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Interior designer: how to earn 1500 USD a month, creating beauty and coziness?

Interior designer

Interior designer: As a child, you loved to draw and draw, and now sit on a boring and low-paying job? Skillbox Online University invites you to take the “Profession Interior Design” course. Read on how to learn a new profession and start doing what you love.

What does an interior designer do?

The work of an interior designer is to create comfort and beauty in the place where a person lives or works. In this profession, a combination of creative and analytical skills is important. It is necessary not only to come up with what the room will look like, but also to design it with an accuracy of a centimeter. You need to constantly be creative and find innovative solutions.

How much do interior designers earn?

Right now, more than 1000 companies are looking for such a specialist on The average salary in Moscow is 80 thousand rubles. Experienced specialists are willing to pay 120 thousand rubles a month. Good interior designers eventually open their own studios, so it’s extremely difficult to determine the career and salary ceiling in this profession.

Where to go to study: university or courses?

The design of residential and commercial interiors can be learned at many universities in Russia. But studying at the university lasts as long as 5 years. It is difficult to combine with the main work. At the university you will be forced to learn a lot of extra subjects that are not useful in the profession. And the most important knowledge will most likely be taught using outdated methods.

At Skillbox, you learn the profession of interior designer in just 1 year. 3-5 hours a week are enough for study. After 8 months, we will help you find the first customers and start earning, and at the end of the course we will take care of your employment.

What is the learning process in Skillbox?

You watch video lessons, complete practical tasks and send them to the teacher for verification. After he makes the changes and parses the errors with you, you can proceed to study the new module.

Practical designers, managers and founders of design studios will become your teachers. They will teach you how to model photorealistic images of the interior in 3ds Max, work with drawings in ArchiCAD, develop design documentation and communicate with customers. You can always contact your mentors through a private Telegram chat. And you can see them and listen to lectures at offline / online workshops.

During the year of study, you will independently develop 4 major design projects for real customers, which will become valuable cases in your resume.

Interior designer: how to earn 1500 USD a month, creating beauty and coziness?

How much does it cost to learn interior design at Skillbox?

Right now, for first students, the “Profession of Interior Designer” course has a 40% discount. Instead of 201 500 rubles, you will pay 120 900 rubles. The course can be issued on credit for 3 years. The amount of monthly payments will amount to 3,900 rubles. The first six months you pay nothing – Skillbox takes all the costs for itself. And that’s not all! As a gift, each new student will receive free access to the ARCHICAD program and 2 months of free tuition at the EnglishDom English school.

Scroll down to learn more about our course. We will send you a detailed presentation of the program and advise on all issues.

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