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Job for a Fashion Designer : 10 Best Tips a Job-seeker

job for a fashion designer

Job for a Fashion Designer: The review contains the best sites for designers, where you can search for one-time orders, remote work or permanent employment. For your convenience, all resources are grouped by type. Separately described sites for job search for interior designers.

At the end of the article are useful tips on how to find work, including for beginners without experience.

10 tips on how to find a job for a designer, including without experience

  1. Customers often choose portfolio designers. Estimate the level of work and customers, the total number of projects. Therefore, it is sometimes difficult for novice designers to start making money. If there is no portfolio, then there are no customers. To solve the problem, you can add to the portfolio of competitive works, orders made for your projects, friends or acquaintances, as well as a design created for invented customers. This technique was used by many designers, including now top specialists.
  2. #Fashion Designer.Use word of mouth to search for orders. For example, invite the first three clients to do the job for free or very inexpensively in the expectation that they will advise you to their acquaintances or friends. This technique can work in the field of interior design, where customers often advise good specialists to acquaintances (or they themselves ask who did the design of the apartment, house, etc.).
  3. #Fashion Designer. Collaborate with colleagues. For example, if you are a web designer, offer your services to the programmers who make sites. So that they buy your design and sell it to their customers with some kind of extra charge. As a result, both sides will earn.
  4. Web designers can attract customers by offering a free site audit. Find a few serious problems on the potential customer’s website that the customer wants to fix and you will get a job.
  5. Popular YouTube channels and popular profiles in designers’ directories attract customers well. Watch how your colleagues unwind channels or their pages in directories and use their tricks.
  6. Take part in real contests. In case of victory, you will increase your level in the eyes of customers, even if you have little or no experience at all.
  7. You can get customers by teaching design in online schools, for example, at the University of Netology. This method of finding customers is suitable for experienced professionals. Among the students may be representatives of companies, including managers who need design services. If you are interested in giving lectures and showing that you are a good specialist, they can offer you cooperation. Indicate contacts in each presentation of your course so that you can be contacted (the university allows you to do this).
  8. #Fashion Designer.If you are a beginner designer, try to find a remote job in a small web studio or company. It has gathered 47 employers offering such vacancies, including design specialists. The advantage of remote work is the ability to work under the supervision of a more experienced designer or art director who will help grow professionally.
  9. Open and maintain your own blog. Having a blog is a sign of interest in your professional field. You can write about design, slowly gather around yourself an audience, including customers. However, do not expect quick results from the blog. It can take a year or two to spin up. This work is the perspective.
  10. Give lectures at business breakfasts, in coworking. There are many beginning entrepreneurs who need inexpensive designer services, and they can hire you. You will gain experience, the first customers and you can earn. #Fashion Designer
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Social networks and Telegram channels with work for designers

Job for a Fashion Designer:In these groups, orders for freelance designers are published, as well as job opportunities for remote work.

Job for a Fashion Designer. Designers catalogs and portfolio hosting sites

The collection contains a lot of foreign resources, mainly for graphic and web designers. Catalogs of interior designers will be presented later in the article.

#Fashion Designer.The job search here is very simple: you need to register on the sites and place your portfolio on them. Customers browse catalogs in search of designers with interesting works and offer projects to specialists. To get more orders, promote yourself in the catalog. On each resource, there are different ways to solve this problem.

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