. After receiving the extract, you will have approximately 25 days to pay.

Pay the debt in full – no interest. Pay the minimum payment (usually it is in the region of 6% of the debt) – interest will be small. And remember the main rule: the more money you return to a credit card, the less interest you pay.

Interest-free period up to 55 days

Tinkoff Platinum is designed so that you can not pay interest on purchases with a card at all. To do this, you need to return to credit card the full amount of debt on the statement before the payment date. How much money is left to deposit is indicated in the line “Balance of debt on statement”. Please note: the interest-free period applies only to card purchases and does not apply to cash withdrawals.

Convenient repayment without commission

You can replenish a card in several ways: by transferring details from any bank, by transferring money from a card of any bank, in cash at Tinkoff ATMs or from our partners at any of 300 thousand points throughout Russia.

Interest-free installments up to 12 months

Tinkoff partners offer cardholders interest-free installments in their stores. For example, you can buy electronics, clothes, furniture, airline tickets. The purchase amount is divided into several payments, we will add them to the amount of the minimum monthly credit card payment. If you make payments on time, installments will be interest-free.

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We return 1% bonuses from all purchases

For every $ 100 spent, we charge bonuses – 1%. They can compensate for spending in restaurants and cafes, as well as the purchase of train tickets. To do this, just select the purchase in the application and click “Compensation with points” – bonuses will be written off, and the money spent on the purchase will instantly be credited to the account. Now it’s your money, dispose of it as you like.

We return up to 30% bonuses for purchases from partners

Some Tinkoff partners provide installments, while others offer the opportunity to return up to 30% of the purchase with bonuses. Among such partners are supermarket chains, cafes and restaurants, cosmetics and electronics stores, taxi and car sharing services and many others. Points can be used to compensate for purchases in cafes and restaurants in the same way.

Convenient application

Replenish the account without commissions, change the PIN code, study the tariff, connect or disconnect services – queues in the departments are not for you. It is also convenient to check the balance and monitor expenses from a smartphone.

24/7 support

If you have a question, our support team will help. We are in touch around the clock, without weekends and holidays. Communicate in the way that suits you best: write in a chat or call a toll free number. No trips to the department.

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