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Senior Associate – Doha, Qatar. Best Jobs #101

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Senior Associate – Doha, Qatar. This Senior Lawyer oversees all activities of the junior Lawyers and deals with all complex legal transactions, identifying legal issues and offering the business and its consumers optimum solutions as well as ensuring that the business responds appropriately to any legislative changes.

Senior Associate – Doha, Qatar

The Senior Lawyer predominately specializes in regulatory work which is inclusive of corporate legal services and licensing. He also specializes on corporate governance work which is inclusive of legal services processes, contracts, complaints, and so forth.

Key Responsibilities:

• Meeting with the client.

• Receive documents, Ensure that these documents are archived and copied to the electronic system with reference number after submitting to administration for registration.

• Develop a comprehensive plan for the progress of the lawsuit and the time it is supposed to end,

• Writing the lawsuit, the explanatory note for it, the document portfolio, and the letter of attorney by the attorney in charge.

• Follow-up on all requests and procedures submitted in and responsible for cases

• Communicate with the expert

• After issuing the experience report, a comment note must be written in both cases, whether the report is in the interest of or against the client, and presenting it to the client sufficiently in advance of the session date.

• Immediately after the verdict is issued in the case, the client must be notified of the ruling and send the final judgment immediately upon its issuance and ask him about his desire to appeal the judgment or not.

• In the event of a final judgment in the case and the client’s unwillingness to appeal or a final judgment in the appeal or discrimination issued, the case file must be closed from the electronic system in the office and an email sent to the accountant for the customer’s billing.

 Senior Associate – Doha, Qatar . General tasks:

• Review notes prepared by attorneys for whom they are linguistically ranked and functional from a legal standpoint, and mark them, provided that after reviewing them they are presented to one of the partners in the office.

• Make a general schedule of all issues referred to experience, including the time and date of the meeting and the name of the expert.

• Coordinate periodic meetings with clients to inform them of the outcome of the lawsuit, or whenever required.

• Follow up on all the lawyers who write him on the job team.

• Ensure that any mail is reviewed before it is sent by lawyers who declare a job rank to clients.

• Review reports sent by attorneys ’assistants in the same team before sending them to the client

 Senior Associate – Doha, Qatar . Qualification:

Masters Degree in Law is preffered

50-10 years of experience in certain Field (Arbitration/Litigation/corporate)

license lawyer in the Jurisdction

Senior Associate. Seniority Level

Entry level


  • Law Practice

Employment Type


Job Functions

  • Legal
  • Administrative
  • Management

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