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Finance Manager Jobs – Doha, Qatar. Best #101

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Finance Manager Jobs – Doha, Qatar. Management of financial information, analyses of accounting data, and preparation of reports. Ensures the integrity of accounting information by recording, verifying, consolidating, and entering transactions.


Management of financial information, analyses of accounting data, and preparation of reports. Ensures the integrity of accounting information by recording, verifying, consolidating, and entering transactions.

Finance Manager Jobs – Doha, Qatar


1.1.          Monitor the day-to-day financial operations within the company

1.2.          Oversee financial department employees, including financial assistants and accountants.

1.3.          Contract outside services for tax preparation, auditing, banking, investments, and other financial needs as necessary.

1.4.          Track the company’s financial status and performance to identify areas for potential improvement.

1.5.          Seek out methods for minimizing financial risk to the company.

1.6.          Research and analyze financial reports and market trends.

1.7.          Provide insightful information and expectations to senior executives to aid in long-term and short-term decision making

1.8.          Review financial data and prepare monthly and annual reports.

1.9.          Present financial reports to board members, stakeholders, executives, and clients in formal meetings.

1.10.       Stay up to date with technological advances and accounting software to be used for financial purposes.

1.11.       Establish and maintain financial policies and procedures for the company.

1.12.       Understand and adhere to financial regulations and legislation.

1.13.       Collating, preparing and interpreting reports, budgets, accounts, commentaries and financial statements

1.14.       Undertaking strategic analysis and assisting with strategic planning.

1.15.       Producing long-term business plans.

Finance Manager Jobs – Doha, Qatar

1.16.       Undertaking research into pricing, competitors, and factors affecting performance.

1.17.       Controlling income, cash flow, and expenditure.

1.18.       Formulating and managing budgets.

1.19.       Developing and managing financial systems/models.

1.20.       Carrying out business modeling and risk assessments.

1.21.       Liaising with managerial staff and other colleagues.

1.22.       Assist management in any finance-related task assigned to him when deemed necessary

1.23.       Able to do a daily operation decision making especially in the absence of management

1.24.       Liaise with the external parties such as the banks, audit firms, consultants and the like

1.25.       Able to attend the meeting on behalf of the company or the CFO and representing the company

Finance Manager Jobs – Doha, Qatar . SKILLS

2.1.          Be proactive and use good judgment when dealing with challenging situations.

2.2.          Act with professionalism and integrity.

2.3.          Be transparent in your motives, methods, and expected results.

2.4.          Own mistakes and share your knowledge to prevent a repetition of the same error within your department or division.

2.5.          Conduct business honestly & fairly.

2.6.          Keep sensitive information confidential.

2.7.          Follow through on commitments.

2.8.          Work well both autonomously and within a team.

2.9.          Display a positive, approachable attitude.

2.10.       Support each other; we all work within the same company.

2.11.       Quick thinker and problem solver


  1. Advanced degree in accounting, business, economics, finance, or a related field;
  2. Minimum of 8 years’ experience in a similar position.
  3. Superior mathematical skills;
  4. Leadership skills and Employee management;
  5. Understanding of data privacy standards;
  6. Solid communication skills, both written and verbal;
  7. Deep understanding of business principles and practices;

Finance Manager Jobs

  1. Superior attention to detail; organizational skills; planning skills; research skills;    analytical skills; critical thinking skills; problem-solving skills; computer skills; multi-tasking abilities; integrity, honesty.
  2. Experience in end to end accounting activities.
  3. Solid understanding of accounting consolidation.
  4. Corporate Finance, good analyzing and reporting skills, deadline-oriented, confidentiality, time management and data entry and reporting management,
  5. Proficiency with Microsoft Office applications.
  6. Excellent written and verbal communication skills.

Finance Manager Jobs. Seniority Level

Mid-Senior level


  • Executive Office

Employment Type


Job Functions

  • Finance

Finance Manager Jobs – Doha, Qatar

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