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How can a marketer move to Berlin: #1 Immigration Germany

Immigration Germany

Immigration Germany. In January 2020, I moved to live and work in Germany under the Blue Card program.

This program is for highly qualified specialists, and not just for programmers and doctors, as many people think. In 2018, 33 thousand people moved to Europe through it. Of these, 27 thousand (83%) of the Blue Card were issued by Germany.

Blue Card allows you to work in Germany, after 22 months to obtain a permanent residence permit, then – citizenship. In addition, it allows you to transport the family and allows your husband / wife to officially work in the country. You can also move to another country working with the Blue Card after 1.5 years.

Prior to that, I had 14 years of experience in Russian marketing. Mainly in the food IT companies of the b2b segment. Immigration Germany

The idea of ​​life and work in Europe or the United States began to arise from me since 2016. But beyond the abstract “A good thing!” did not go.

It seemed that it was not for me. These are some other special people who went to America during the school years under the Work & Travel program, then spent 1-2 years in other countries under student exchange programs, and then changed geography every 3-4 years in international corporations.

For them, relocation and a foreign career look organic and natural. But for me, who grew up on the outskirts of Yekaterinburg and first visited the European Union only 7 years ago, no.

The second obstacle was a banal lack of knowledge of English. My confident middle level was suitable for reading and talking while traveling. But it was not enough to work in an English-speaking environment.

Completed this list is entirely local work experience. I made a successful career by the standards of my native country, but outside of it my track record didn’t mean anything.

Plus, I had the education of a Russian regional university and a claim to a leadership position.

Given these factors, until mid-2019, my ambitions extended only to Russia. But then everything changed dramatically. Immigration Germany

Mental fracture. Immigration Germany

In an effort to tighten English, I chose the option of full immersion and went to a super intensive (35 hours a week) for a month language school in Oxford . Did this stasis become fluent? Of course not. But there, being the only student from Russia among dozens of students, I finally realized that I passionately want to live and work in a multicultural environment.

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At the same time, there was a career club Dream catch me Olga Lermontova. She does an incredible job, helping thousands of people structure their approach to careers, goals and job search. The club was based in a closed group on Facebook.

I got into the very first set and found nearby 400 Russian-speaking motivated professionals. They were scattered throughout the world, actively sharing experiences, discussing, experiencing and reaching. It was very motivating.

Around the same time, my man decided to leave the corporation. Since September, nothing else has kept us in Russia. The puzzle has developed. I realized that the ideal time to move is now.

And switched to job search abroad. Immigration Germany

How to choose a country to move

Separately, I will make a reservation that Germany and Berlin did not appear immediately. At first I looked for work all over Europe, including England. London was a priority, from which, however, they never answered me 😃. In other countries (such as Belgium, the Netherlands) there were few vacancies in my profile.

At the same time, my husband and I did an exercise called “Where to move: a rational look.” Both wrote their own criteria, each of which was assigned weight.

In addition to the obvious criteria (such as the cost of living and language), there were non-obvious ones. For example, a good bicycle structure was important for my man, and for me to have a lot of things at once (“You see,” I explained inconsistently, “if I want to choose a yoga studio, then there should be 20 such in the city, and not one ! “).

The advantage of the tablet was that it translated emotions into a specific rating that could be compared with each other. Then we added there the wildest fantasies in the city of dreams at this period of life. Immigration Germany

For example, I instantly entered Chicago, which I have never been to.

Example of our tablet with criteria and rating of cities for moving

 Immigration Germany. Job search process

Summary. Over the past months, I have rewritten a summary countless times. Now I specifically looked – for 2019, I have saved 32 versions of this document.

I showed it to acquaintances, members of a career club, native speakers, collected feedback and rewritten again. As a result, foreign employers invited me for an interview after receiving a resume in 20% of cases.

Niche. I am not a Python programmer; startups and corporations are not lining up for me. Therefore, I decided that my advantage would be in a narrow specialization – a marketer in the b2b segment in SaaS products.

Having appropriately designed my profiles on LinkedIn and Glassdoor, I began to look for vacancies precisely with these keywords. I carefully selected vacancies and looked only for leadership positions, so I sent a resume only 33 times. For candidates with a more universal profile, the number of responses before receiving an offer may be more than 100.

Personalization Having found a suitable vacancy, I adapted a cover letter and resume for it (and sometimes wrote again), highlighting important points specifically for this role. Immigration Germany

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Tongue. It remained to resolve the issue with the language. It was decided to take the onslaught 😀. Since September, I resumed my studies at Skyeng and began to engage in slaughter mode – 6 times a week.

I limited the consumption of content in my native language – I unsubscribed from everyone on Instagram, replacing Russian subscriptions with foreign bloggers. All my free time, the background included the series “Friends” in the original (in my youth I somehow missed it). Plus, I wrote tons of documents during preparation.

Training. Yes, I was preparing for every interview and every step. Collected information about the company and its values. I reread the text of the vacancy many times to better understand the requirements and tasks. I found relevant tasks in my practice for these tasks and tried to mention them at the interview.

I read reviews on Glassdoor, which often contains insights about the company’s internal kitchen. For each interview I had a separate file. But with English, I still panicked wildly. Therefore, for the first English-speaking interview in my life, I simply wrote all the possible questions and answers, translated them and memorized them. And I’m not joking right now.

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The preparations went in a rather tight mode, so I had to start a special kanban board in Trello, where the status of each company was monitored and the documents for preparation were stored.

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 Immigration Germany. As a result, 3.5 months have passed since the first CV was sent to receive a suitable offer. Another month was spent on collecting all documents and obtaining a visa with a Blue Card replacement. Having started looking for work in August, in December we already moved to Berlin.

Plan B. Along with my interviews in Europe, I applied for the Atlas Corp American program , which provides an internship of 12-18 months at the best companies in the US nonprofit sector (mainly in Washington).

The advantages of this program are not only in covering all basic expenses, but in the fact that it is designed for specialists up to 35 years old (and not for students, as a rule) and makes it possible to have powerful networking among participants from all over the world. And most importantly, gaining experience in the third sector in America’s coolest organizations in the nonprofit sector.

Atlas Corp program participants are carefully and multi-stage selected from 12,000 applications each year. Two months ago, the coveted letter came that I went to the semifinals. My internship was supposed to start in May of this year. But at that moment I was already living and working in Berlin.

Instead of a conclusion

You may have 1000 excuses why not. But in fact, sometimes you just need to do it. Do not stop at endless reflection and self-flagellation at the time of failure. Because failures are not about you personally, but such an integral part of the process.

Do not stop and look for options. Blue Card may not suit you personally, but there are other options.

Because the difference between those who wanted and moved, and those who only want, is in the quantity and quality of efforts. And there’s no other difference 😉.

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