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Expected to be a Big Year for Immigration Nominee Programs in Canada,2020

Immigration Nominee Programs in Canada

Immigration Nominee Programs in Canada. Every year a massive number of immigrants come to Canada. In 2020 there is no exception that this will not happen. Canada will see the number of immigrants arriving in 2020. We are expecting some significant number of changes that might happen in the polices as well. The immigration plans for 2020-2022 will get announced by March.

Immigration Levels Plan to be Announced by March

Marco Mendicino, who is the new immigration minister of Canada, was expected to present the annual immigrant report of 2019 by November. This is due to the Canadian elections that were not possible to do. Hence, he will be filing the announcement in March 2020.

This report will show the total number of immigrants who came to Canada. It will give a fair idea of how much they should expect this year as well. The immigrant intake capacity of Canada will increase to around 341,000 for the year 2020. In the year 2021, it will go up to 350,000. A furthermore increase will be seen for the year 2022.

Expected to be a Big Year for Immigration Nominee Programs in Canada,2020 1

The Parents and Grandparents Program

This is an important announcement for the year in Canada. The parent’s and grandparents’ program will get announced by April. In 2020 the Canadian government has planned to take in around 21000 immigrants under the parents and grandparents program.

But there will always be some changes made because of the lack of vacancy in the area. But this initiative is a fantastic thought of the Canadian government.

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The Immigration Nominee Programs in Canada

Canada is planning to welcome 67800 immigrants under the nominee program in 2020. Even though the Canadian government is planning to appreciate a lot of immigrants this year, yet the scarcity of space will become a big issue for them.

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Overcoming this is an essential factor considering how essential immigrants are for Canada. This is crucial with respect to how important their role is in Canada’s socio-economic development as well.

Expected to be a Big Year for Immigration Nominee Programs in Canada,2020 2

The government will plan to evacuate significant places in Canada. It will ask the immigrants to settle onto the surrounding or adjoining outskirts’ area in Canadian states.

The significant states are over flooding with people. Hence this is a big challenge for the Canadian government considering the bigger plans it is making for the immigrants. Yet, a lot is to get solved within the states of Canada.

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The government launched the Atlantic Immigration pilot in 2017, which enabled 40000 immigrants to come into Canada and make a living. Canada implemented the Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot in 2019. A total of eleven communities participated in this pilot.

A hike in the citizenship fee is also expected to happen in 2020. It was CAD 630 per person in the family, which is not very favourable for families that are not well to do. Many families are waiting for the implementation of the policies because they cannot afford this fee hike. There is a 40% hike expected in the fee this year. Immigration Nominee Programs in Canada.

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