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Social Media Marketing & Community Manager. Best Job #1

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Social Media Marketing & Community Manager. The Social Media Marketing & Community Manager will be playing a key role in managing our innovative diaper brand in the Belgium market.


Social Media Marketing & Community Manager. The Role

The Social Media Marketing & Community Manager will be playing a key role in managing our innovative diaper brand in the Belgium market. A forward-thinking and millennial brand, the product delivers both premium features and a ‘no nasties’ approach to over 10 countries around the world and reaches its consumers through a unique and personal marketing strategy, delivered through social and digital media.

Supply Chain Coordinator – Dublin, Ireland. Best Job. €30K

We are looking for a passionate individual to help us in executing our social media marketing plan in the Belgium market. This will involve building the local community of parents, through managing daily customer interactions on social media platforms, the planning, and execution of the social media content in alignment with the brand’s central Marketing Team in New Zealand, and creating key relationships with influencers in the local market.

This team member is also responsible for assisting the Marketing team in the localisation of the International Brand Strategy to suit the Belgium territory so that the appropriate marketing strategy and channels are used to reach the target market.

Remote International Internship – Osaka. Best #101 

About Rascal + Friends

Rascal+Friends are the new kids on the nappy block, a proudly New Zealand-owned company delivering unique, stylish and premium nappies. We’re focused on quality and affordability, and born from personal experience.

Social Media Marketing & Community Manager. The key responsibilities include:


  • Manage engagement levels and ensure all questions/concerns are dealt with in a timely manner on our Facebook platform.
  • Work to ensure a personable approach is taken to all customer service interactions on behalf of the brand.

Technical Project Manager – Toronto. Best Job


  • Working on a monthly basis to advise International Marketing of localised events and dates that need to be taken into consideration for the products’ social plan.
  • Executing social plan using content developed by NZ design team / International Marketing team involving the management of paid media spend to build community.

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Social Media Marketing & Community Manager. INFLUENCER MANAGEMENT

  • Manage and grow the products’ influencer team through outreach, sampling and engaging influencers in alignment with the influencer guidelines.
  • Manage the logistics involved with the influencer program.
  • Work with influencer team on an ongoing basis to create engaging social contact such as giveaways and competitions.
  • Develop connections with complementary brands to develop collaborative relationships in order to create engaging social content.


  • Monitor and report on influencer posts across all mediums, detailing post frequency, quality, and engagement.
  • Monitor and report on social media marketing plan delivery, detailing reach, engagement.
  • Report on market trends and shifts that may impact the future success of the products’ marketing strategy for the territory.


Language skills required: English, Flemish/Dutch and French. German a plus.

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About ZURU Edge

ZURU is a disruptive and award-winning company that designs, develops, manufactures and markets innovative toys. Inspired by kids and imaginative play, ZURU is one of the fastest-growing toy companies and is known for its agility, creativity and new-age manufacturing techniques.

The company now has 18 offices globally, with a team of young and incredibly driven individuals based in the Auckland office in New Zealand.

On the back of this success, ZURU has since started leveraging its core competencies in innovation and speed to market manufacturing in the Consumer-Packaged-Goods (CPG) space.

This has led to the establishment of ZURU Edge, with our mission being to create purpose-driven brands that are relevant to the new millennial and generation Z customers, using highly targeted social & digital advertising with big data.

Client Advisor Td – SCM/ERP- Remote USA 

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Seniority Level



  • Consumer Goods

Employment Type


Job Functions

  • Marketing
  • Writing/Editing
  • Advertising

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